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Rigveda 8:75-92 + Appendix

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

76 - Asvins

SPLENDID, Asvins, is your praise. Come fountain-like, to pour the stream.
Of the sweet juice effused-dear is it, Chiefs, in heaven-drink like two wild bulls at a pool. [1]
      Drink the libation rich in sweets, Asvins Twain: sit. heroes, on the sacred grass.
Do you with joyful heart in the abode of man preserve his life by means of wealth. [2]
      The Priyamedhas bid you come with all the succours that are yours.
Come to his house whose holy grass is trimmed, to dear sacrifice at the morning rites. [3]
      Drink you the soma rich in meath, you Asvins Twain: sit gladly on the sacred grass.
So, waxen mighty, to our eulogy from heaven come you as wild-bulls to the pool. [4]
      Come to us, you Asvins, now with steeds of many a varied hue,
You lords of splendour, wondrous, borne on paths of gold, drink Soma, you who strengthen Law. [5]
      For we the priestly singers, fain tohymn your praise, invoke you for the gain of strength.
So, wondrous, fair, and famed for great deeds come to us, through our hymn, Asvins, when you hear.

77 - Indra

As cows low to their calves in stalls, so with our songs we glorify
This Indra, even your Wondrous God who checks attack, who joys in the delicious juice. [1]
      Celestial, bounteous Giver, girt about with might, rich, mountain-like, in precious things,
Him swift we seek. for foodful booty rich in kine, brought hundredfold and thousandfold. [2]
      Indra, the strong and lofty hills are powerless to bar your way.
None stay that act of yours when you wouldst fain give wealth to one like me who sings your praise. [3]
      A Warrior you by strength, wisdom, and wondrous deed, in might excellest all that is.
Here may this our hymn attract you to our help, the hymn which Gotamas have made. [4]
      For in your might you stretchest out beyond the boundaries of heaven.
The earthly region, Indra, comprehends you not. After your Godhead have you waxed. [5]
      When, Maghavan, you honourest the worshipper, no one is there to stay your wealth.
Most liberal Giver you, do you inspire our song of praise, that we may win the spoil.

78 - Indra

To Indra sing the lofty hymn, Maruts that slays the Vritras best.
Whereby the holy ones created for the god the light divine that ever wakes. [1]
      Indra who quells the curse blew curses far away, and then in splendour came to us.
Indra, refulgent with your Marut host! the gods strove eagerly to win your love. [2]
      Sing to your lofty Indra, sing, Maruts, a holy hymn of praise.
Let Satakratu, Vritra-slayer, kill the foe with hundred-knotted thunderbolt. [3]
      Aim and fetch boldly forth, you whose heart is bold: great glory will be your thereby.
In rapid torrent let the mother waters spread. Slay Vritra, win the light of heaven. [4]
      When you, unequalled Maghavan, wast born to smite the Vritras dead,
You spreadest out the spacious earth and did support and prop the heavens. [5]
      Theri was the sacrifice produced for you, the laud, and song of joy,
You in your might surpassest all, all that now is and yet shall be. [6]
      Raw kine you filledst with ripe milk. You madest Surya rise to heaven.,
Heat him as milk is heated with pure Sama hymns, great joy to him who loves the song.

79 - Indra

MAY Indra, who in every fight must be invoked, be near to us.
May the most mighty Vritra-slayer, meet for praise, come to libations and to hymns. [1]
      You are the best of all in sending bounteous gifts, true are you, lordly in your act.
We claim alliance with the very Glorious One, yea, with the mighty Son of strength. [2]
      Prayers unsurpassed are offered up to you the Lover of the song.
Indra, lord of bay steeds, accept these fitting hymns, hymns which we have thought out for you. [3]
      For you, Maghavan, are truthful, never subdued and bringest many a Vritra low.
As such, mightiest lord, Wielder of Thunder, send wealth here to the worshipper. [4]
      Indra, you are far-renowned, impetuous, lord of strength.
Alone you slayest with the guardian of mankind resistless never-conquered foes. [5]
      As such we seek you now, asura, you most wise, craving your bounty as our share.
Thy sheltering defence is like a mighty cloak. So may your glories reach to us.

