1.          agnim    vas    devam    agnibhis    sajoṣās

                  Agni      your         devine      along-with-your-pleasurable-associated-fires


           yajiṣṭham    dūtam    adhvare    kṛṇudhvam

                   sacrificingest    messenger-envoy     in-the-rite    let-ya’ll-make

                                                                                                                                      kṛ   c5    pl.2     imper.    mid.                                                

           yas    martyeṣu    nidhruvis    ṛtā

                 who    in-mortals     inwardly-permanent-firmly-established    yogic-state-of-mind

           tapurmūrhā    ghṛtānnas    pāvakas

                   with-head-of-burning-flame    clarity-as-material    purifier


2.          prothat    aśvas    na    yavase    aviṣyan

                 neighing-snorting    horse   like    in-pasture     desiring-greeding-eagering-hungry

                                 pap         pruth                                                                                                                         pap

          yadā    mahas     savaraṇāt    vi    asthāt

                  when   from-mighty-encirclement-enclosure-corral     has-bolted-broke-out-stood-free

                                                                                                                                              sthā   c1   root  ao.   sing.3   act     

          āt    asya    vātas    anu    vāti    śocis

                 then                 wind       blows-after-fans      brightness

                                                                                                                                        vā    c2    blow

         adha    sma    te   vrajanam    kṛṣṇam   asti

                   thereafter-now     your      track                black          is

                                                               without baggage of memory



3.             ut    yasya    te    navajātasya   vṣṇas  

                             who’s       of-your-new-birth          bull      

                                you  the new born bull

  agne    caranti    ajarās    idhānās

                    moves-upward     ageless-flames     being-kindled

                                                                                                                           idh   c1   root   ao.   part.    mid.     

  acchā    dyām    aruṣas    dhūmas    eti

                       towards   to-heaven     ruddy      smoke        goes

                                                       i   c2     sing.3   act.  

  sam    dūtas    agne    īyase    hi   devān

               as-our-messenger   O Agni      you-travel-implode    indeed    to-gods

                                                                                                   i   c4/2/1/5    sing.2   mid.    


4.            vi     yasya    te    pṛthivyām    pājas    aśret

                                              over-earth  whose  leading-edge   has-spread-out

                                                                                                                                    śri    c1   root  ao.   sing.3    resort   

          tṛṣu    yat    annā    samavṛkta    jambhais

                  hungrily     when     foods       has-encircled        with-teeth-fangs

                            acc.   pl.                 n   acc. pl.                             vṛj    c7    root   ao.   mid.  sing.3     twist

          se    iva    sṛṣṭā     prasitis    te    eti

                  army    like     rushed-along    your   march-advance     goes-comes

                                                                       ppp     sṛj   c6   send forth

          yavam    na    dasma    juhvā    vivekṣi

                   barley    like     O strong-doer    with-tongue    sift-sort-separate

                                                                                                                                                     vij    c3   quick darting motion


5.            tam    id    doṣā    tam   uṣasi    yaviṣṭham

                him           at-evening     him    at-dawn    youngest

          agnim    atyam   na    marjayanta    naras

                agni       horse-stallion   like         groom               men

                                                                                 mṛj   c2       caus.   inj.  pl.3  mid.   wipe

         niśiśānās    atithim    asya    yonau

                 whetting-sharpining    guest      in-his-home-native-seat-womb  

                               śā   c3   pap   mid.    sharpen 

         dīdāya    śocis    āhatasya    vṣṇas

                 has-shined-out-brightly    glowing     when-offered-oblation     bull

                                   perf.   sing3.   act.                            


6.           susaṅdś    te    svanīka    pratīkam

       lovely-to-look-at         O lovely face    your  appearance-front-visage

          vi    yad    rukmas    na    rocase    upāke

                    when    gold-lump-jewel   like    you-shine-out-glow      very-nearby

                                                                                    ruc   c1     sing.2  mid.                upa   āke    locative

         divas    na    te    tanyatus    eti    śuṣmas

                 like-heaven’s-thunder      your  outburst   goes

         citras    na    sūras    prati    cakṣi    bhānum

                like-brilliant-sun     you-look-towards   light

                                                                                                                      cakṣ   c2    sing.2     act.   see   


7.             yathā    vas    svā    agnaye    dāśema

                 as    for-you-all     with-svāhā-call    to-Agni    may-we-offer

                                                                                                                                 daś   c1   op.   make offering                                                         

            pari    ilābhis    ghṛtavadbhis   ca   havayais

                around     with-adoring-clear-words                           with-callings

          tebhis    nas    agne    amitais    mahobhis

                 O Agni     us     with-those-measureless

                                                                                     mi  mā   measure  fixed

          śatam    pūbhis    āyasībhis    ni    pāhi

                        with-100-metal-strongholds      protect


8.             yās       te    santi    dāśuṣe    adhṛṣṭās

                 either  those-which      are     for-worshiper    your   unobstructed-inviolate-powers

                            f                                          as   c2                                                  nom.  pl.     dhṛs  ( to dare )

           giras         yābhis    nṛvatīs    uruṣyās

                words   or        with-those   man-driven    you-will-widen

                              acc..  pl.   f.                            f.             acc.  pl.    f.   

         tābhis    nas    sūnas    sahasas    ni    pāhi

                   by-with-these     us     O son-of-strength    protect

                                                                                                                     ni   down  into

         smat    sūrīn   jaritṛṛñ    jātavedās

                together-with    seers    singers    O birth-knower


9.             nis    yat    pūteva    svadhitis    śucis   gāt

                out      when    gleaming like  self-established  goes-comes-(out) 

                                                          putā  iva                                                 root  ao.   3  sing.      ni:  

          sva    kṛpā    tanvā    rocamānas

                  with-own-lustre-light-form      shining-glowing-gleaming

         ā   yas    mātros    enyas    janiṣṭa

                               who      of-2-mothers      for-performing-sacrifice      has-been-born

                                                                                                          future  pp  ?                                         iṣ   ao.   3  sing.      jan 

         devayajyāya    sukratus    pāvakas

                   for-performing-sacrifice    good-doer     purifier


10.        etā    nas    agne    saubhagā    didīhi

                 these      for-us     O Agni    these-happinesses     light-up


  api   kratum    sucetasam    vatema

         and    to-the-good-conscious-will       may-we-wake-to

   viśvā    stotṛṛbhyas    gṛṇāte    ca    santu

           all-these-things      for-praisers     and   singers     let-be

   yūyam    pāta    svastibhis    sa    nas

                 you-all        protect    with-well-being  always   us