1.   uṣas   bhadrebhis   ā   gahi

              O Dawn     with  your  shining-pleasantnesses   come  here

                                        gam   c1    imper.   2sing.

   divas   cit   rocanāt   adhi

           of-heaven   even        from-the-luminous  realm

                                      ruc   c1      rocana

   vahantu   aruapsavas

         convey-drive    the(horses)  whose  breath is reddish

            vah  c1   imper.   3pl.              aruapsu

   upa  tvā   sominas   gṛham

            (convey)  you     right-upto-the-house      of-the-one-who-has-soma



2.   supeśasam   sukham   ratham

                the  well-ornaminted,  well-naved  chariot 

       yam   adhyasthās   uṣas   tvam

               which  you  have-mounted       O Dawn

                    adhi   upon over       sthā   c1    ao.  2sing.   mid.   stand

       tenā   suśravasam   janam

                 with-it      well-heard   people

       prāvādya   duhitar  divas

             through-out-the-day      O  daughter of heaven


3.   vayas  cit  te  patatrias

          even  the winged  birds

        dvipad   catuṣpad   arjuni

             and the  2footed and 4footed      O silvery 

        uṣas   prāran   ṛtūn   anu

          O   Dawn,    have-set-forth    following     time-periods

                                            ṛtu   fixed time, settled point of time, epoch, period,  season

        divas   antebhyas   pari

                  of-heaven     to-the-ends    have-set-around


4.   viuchantī   hi   raśmibhis

              for,  profoundly-glowing   with-rays

                   ppp   f   

    viśvam   ābhāsi   rocanam

                  you-illuminate   the-whole  luminous-realm

                               bhās   c1   shine,  become clear,  occur to the mind

       tām   tvām   uṣas   vasūyavas

               just  you,  Dawn,  the kavas  treasure-seeking

       gīrbhis   kavā   ahūṣata

            with-words     kavas    have-called  

                                          hū     hve   c1   3pl.  s ao.   mid.