80 - Indra

DOWN to the stream a maiden came, and found the soma by the way.
Bearing it to her home she said, For Indra will I press you out, for Sakra will I press you out. [1]
      You roaming yonder, little man, beholding every house in turn,
Drink you this Soma pressed with teeth, accompanied with grain and curds, with cake of meal and song of praise. [2]
      Fain would we learn to know you well, nor yet can we attain to you.
Still slowly and in gradual drops, Indu, to Indra flow. [3]
      Will he not help and work for us? Will he not make us wealthier?
Shall we not, hostile to our lord, unite ourselves to Indra now? [4]
      Indra, cause to sprout again three places, these which I declare,
My father's head, his cultured field, and this the part below my waist. [5]
      Make all of these grow crops of hair, you cultivated field of ours,
My body, and my father's head. [6]
      Cleansing Apala, Indra! thrice, you gavest sunlike skin to her,
Drawn, Satakratu! through the hole of car, of wagon, and of yoke.

81 - Indra

INVITE you Indra with a song to drink your draught of soma juice,
All-conquering Satakratu, most munificent of all who live. [1]
      Lauded by many, much-invoked, leader of song, renowned of old:
His name is Indra, tell it forth. [2]
      Indra the Dancer be to us the giver of abundant strength:
May he, the mighty, bring it near. [3]
      Indra whose jaws are strong has drunk of worshipping Sudaksa's draught,
The soma juice with barley mixt. [4]
      Call Indra loudly with your songs of praise to drink the soma juice.
For this is what augments his stiength. [5]
      When he has drqnk its gladdening drops, the god with vigour of a god
Has far surpassed all things that are. [6]
      You speedest down to succour us this ever-conquering God of yours,
Him who is drawn to all our songs [7]
      The Warrior not to he restrained, the soma-drinker never overthrown,
The Chieftain of resistless might. [8]
      Indra, send us riches, you Omniscient, worthy of our praise:
Help us in the decisive fray. [9]
      Even thence, Indra, come to us with food that gives a hundred powers,
With food that gives a thousand powers. [10]
      We sought the wisdom of the wise. Sakra, Kine-giver, Thunder-armed!
May we with steeds overcome in fight. [11]
      We make you, Satakratu, find enjoyment in the songs we sing.
Like cattle in the pasture lands. [12]
      For, Satakratu, Thunder-armed, all that we craved, as men are wont,
All that we hoped, have we attained. [13]
      Those, son of strength, are come to you who cherish wishes in their hearts
Indra, none excells you. [14]
      So, hero, guard us with your care, with your most liberal providence,
Speedy, and terrible to foes. [15]
      Satakratu Indra, now rejoice with that carouse of yours
Which is most splendid of them all [16]
      Even, Indra, that carouse which slays the Vritras best, most widely famed,
Best giver of your power and might. [17]
      For that which is your gift we know, true Soma-drinker, Thunder-armed,
Mighty One, amid all the folk. [18]
      For Indra, Lover of Carouse, loud be our songs about the juice:
Let poets sing the song of praise. [19]
      We summon Indra to the draught, irl whom all glories rest, in whom
The seven communities rejoice. [20]
      At the Trikadrukas the gods span sacrifice that stirs the mind:
Let our songs aid and prosper it. [21]
      Let the drops pass within you as the rivers flow into the sea:
fndra, nothing excells you. [22]
      You, wakeful hero, by your might have taken food of soma juice,
Which, Indra, is within you now. [23]
      Indra, Vritra-slayer, let Soma be ready for your maw,
The drops be ready for your forms. [24]
      Now Srutakaksa sings his song that cattle and the steed may come,
That Indra's very self may come. [25]
      Here, Indra, you are ready by our soma juices shed for you,
Sakra, at hand that you may give. [26]
      Even from far away our songs reach you, Caster of the stone:
May we come very close to you. [27]
      For so you are the hero's Friend, a hero, too, are you, and strong:
So may your heart be won to us. [28]
      So has the offering, wealthiest lord, been paid by all the worshippers:
So dwell you, Indra, even with me. [29]
      Be not you like a slothfid priest, lord of spoil and wealth: rejoice
In the pressed Soma blent with milk. [30]
      Indra, let not ill designs surround us in the sunbeams' light:
This may we gain with you for Friend. [31]
      With you to help us, Indra, let us answer all our enemies:
For you are ours and we are your. [32]
      Indra, the poets and your friends, faithful to you, shall loudly sing
Thy praises as they follow you.

