7.29                           Indra                                                  Joel  Brereton


1.     ayam   somas    indra    tubhyam    sunve  

                  this     Soma                         for-you        i-press

                                                               su    c5

    ā    tu    pra    yāhi    harivas    tadokās

                                   come       O master   to-that-dwelling-place

                               c2    imper.   act.                                 tat  oka       since you are at home with it

  piba    tu    asya    susutasya    cāros

            drink         of-this-well-pressed-beautiful-soma

            c1   imper.

 dadas    maghāni    maghavan    iyānas

            you-will-give     gifts-opulence-generous            coming-going    when you are implored

                     c3     subj.   sing.2                                                                         ī    c2   pap   applying-consciousness-compassion 


2.      brahman    vīra    brahmakṛtim    juṣāṇas

           O formulater O hero        the-hymn-making           enjoying

                                                                                 acc.                                 juṣ    c6   root   ao.   pap    mid.   

    arvācīnas    haribhis    yāhi    tūyam

          in-our-front-turning-towards          with-masterships         come        swiftly

          close by here

 asmin    ū    u    savane    mādayasva 

              at-in-this-pressing                  cause-exhilaration

                                                                                                 mad       caus.     imper.    sing.2    mid.

    upa    brahmāṇi    śṛṇavas    imā    nas

                     hymns-formulations            listen-closely    these    our

                                                                        śru   c5   subj.   sing.2   


3.     kā    te    asti    aramkṛtis    sūktais

          what  for-you    is     satisfaction-proper-way      with-sūktas

                    as  c2           spoke of wheel   -  swift speedy

   kadā    nūnam    te    maghavan    dāśema

       when     now         to-you                            should-we-seek-you

                                                                           dāś    c1/2/5    op.    make offering

    viśvā    matīs    ā    tatane    tvāyā   

         all        thoughts      i-have-weaved-fashioned    for-you

                                                            tan     perf.   sing.1   mid     stretch

   adhā    me    indra    śṛṇavas    ha    imā

       hence     of-mine               you-will-listen        to-calls    these

                                                          śru    c5   subj.     sing.2           acc.  pl.       ani


4.      utas    ghā    te    pruṣyās    it    āsan

               and        persons      they(too)      well-wishers    surely    were

                                            inclitic                                                                          as     c2    imperf.   pl.3     

         yeṣām    pūrveṣām    aśṛṇos    ṣīṇām

               of-those-earlier-rishis      you-listened

                                                                              śru      c5      imperf.   sing.2  

         adha    aham    tvā    maghavan    johavīmi

              hence       i           you                             eagerly-repeatedly-invoke-call


         tvam    nas    indra    asi    pramatis    pitā iva

         you     to-us                    are       thought-forth      father-like