1.    agni    naras   dīdhitibhis    araṇyos

                   Agni    men    by-conscious-thought   of-in-2tenders

                                                                                           dhī                                             gen.  loc.

            hastacyutī    janayanta    praśastam

                by-quick-motion-of-hand     bring-to-birth   was-praised-forth

                      inst.  f                jan  jā c1/4/2/3    caus.   inj.   mid.            śams    c1    ppp

           dūredśaṃ    gṛhapatim    atharyum

                    sees-far        house-master        now-seeking


   2.     tam    agnim    aste    vasavas    ni ṛṇvan

                  that   Agni     in-dwelling     the-shining-ones    set-within

                                                                                                                                                                 2/3/5/6/9   inj.    pl.3

                                                                                             vasu                                     arti     iyarti     ṛṇoti-ṛṇvati    rante    ṛṇāti

           su-prati-cakṣam    avase    kutaś-cit

                good-observer     to-help-guard    from-everywhere

                                                                                      dative  inf.

           dakṣāyyas   yas   dame    āsa   nityas

               to-be-discerned   who   in-home    has-been    always

                                    fut.  past  part.     dakṣ  c1                                     perf.      as  ‘be’    sing.3


    3.       preddhas    agne   dīdihi   puras    nas

                    was-set-aflame          repeatedly-shine   in-front    of-us

                  ppp    pra-idh                                      imper.   ‘shine’

                                                                                          class2   dīdī

            ajasrayā    sūrmyā    yaviṣṭha

                 with-perpetual   radiance    O  youthful-one

                             jas  class1   to be obstructed              sūrmī    inst.  f.          ajasrā

             tvām    śaśvantas    upa    yanti    vājās

                     to-you     many-continuous    near    go     sacrificial-gifts

                                             śaś  c1  leap                           pres.      i   c2   ‘go’


    7.4         pra    te    agnayas    agnibhyas   varaṃ   nis

                    forth   those    fires     from-fires     the-gift     out-of-away-from


             su-vīrāsas    śośucanta    dyumantas

                  full-of-hero-might    will-repeatedly-glow      luminous

                                nom.  pl.                      śuc   c1    int.  subj.  pl.3   mid.    ‘gleam’                  mant

             yatrā    naras    samāsate    su-jātās

                    there-where    men     are-assembled       well-born

                                             ās  c2/1/4    pl.3     ‘sit’


   7.5        dās   nas   agne    dhiyā    rayim    suvīram

                   you will-have-given   to-us          by-conscious-thought   treasure     hero-power 

                                  root  ao.    subj.   2sing.                         dhī

             svapatyam    sahasya    praśastam

                      self-mastery     O forceful-one-overpowerer     highly-proclaimed

                                    pati                   sah  c1/4/2   prevail                                   śams  c1   ppp

                                                              sahas  action        ya  relating-to   son-of

             na    yam    yā    tarati    yātumāvān

                    whom    theenemy-assailant     does-not-cross-overcome    demon-possessed

                                                  acc.              invader  intruder                      tṛ    c1   cross                 possessive    vant


     7.6          upa    yam    eti    yuvatis    sudakṣaṃ

                     towards     who   goes    young-(attentive mental clarity)    good-discernmant very-skillful

                                                                                  i   c2                                                                      able

               doṣā  vastos    haviṣmatī    ghṛtā

                       at-evening-morning   possessing-attention-awareness    mental clarity

                                  doṣa   m  evening        vastu  f   morning                          f  mant                                                    nom.

                upa    svā  enam    aramatis    vasūyus

                     near    ones-own   goes to-him   dynamic-thought      treasure-seeking

                                                                 nom. f.                                     acc.                             nom. f.                                    nom.  f.


    7.        viśvās    agne    apa    daha   arātīs 

                   all                    away    burn    hostile-powers 

                                                                                     dah   c1   imper. burn                acc.  pl.    f

            yebhis   tapobhis    adahas    jarūtham

                    with-those-flames    you-burned    afflicting-demon

                                                                                        dah     imperf.   c1  

            pra    nisvaram    cātayasva    amīvām

                      forth     without-sound    destroy-make-disappear    pains-sicknesses

                                                                                     cat   c1   caus.   imper.  mid.    hide?                                                                                                                             f  acc.  pl.


