1.        ā tvā vahantu harayas

let the bay horses bring you

may the steeds bring you

vṣaṇam somapītaye

the bull, to-Soma-drinking ( the experience of delight )

to drink the soma dat. inf.

indra tvā sūracakṣasa:

O Indra ( the horses) bright as the Sun

your (steeds) have luminous eyes


2.        imā dhānā ghṛtasnuvas

to these barley corns, soaked in ghee

here are the powers of body endowed with clarity

ha iha upa vakṣataḥ

let the bay pair bring hither vah s ao. dual

may the 2steeds bring

indram sukhatame rathe

in the swiftest chariot

Indra in his happiest chariot


3.        indram prātar havāmahe

Indra , we invoke in the morning

we call Indra at morn, we call him

indram prayati adhvare

Indra during the rite

when the yaja-journey is in progress

indram somasya pītaye

Indra to Soma-drinking

to drink of-Soma


4.        upa na: sutam ā gahi

rush hither to our pressed (Soma)

come to our purified Soma (experience)

haribhir indra keṣibhi:

O indra, upon the long-maned bay (horses)

with your steeds with long mane

sute hi tvā havāmahe

since we invite you to the pressed (Soma)

we call you as the Soma is pressed


5.        sa imam nas stomam ā gahi

come to this praise of ours

Indra, come to our chant

upa idam savanam sutam

to this feast of the pressed (Soma)

come near this offering of the Soma

gaura: na tṛṣita: piba

drink (it) like a bull, tormented by thirst

drink copiously like a thirsty stag


6.        ime somāsa indava:

these Soma juices, the squeezed out

these succulent Somas are pressed

sutāsas adhi barhiṣi

drops, (are) upon the sacrificial straw

upon the inner altar seat

tām indra sahase piba

drink them, O Indra for vigor

drink them for strength


7.        ayam te stomas agriyas

let this excellent praise

may this excellent stoma-hymn of affirmation touch your heart

hṛdi-spg astu śamtama:

touch you heart, the most beneficent one

may this hymn invoke peace in all spṛṣ c6 touch

athā somam sutam piba

so drink the pressed Soma

please drink the Soma


8.        viśvam it savanam sutam

to each feast of the pressed (Soma)

to every yaja where Soma is offered

indras madāya gacchati

Indra comes for (his) intoxication

Indra comes for getting the delight

vṛtrahā somapītaye

Vṛtras slayer (comes) to the Soma drinking

he, the Vrtra-killer, comes for drinking the Soma



9.       sa imam nas kāmam ā pṛṇa

fulfil this desire of ours pṛṇ c6/3/9/5/4 fill

fulfil this desire of ours

gobhi: aśvai: śatakratas

with cows, horses, O Mighty like a hundred

with the rays of light and life-energies

stavāma tvā svādhya: suādhiya: nom. or acc. pl. dhī

we will glorify you with a beautiful prayer

we will laud you full of contemplation,

subj. svā dhī self conscious thought