1. pra vas devam cit sahasānam agnim

you-all god even-though force Agni

aśvam na vājinam hiṣe namobhis

horse like powerful i-urge-impel-drive-forth with-respect-adorations

pra hi impel

bha nas dūtas adhvarasya vidvān

becomes-be our messenger of-sacrifice knowledgable

imp. 2 sing. act. bhū be

tma deveṣu vivide mitadrus

by-his-nature among-gods becomes-known measured-runner

perf. 3 sing. mid. vid know

2.   ā yāhi agne pathyā anu svā

come O Agni by-path along your-own

mandras denām sakhyam juṣāṇas

joyous of-gods friendship-alliance taking-pleasure-enjoying

derivative mad be exhilarated root ao. mid. part. juṣ enjoy

ā sānu śuṣmais nadayan pṛthivyās

summit with-furies sounding-roaring of-earth

pap nad sound

jambhebhis viśvam adhak vanāni

with-fangs everything (including) burns forests

uśa-dah dhak burning with desire


3.   prācīnas yajas sudhitam hi barhis

in-front-advances sacrifice well-placed-strewn grass

ppp su dhā put

prīṇīte agnis ilitas na ho

is-pleased Agni praised-adored like caller

ppp īḍ praise

ā māta viśvavāre huvānas

2-mothers in-whom-are-all-desirable-things invoking

pap hve passive sense

yatas yaviṣṭha jajiṣe seśevas

whence youngest you-are-born worthy-of-regard-blissful-kind-one

perf. 2 sing. mid. jan generate


4.   sadyas adhvare rathiram jananta

quickly-at-once in-sacrifice charioteer is-born

pres. inj. 3 pl. mid. jan

mānuṣāsas vicetasas yas eṣām

men learned-judicious-luminous-will who of-these

men accomplished in conscious knowledge have brought at once into birth the charioteer

viśām adhāyi viśpatis duroṇe

men has-been-set-placed master in-house

root ao. 3 sing. dhā passive indc.

agnis mandras madhuvacās ṛtā

Agni joyous sweet-of-speech possessor-of-truth

nom. sing.


5.   asādi vṛta: vahni: ājagann

has-taken-seat chosen bearer has-come

root ao. 3 sing. passive indc. sad ppp vṛ choose perf. part. mid. gam

agnis brahmā nṛsadane vidharthā

Agni conscious-speaking in-mans-house up-holds-all-things


dyaus ca yam pṛthivī vāvṛdhāte

heaven him and earth upholds-increase-exalt-strengthen

perf. 3 du. mid. vṛdh grow

ā yam hotā yajati viśvavāram

to-him caller sacrifices all-desirable-things


6.   ete dyumnebhis viśvam ā atiranta

these-men by-lights-glories all overpowered-have-crossed-beyond

pres. inj. mid. 3 pl. tṛṛ cross

mantram ye aram naryā: atakṣan

poem-Word these skillful humans have-composed-fashioned

impf. 3 pl. act. takṣ fashion

pra ye viśas tiranta śrosamānās

forth those humans have-advanced-gone-forward listening

pres. inj. 3 pl tṛṛ cross

ā ye me asya dīdhayan ṛtasya

who for-me have-illumined of-this-truth

pres. subj. 3 pl. dhī think


7.   nū tvām agne īmahe vasiṣṭhās

now you O Agni we-desire Vasiṣṭhas

īśānam sūnas sahasa: vasūnām

master O sun-of-force of-riches

iṣam stotbhyas maghavadbhya ānaṭ

strength for-singers-lauders-chiefs-nobles you-have-obtained

root ao. 2 sing. naś attain

yūyam pāta sastibhis sa nas

you-all guard with-all-kinds-of-welfare-blessings allways us