   8.         ā    yas    te    agne    idhate   anīkam

                 whosoever      your         will-have-kindled    presence-face

                                                                                                                      idh    root  ao.  subj.

           vasiṣṭha    śukra    dīdivas    pāvakas

                 O best-Agni     bright-flaming    shining   pure

                               voc.                                                  nom.                      nom. 

           utas    nas    ebhis    stavathais    iha    syās

                 also    for-us      by-these-lauds   here     may-you-be

                                                                                                                                                      as   c2   op.   be


     9.        vi    ye    te    agne    bhejire    anīkam

                     who   your            have-enjoyed-distributed    presence-face

                                      pl.                                                             bhaj     perf.  pl.3   mid.    ‘divide’

            martās    naras    pitryāsas    purutrā

                    mortal   men(agents)     previous        many-times


            utas    nas    ebhis    sumanās    iha    syās

                also    for-us    with-these-right-mindednesses     here   you-should-be

                                                                                                       favorable                                                             as   c2     op.


  10.           ime    naras    vṛtrahatyesu    śūrās

                      these    men(agents)      in-dragon-slayings    heroic-champions     


              viśvās    adevīs    abhi    santu    māyās

                       all    un-devine       let-them-overcome-prevail        wiles

                                                         acc.  pl.  f.                            as  c2     imper.                             acc.  pl.  f.

              ye    me    dhiyam    panayanta    praśastām

                    they-who   my  meditation-insight    admire    acclaimed

                                                             dhī       f.                 pan   c1   caus.  inj.   ‘admire’               f.  śams   c1   ppp



     11.       mā    śūne    agne   ni   ṣadāma    nṛṣām

                      in-emptyness-absence          down   let-us-not-dwell-sit    amoung-agents

                                                                                                             sad   c1/2    imper.  sit

              mā    eṣasas    avīratā    pari    tvā

                    no    without-births       heroless     around    you


              prajāvatīṣu    duryāsu    durya

                       amid-other-houses-full-of-births    O house-dweller


   12.      yam    aśvī    nityam    upa-yāti    yajñam

                  to-which    horseman(agni)     eternal    visits-approaches     sacrifice

                         aśvin                         c2

           prajāvantaṃ    svapatyam    ayam    nas

                  possessing-offspring      self-master       to-our-house  


          svajanmanā    śeṣasā    vāvṛdhānam

                  with-self-born     son     our houseprospering

                                        inst.                                                                          vṛdh  c1  int.   pap    grow


   13.        pāhi    nas    agne    rakṣasas    ajuṣṭāt

                  protect   us                   from-unenjoyable-demon

                                    c2    imper.                                             abl.                            abl.

            pāhi    dhūrtes    araruṣas    aghāyos

                   protect    from-the-crookedness    from-ungenerous  from-2malicious

                                      imper.            dhūrti      abl.         abl.                          abl.  du.

           tyā    yujā    pṛtanāyūn    abhi    syām

                   with-you-as-ally        hostiles    may-we-overcome-prevail

                                  inst.    inst.                        those seeking battle with us                       as   c2   op.  be


   14.      sas    it    agnis    agnīn    ati    astu    anyān

                  that   very       Agni         fires     over    let-be(superior)       other

                                                                                                                          as   c2   imper.    be

           yatra    vājī    tanayas    vīlupāṇis

                   here-where-there   stallion   lineage   firm-handed


           sahasrapāthā    akṣa    sam-eti

                    with-1000-cow-shelters       with-imperishable?      reaches-gather


    15.       sas    id    agnis    yas    vanuṣyatas    nipāti

                    this      Agni     is the-one-who   from-enemy    guards  

                                                                     ni   down  into within          c2

             sameddhāram    aṃhasas    uruṣyāt

                      kindler           from-anxiety-constriction      should-free (from abl.)

                       idh       acc.

            sujātāsas    pari    caranti    vīrās

                   well-born     aroundhim     move-circle     heros

                                                    car   c1


   16.         ayam    sas    agnis    āhutas    purutrā

                    this  is  that   Agni      was-called      in-many-places 


              yam    īśānas   sam    id    indhe    haviṣmān

                      whom    mastering           sets-ablaze     possesser-of-attention-focus

                                                                     pap                                        idh      mid.      ‘kindle’   c7

               pari    yam    eti    adhvareṣu    ho

                        around  whom    goes     in-rites    Summoner-caller

                                         i     c2

   17.        tve   agne    āhavanāni    bhūri

                     in-you              unfailing-offerings  many


             īśānāsas    ā    juhuyāma    nityā

                     (as)masters      may-we-cast-pour      eternal

                                                                                   hu   c3/2   op.   sacrifice

             ubhā    kṛṇvantas   vahatū    miyedhe

                      both     doing       travelers      at-the-sacrifice-meal

                                                                pap                                mind-matter



     18.         imas    agne    vītatamāni    havyās 

                       these               most-vital-enjoyed   offerings-attentions 

                                                                                              tama                                         acc.