82 - Indra

SURYA, you mountest up to meet the hero famous for his wealth,
Who hurls the bolt and works for man [1]
      Him who with might of both his arms brake nine-and-ninety castles down,
Slew Vritra and smote Ahi dead. [2]
      This Indra is our gracious Friend. He sends us in a full broad stream
Riches in horses, kine, and corn. [3]
      Whatever, Vritra-slayer! you, Surya, have risen upon to-day,
Tbat, Indra, all is in your power. [4]
      When, mighty One, lord of the brave, you thinkest thus, I shall not die,
That thought of yours is true indeed. [5]
      You, Indra, go to all Soma libations shed for you,
Both far away and near at hand. [6]
      We make this Indra very strong to strike the mighty Vritra dead:
A vigorous hero shall he be. [7]
      Indra was made for giving, set, most mighty, over the joyous draught.
Bright, meet for Soma, famed in song. [8]
      By song as 'twere, the powerful bolt which none may parry was prepared
Lofty, invincible he grew. [9]
      Indra, song-lover, lauded, make even in the wilds fair ways for us,
Whenever, Maghavan, you will. [10]
      You whose commandment and behest of sovran sway none disregards,
Neither audacious man nor God. [11]
      And both these goddesses, Earth, Heaven, lord of the beauteous helm! revere
Thy might which no one may resist. [12]
      You in the black cows and the red and in the cows with spotted skin
This white milk have deposited. [13]
      When in their terror all the gods shrank from the Dragon's furious might,
Fear of the monster fell on them. [14]
      Then he was my Defender, then, Invincible, whose foe is not,
The Vritra-slayer showed his might. [15]
      Him your best Vritra-slayer, him the famous Champion of mankind
I urge to great munificence, [16]
      To come, Much-lauded! Many-named with this same thought that longs for milk,
Whenever the soma juice is shed. [17]
      Much-honoured by libations, may the Vritra-slayer wake for us:
May Sakra listen to our prayers. [18]
      Hero, with that aid do you delight us, with what succour bring
Riches to those who worship you? [19]
      With whose libation joys the strong, the hero with his team who quells
The foe, to drink the soma juice? [20]
      Rejoicing in your spirit bring thousandfold opulence to us:
Enrich your votary with gifts. [21]
      These juices with their wedded wives flow to enjoyment lovingly:
To waters speeds the restless one. [22]
      Presented strengthening gifts have sent Indra away at sacrifice,
With might, onto the cleansing bath. [23]
      These two who share his feast, bay steeds with golden manes, shall bring him to
The banquet that is laid for him. [24]
      For you, lord of Light, are shed these soma-drps, and grass is strewn
Bring Indra to his worshippers. [25]
      May Indra give you skill, and lights of heaven, wealth to his votary
And priests who praise him: laud you him. [26]
      Satakratu, wondrous strength and all our lauds I bring to you:
Be gracious to your worshippers. [27]
      Bring to us all things excellent, Satakratu, food and strength:
For, Indra, you are kind to us.
2 Satakratu, bring to us all blessings, all felicity:
Fbr, Indra, you are kind to us. [29]
      Bearing the soma juice we call, best Vritra-slayer, to you:
For, Indra, you are kind to us. [30]
      Come, lord of rapturous, joys, to our libation with your bay steeds, come
To our libation with your steeds. [31]
      Known as best Vritra-slayer erst, as Indra Satakratu, come
With bay steeds to the juice we shed. [32]
      Vritra-slayer, you are he who drinks these drops of Soma: come
With bay steeds to the juice we shed. [33]
      May Indra give, to aid us, wealth handy that rules the skilful ones:
Yea, may the strong give potent wealth.

83 - Maruts

THE Cow, the famous Mother of the wealthy Maruts, pours her milk:
Both horses of the cars are yoked,- [1]
      She in whose bosom all the gods, and Sun and Moon for men to see,
Maintain their everlasting Laws. [2]
      This all the pious sing to us, and sacred poets evermore:
The Maruts to the soma-draught [3]
      Here is the soma ready pressed of this the Maruts drink, of this
Self-luminous the Asvins drink. [4]
      Of this, moreover, purified, set in three places, procreant,
Drink Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman. [5]
      And Indra, like the herald priest, desirous of the milky juice,
At early morn will quaff thereof. [6]
      When have the Princes gleamed and shone through waters as through troops of foes'?
When hasten they whose might ispure? [7]
      What favour do I claim this day of you
great Deities, you who are
Wondrously splendid in yourselves? [8]
      I call, to drink the soma, those Maruts who spread all realms of earth
And luminous regions of the sky. [9]
      You, even such, pure in your might, you, you Maruts, I invoke
From heaven to drink this Somajuice. [10]
      The Maruts, those who have sustained and propped the heavens and earth apart,
I call to drink this soma juice. [11]
      That vigorous band of Maruts that abidetb in the mountains, I
Invoke to drink this soma juice.

