6.21 triṭubh 11, 11, 11, 11


1.        iu tvā purutamasya ro:

the doer of work with a variety of offerings of work

haviyam vira havyā havante

calls you to the sacrifice O hero

dhiya: rathem ajaram navīya:

the new thoughts call you. The undecaying one, who is seated in the car

rayi: vibhūti: īyate vacas

the riches associated with the Word, ahich are opulent reach you


2.        tam u stue indram ya: vidāna:

him now i-praise Indra who knowing-wise

girvāhasam gīrbhi: yajavṛdvam

bought-by-song by-means-of-songs strengthened-by-worship

yasya divam ati mah pṛthiv:

of-whom heaven with-greatness from-earth

puru-māyasya ririce mahitvam

of-wonderful exceeds majesty

perf. 3 sing. mid. ati ric leave beyond


3.        sa: it tama: avayunam tatanvat

he it-is darkness without-distinction extending

perf. active part. acc. tan

ryeṇa vayunavat cakāra

with-sun distinct he-makes

perf. 3 sing. act.

ka te martā amṛtasya dma

when ? your mortals of-immortal precept-foundation

acc. sing. dhāman

iyakanta: na minanti svadhāva:

longing-to-worship not do-they-transgress-vary O self powerful one


4.        ya: cara sa: kuha svit indra:

who those-things he-does that where ? pray Indra

perf. 3 sing.

kam ā janam carati su viku

what people he-frequents amoung-which settlements

ā car

ka: te yaja: manase śam varāya

which ? your sacrific to-for-the-understanding blessed to-for-the-wish

ka: arka indra katama: sa: ho

which eulogy O Indra which the invoker


5.        i hi te veviata: purā:

at-this-moment for belonging-to-you indefatigable forn-aforetime

pratsa āsu: purukṛt sakhāya:

ancient they-are you-who-does-much friends

perf. 3 pl. act. as be

ye madhyasa uta tanāsa

who those-from-the-middle-past and those-now-existing

uta avasya yuruhūta bodhi

and of-the-most-recent-one O much invoked observe

ao. imp. 2 sing. act. budh

6.        tam pṛcchanta: avarāsa: parāṇi

him invoking the-more-recent former

pap nom. prach acc. pl. n.

prat te indra śrutyā anu yomu:

ancient your O Indra deeds-of-fame they-have-reached-out-to

acc. pl. n. acc. pl. n. perf. 3 pl. yam extend

arcāmasi vīra brahmavāha:

we-praise O hero brought-by-prayer

pres. 1 pl. act. arc praise

t eva vidma t tvā mantam

in-as-much-as just we-understand so you mighty-one