agnim    stomena    bodhaya    samidhāna    amartiyam

                    by-words-that-affirm   awaken   while-kindling   immortal

                                         budh   class4/1    caus. 2   imp.


      hav    deveṣu    naḥ    dadhat

       by-attention   amoung-gods  us   may-he-place

           dhā     pres. active part.    putting          maybe  pres. active part. ?



    tam    adhvareṣu    īlate    devam    martāḥ    amartiyam

  that   in-pilgrim-sacrifices   they-adore   devine  mortals  immortal 

                                              īḍ   class2    praise

                                         īḍḍe    sing.     īḍate   pl.

     yajiṣtham    nuṣe    jane

         strongest-for-sacrifice    in-human   being



    tam    hi    śaśvanta    īlate    sru    devam    ghṛtaścu

   him    indeed   renewing   they-adore   with-ladle    devine   dripping-with-ghee

                         īḍḍe    sing.         īḍate  pl.         īḍe   1 sing.


     agnim    havya    volhave

                      to-the-offering   may-carry-bear  

                                           vah     ao.       volhā     possibly  dat.   to-carry



     agnir    ta    arocata    ghnan    dasyūn    jyotiṣā    tamaḥ

                  born     shined-out   killing   destroyers     with-light   darkness

                         ruc   class1   mid.


     avindat        apa    suvaḥ

       has-found-won   cows     water   sun-light

           vid   class6



    agnim    īlenyam    kavim    ghṛtapṛṣṭham    saparyata   

                    do-you-worship   poet    ghee-backed    serve-attentively

                   īḍ    class2   praise


    vetu    me    śṛṇavat    dhavam

        may-he-come    he-will-listen  to  my  call-thought

       class2   enjoy   imper.              śru   pres. subj.  3  sing



    agnim    ghṛtena    vāvṛdhuḥ    stomebhir    viśvacarṣaṇim

               with-ghee   they-increase-glorify     by-hymns   all-men

                                       vṛdh   class1   grow   intensive                          universal-worker


     sādbhir    vacasyubhiḥ   

         with-well-thought-out  and   with-eloquent-words