bṛhat vayaḥ hi bhānave arcā deya agnaye

vast expansion indeed for-sun you-shall-praise for-devine-Agni

arc class1 shine praise subj. 2


yam mitram na praśastibhir martāsaḥ dadhire pura

whom friend like by-their-expressions mortals have-established in-front

dhā perfect mid.



sa hi dyubhir janānām ho dakṣasya bāhuvo

he by-illuminations of-people summoner of-discerning-mind in-2arms


vi havyam agnir ānuṣak bhagaḥ na ram ṛṇvati

oblation uninterruptedly Enjoyer as gift he-moves

attention ind. class5 go send



asya stome maghonaḥ sakhiye vṛddhaśociṣaḥ

of-him in-affirmation lord-of-plenitude in-friendship of-increased-luster



viśvā yasmin tuviṣvaṇi sam arye śuṣamam ādadhu

all in-whose in-many-voices together in-him strength have-placed

dhā class3 possibly imperf.



adhā hi agne eṣām suryasya mamha

now indeed of-these of-suvīrya by-bestowing

maǹh mah class1 be great, be liberal, bestow


tam id yahvam na rodasī pari śravaḥ babhūvatuḥ

indeed young like heaven-earth around inspired-knowledge have-become

śravas acc. n dual perfect babhūvuḥ


naḥ ehi ryam agne gṛṇāna ā bhara

now to-us come desired-good singing bring

i class2/1/4/6 ( happiness ) gṛ class9 sing bhṛ class3/1/2


ye vayam ye ca rayaḥ suasti dmahe

we and those luminous-masters good-state-of-being may-we-establish

dhā ao.

sa utaidhi pṛtsu naḥ vṛdhe

together and-thrive in-our-battles for-growth

edh class1 pres. imper. 2 thrive vṛdh class1 dat. inf.

root ao. ?