                ajasras     vakṣi    devatātim    acha

                        incessantly-unwearying    you-bring-carry-convey    divinity   to-front

                                                                         vah   c2   imper.  sing.2

                 prati    nas    ī    su-rabhīṇi    vyantu

                          towards   us   those-delightful-powers   let-them-enjoy-seek

                                                                                                                                       sweet scented                                c2     imper.    enjoy


     19.       mā    nas    agne    avīrate    pa   

                     no    us                    to-strenghtlessness      will-have-given-over 

                                                                                                                                                       c3    ao.  subj.    sing.2

            durvāsase    amataye    mā    nas   asyai

                    to-ill-clad-mindlessness     no    us        to-this

                                    dat.                                    dat                                                             dat.

             mā    nas    kṣudhe    mā    rakṣase    ṛtāvas

                      no   us    to-hunger     no       to-demon      O truth-possessor

                                    dat.                                       dat.

            mā    nas    dame    mā    vane   ā    juhūrthās

                  no   at-us      in-home    no    in-forest     lead-astray-angry

                                                                                                                                      hvṛ   c1/9   inj.   mid.   be crooked


     20.       nū    me    brahmāṇi    agne    ut    śaśādhi

                     now      my  conscious-words                  guide 

                                                                                                                                                   śās  c2  perf.  imp.   ‘ order ‘

              tvam    deva    maghavadbhyas    susūdas

                      you                for-generous-ones       speed-put-in-order

                                                                                                                                                 sūd     perf.  subj.    put in order

              rātau    syāma    ubhayāsas    ā   te 

                      in-your-grace    may-we-be    we-on-both-sides(conscious-unconscious)

                                                       as   c2   op.   be

             yūyam    pāta    svastibhi:    sa     nas  

                    you-all    protect    with-all-kinds-of-blessings    us



  21.            tvam    agne    suhavas    raṇvasaṃdṛk

                         you               easy-to-call-summons       joyous -in-vision  

                                                                                                                                                   joy bringing experience

                    sudītī    sūnas    sahasas    didīhi

                             with-bright-light    O son-of-strength     shine

                                                                                                                                                    imper.   shine

                     mā    tve    sa    tanaye    nitya   ā   dhak

                           no    in-you      together-with   for-body   perpetual     burn-reach

                                                            in company with you, let there be no falling short for our own lineage                                                                                                                                      

                     mā    vīras    asmat    naryas    vi   dāśīt

                               no  hero   from-us    manly              perish-fade-away

                                                               nom.  sing.                              nom.  sing.                       das   dāś     c4/1   ao.   lay waste


     22.        mā    nas    agne    durbhṛtaye    sa    eṣu

                            us         for-difficulty-to-bear-maintain-you   together-with   in-these 


              deva-iddheṣu    agniṣu    pra    vocas

                     in-devine-kindled-fires     (don’t)forth-speak-declare-denounce

                                                                                                                                                  vac    ao.  inj.      ‘speak’

              mā    te    asmān    durmatayas    bhṛmāt    cid

                       not     your   to-us     bad-thinkings   from-error   even


             devasya    sūnas    sahasas    naśanta

                        of-devine    O son-of-force   come-overtake-to-reach

                                                                                                                         naś   c1   inj.  mid.    obtain


   23.        sas    martas    agne    svanīka    revān

                    that  mortal       O Agni-fair-face    rich-in-treasure

                                                 su anīka

            amartye    yas    ājuhoti    havyam

                   in-the-immortal-one    who    casts-pours   offering

                                      ā   hu   c3    sacrifice

            sas   deva    vasuvanim    dadhāti

                   that   amoung-gods       gains-riches     founds-establishes

                                                                                                                                    dhā   c3    

            yam    sūris    arthī    pṛchamāna    eti

                 (the one)to-whom    the-seeker purposed    questioning-inquiring    goes-comes

                                                                        arthin                      prach   c6     pap                  i   c2               


   24.      mahas    nas    agne    suvitasya    vidvān

                                                    of-the-great-happiness   knower


           rayi    sūribhyas   ā   vahā    bṛhantam

                 riches    to-our-seekers-princes     bring     vast   

                                                                                                                  vah   c1/2       imper.

          yena    vaya    sahasāvan    madema

                   by-which      we     O forceful-one     may-we-be-exhilarated

                                                                                                                                                   mad   c1/3/4   op.

          avikṣitāsa    āyuṣā    suvīrās

                undiminished      with-life    good-strength