84 - Indra

SONG-LOVER! like a charioteer come songs to you when Soma flows.
Indra, they have called to you as mother-kine to their calves. [1]
      Bright juices bitherward have sped you, Indra, Lover of the song.
Drink, Indra, of this flowing sap: in every house 'tis set for you. [2]
      Drink Soma to inspirit you, juice, Indra, which the falcon brought:
For you are king and Sovran lord of all the families of men. [3]
      Indra, hear Tirasci's call, the call of him who servs you.
Satisfy him with wealth of kine and valiant offspring: Great are you. [4]
      For he, Indra, has produced for you the newest gladdening song,
A hymn that springs from careful thought, ancient, and full of sacred truth. [5]
      That Indra will we laud whom songs and hymns of praise have magnified.
Striving to win, we celebrate his many deeds of hero might. [6]
      Come now and let us glorify pure Indra with pure Sama hymns.
Let the pure milky draught delight him strengthened by pure songs of praise. [7]
      Indra, come you pure to us, with pure assistance, pure yourself.
Pure, send you riches down to us, and, meet for Soma, pure, be glad. [8]
      Indra, pure, vouchsafe us wealth, and, pure, enrich the worshipper.
Pure, you do strike the Vritras dead, and strivest, pure, to win the spoil.

85 - Indra

FOR him the Mornings made their courses longer, and Nights with pleasant voices spake to Indra.
For him the Floods stood still, the seven Mothers, streams easy for the heroes to pass over. [1]
      The Darter penetrated, though in trouble, thrice-seven close-pressed ridges of the mountains.
Neither might God nor mortal man accomplish what the strong hero wrought in full-grown vigour. [2]
      The mightiest force is Indra's bolt of iron when firmly grasped in both the arms of Indra.
His head and mouth have powers that pass all others, and all his people hasten near to listen. [3]
      I count you as the Holiest of the holy, the caster-down of what has never been shaken.
I count you as the Banner of the heroes, I count you as the Chief of all men living. [4]
      What time, Indra, in your arms you tookest your wildly rushing bolt to Slay the Dragon,
The mountains roared, the cattle loudly bellowed, the Brahmans with their hymns drew nigh to Indra. [5]
      Let us praise him who made these worlds and creatures, all things that after him sprang into being.
May we win Mitra with our songs, and Indra, and. wait upon our lord with adoration. [6]
      Flying in terror from the snort of Vritra, all Deities who were your friends forsook you.
So, Indra, be your friendship with the Maruts: in all these battles you shall be the victor. [7]
      Thrice-sixty Maruts, waxing strong, were with you, like piles of beaming light, worthy of worship.
We come to you: grant us a happy portion. Let us adore your might with this oblation. [8]
      A sharpened weapon is the host of Maruts. Who, Indra, dares withstand your bolt of thunder?
Weaponless are the asuras, the godless: scatter them with your wheel, Impetuous hero. [9]
      To him the strong and mighty, most auspicious, send up the beAuteous hymn for sake of cattle.
Lay oa his body many songs for Indra invoked with song, for will not he regard. them? [10]
      To him, the mighty , who accepts laudation, send forth your thought as by a boat over rivers,
Stir with your hymn the body of the Famous and Dearest One, for will not he regard it? [11]
      Serve him with gifts of yours which Indra welcomes: praise with fair praise, invite him with your homage.
Draw near, singer, and refrain from outcry. Make your voice heard, for will not he regard it? [12]
      The Black Drop sank in Amsumati's bosom, advancing with ten thousand round about it.
Indra with might longed for it as it panted: the hero-hearted laid aside his weapons. [13]
      I saw the Drop in the far distance moving, on the slope bank of Amsumati's river,
Like a black cloud that sank into the water. Heroes, I send you forth. Go, fight in battle. [14]
      And then the Drop in Amsumati's bosom, splendid with light, assumed its proper body;
And Indra, with Brhaspati to aid him, conquered the godless tribes that came against him. [15]
      Then, at your birth, you wast the foeman, Indra, of those the seven who never had met a rival.
The hidden Pair, the Heaven and Earth, you foundest, and to the mighty worlds you gavest pleasure. [16]
      So, Thunder-armed! you with your bolt of thunder did boldly smite that power which none might equal;
With weapons broughtest low the migbt of Susna, and, Indra, foundest by your strength the cattle. [17]
      Then wast you, Chieftain of all living mortals, the very mighty slayer of the Vritras.
Then did you set the obstructed rivers flowing, and win the floods that were enthralled by Dasas. [18]
      Most wise is he, rejoicing in libations, splendid as day, resistless in his anger.
He only does great deeds, the only hero, sole Vritra-slayer he, with none beside him. [19]
      Indra is Vritra's slayer, man's sustainer: he must be called; with fair praise let us call him.
Maghavan is our Helper, our Protector, giver of spoil and wealth to make us famous. [20]
      This Indra, Vritra-slayer, this Rbhuksan, even at his birth, was meet for invocation.
Doer of many deeds for man's advantage, like Soma quaffed, for friends we must invoke him.

