accent    verbs

              main  clause         verbs   unaccented              except

                        1. all  sentence – initial   or  pāda – initial    words  are  accented

                            contiguous   verbs       second verb is accented   ( considered new sentence )

                            words between verbs ( belong to first verb )   second verb is accented   ( new sentence )

                            verbs  preceded by    sentence – initial  Vocatives      are accented


                         2.      verb  accented   when  immediately preceding   id        indicates  emphasis


              subordinate   clause     

                          1.    verbs    accented


             antithetical  clause       

                         1.        first verb usually accented        anya – anya          ca  -  ca            vā - vā  


             etā       2nd  pl.  imp.      come

                         1.      when following this verb in a clause         accented


                        clitic  elements  tend  to follow the  sentence – initial  accented  word


            with   Vocative-initial  words,    first  syllable  gets  accent          agni    instead of   agni  

                     Vocatives   are   usually   unaccented


            enclitics     are    unaccented

                      ( enclitic -  depends on  preceeding  word )

            iva        ‘like’    unaccented,  it follows  the word with which the comparison is made.  treated as  suffix