ā yajair deva martyaḥ itt tavyāmsam ūtaye

with-sacrifices mortal thus the-mighter-one for-strength-favor

may the mortal bring the mighter one ūtī


agnim kṛte suadhvare ru īlīta avase

to-Agni in-made in-good-sacrifice man should-adore for-help-increasing

kṛ ppp īḍ op.



asya hi svayaśastara ā vidharman manyase

of-this indeed best-self-conquering by-mouth wide-law you-think

voc. man class4

tam kam citraśociṣam mandram para: manīṣa

that heaven consciousness-light delightful beyond thought



asya ā u arciṣā ya āyukta tu gi

and-by-his-mouth also by-radiance which has-yoked with-impelling-force with-word

yuj ppp

diva: na yasya retasā bṛhat śocanti arcayaḥ

of-heaven as-if whos by-semen vast shines beams

śuc class1/4 gleam



asya kratvā vicetasaḥ dasmasya vasu rathe ā

by-his-will-power of-wide-consciousness of-wonderful-deeds wealth in-chariot


adhā viśvāsu havyaḥ agnir vikṣu pra śasyate

therefore amoung-all one-to-be-invoked amoung-tribes is-praised

śams passive



naḥ id dhi ryam ā sacanta rayaḥ

now for-us indeed to-desired-good by-mouth may-accompany princes

sac class1 inj. mid.


ūrjaḥ napāt abhiṣṭaye hi śagdhi -

O powerful son for-assistance guard may-you-be-able

śak ao. be-able

suastaye utaidhi pṛtsu naḥ vṛdhe

for-well-being you-stay in-battles for-us that-we-may-grow

uta as class2 2imper. edhi to-be vṛdh inf. to-increase