86 - Indra

INDRA, lord of Light, what joys you broughtest from the asuras,
Prosper therewith, Maghavan, him who lauds that deed, and those whose grass is trimmed for you. [1]
      The unwasting share of steeds and kine which, Indra, you have fast secured,
Grant to the worshipper who presses Soma and gives guerdon, not to the churl. [2]
      The riteless, godless man who sleeps, Indra, his unbroken steep,
May he by following his own devices die. Hide from him wealth that nourishes. [3]
      Whether, Sakra, you be far, or, Vritra-slayer, near at hand,
Thence by heaven-reaching songs he who has pressed the juice invites you with your long-maned steeds. [4]
      Whether you are in heaven's bright sphere, or in the basin of the sea;
Whether, chief Vritra-slayer, in some place on earth, or in the firmament, approach. [5]
      You Soma-drinker, lord of strength, beside our flowing soma juice
Delight us with your bounty rich in pleasantness, Indra, with abundant wealth. [6]
      Indra, turn us not away: be the companion of our feast.
For you are our protection, yea, you are our kin: Indra, turn us not away. [7]
      Sit down with us, Indra, sit beside the juice to drink the meath.
Show forth great favour to the singer, Maghavan; Indra, with us, beside the juice. [8]
      Caster of the stone, nor gods nor mortals have attained to you.
You in your might surpassest all that has been made: the gods have not attained to you. [9]
      Of one accord they made and formed for kingship Indra, the hero who in all encounters overcometh,
Most eminent for power, destroyer in the conflict, fierce and exceeding strong, stalwart and full of vigour. [10]
      Bards joined in song to Indra so that he might drink the soma juice,
The lord of Light, that he whose laws stand fast might aid with power and with the help he gives. [11]
      Tle holy sages form a ring, looking and singing to the Ram.
Inciters, full of vigour, not to he deceived, are with the chanters, nigh to bear. [12]
      Loudly I call that Indra, Maghavan the mighty , who evermore possesses power, ever resistless.
holy, most liberal, may he lead us on to riches, and, Thunder-armed, make all our pathways pleasant for us. [13]
      You knowest well, Sakra, you Most Potent, with your strength, Indra, to destroy these castles.
Before you, Thunder-armed! all beings tremble: the heavens and earth before you shake with terror, [14]
      May your truth, Indra, Wondrous hero be my guard: bear me over much woe, Thunderer! as over floods.
When, Indra, will you honour us with opulence, all-nourishing and much-to-be. desired, king?

87 - Indra

To Indra sing a Sama hymn, a lofty song to Lofty Sage,
To him who guards the Law, inspired, and fain for praise. [1]
      You, Indra, are the Conqueror: you gavest splendour to the sun.
Maker of all things, you are mighty and All-God. [2]
      Radiant with light you wentest to the sky, the luminous realm of heaven.
ne Deities, Indra strove to win you for their Friend. [3]
      Come to us, Indra, dear, still conquering, unconcealable,
Vast as a mountain spread on all sides, lord of Heaven. [4]
      truthful Soma-drinker, you are mightier than both the worlds.
You strengthenest him who pours libation, lord of Heaven. [5]
      For you are he, Indra, wiio storms all castles of the foe,
Slayer of Dasyus, man's Supporter, lord of Heaven. [6]
      Now have we, Indra, Friend of Song, sent our great wishes forth to you,
Coming like floods that follow floods. [7]
      As rivers swell the ocean, so, hero, our prayers increase your might,
Though of yourself, Thunderer, waxing day by day. [8]
      With holy song mey bind to the broad wide-yoked car the bay steeds of the rapid God,
Bearers of Indra, yoked by word. [9]
      Indra, bring great strength to us, bring valour, Satakratu, you most active, bring
A hero conquering in war. [10]
      For, gracious Satakratu, you have ever been a Mother and a sire to us,
So now for bliss we pray to you. [11]
      To you, strong, Much-invoked, who show forth your strength, Satakratu, do I speak:
So grant you us heroic strength.

88 - Indra

THUNDERER, zealous worshippers gave you drink this time yesterday.
So, Indra, listen here to those who bring the laud: come near to our dwellingplace. [1]
      lord of bay steeds, fair-helmed, rejoice you: this we crave. Here the disposers wait on you.
Thy loftiest glories claim our lauds beside the juice, Indra, Lover of the song. [2]
      Turning, as 'twere, to meet the sun, enjoy from Indra all good things.
When he who will be born is born with power we look to treasures as our heritage. [3]
      Praise him who sends us wealth, whose bounties injure none: good are the gifts which Indra. grants.
He is not worth with one who satisfies his wish: he turns his mind to giving boons. [4]
      You in your battles, Indra, are subduer of all hostile bands.
Father are you, aIl-conquering, cancelling the curse, you victor of the vanquisher. [5]
      The Earth and Heaven clung close to your victorious might as to their calf two mother-cows.
When you attackest Vritra all the hostile bands shrink and faint, Indra, at your wrath. [6]
      Bring to your aid the Eternal One, who shoots and none may shoot at him,
Inciter, swift, victorious, best of Charioteers. Tugrya's unvanquished Strengthener; [7]
      Arranger of things unarranged, e'en Satakratu, source of might,
Indra, the Friend of all, for succour we invoke, Guardian of treasure, sendjng wealth.

89 - Indra. Vak

I MOVE before you here present in person, and all the Deities follow behind me.
When, Indra, you securest me my portion, with me you shall perform heroic actions. [1]
      The food of meath in foremost place I give you, your Soma shall be pressed, your share appointed.
You on my right shall be my friend and comrade: then shall we two smite dead full many a foeman. [2]
      Striving for strength bring forth a laud to Indra, a truthful hymn if he in truth existeth.
One and another say, There is no Indra. Who has beheld him? Whom then shall we honour? [3]
      Here am I, look upon me here, singer. All that exists 1 surpass in greatness.
The holy Law's commandments make me mighty. Rending with strength I rend the worlds asunder. [4]
      When the Law's lovers mounted and ap. proached me as 1 sate lone upon the dear sky's summit.
Then spake my spirit to the heart within me, My friends have cried to me with their children. [5]
      All these your deeds must be declared at Soma-feasts, wrought, Indra, Bounteous lord, for him who sheds the juice,
When you did open wealth heaped up by many, brought from far away to Sarablia, the rishi's kin. [6]
      Now run you forth your several ways: he is not here who kept you back.
For has not Indra sunk his bolt deep down in Vritra's vital part? [7]
      On-rushing with the speed of thought within the iron fort he pressed:
The falcon went to heaven and brought the soma to the thunderer. [8]
      Deep in the ocean lies the bolt with waters compassed round about,
And in continuous onward flow the floods their tribute bring to it. [9]
      When, uttering words which no one comprehended, Vak, Queen of gods, the Gladdener, was seated,
The heaven's four regions drew forth drink and vigour: now where has her noblest portion vanished? [10]
      The Deities generated Vak the goddess, and animals of every figure speak her.
May she, the Gladdener, yielding food and vigour, the Milch-cow Vak, approach us meetly lauded. [11]
      Step forth with wider stride, my comrade Visnu; make room, Dyaus, for the leaping of the lightning.
Let us slay Vritra, let us free the rivers let them flow loosed at the command of Indra.

90 - Various

YEA, specially that mortal man has toiled for service of the gods,
Who quickly has brought near Mitra and Varuna. to share his sacrificial gifts. [1]
      Supreme in sovran power, far-sighted, Chiefs and kings, most swift to hear from far away,
Both, wondrously, set them in motion as with arms, in company with Surya's beams. [2]
      The rapid messenger who runs before you, Mitra-Varuna, with iron head, swift to the draught, [3]
      He whom no man may question, none may summon back, who stands not still for colloquy,-
From hostile clash with him keep you us safe this day: keep us in safety with your arms. [4]
      To Aryaman and Mitra sing a reverent song, pious one,
A pleasant hymn that shall protect to Varuna: sing forth a laud to the kings. [5]
      The true, Red Treasure they have sent, one only Son born of the Three.
They, the immortal ones, never deceived, survey the families of mortal men. [6]
      My songs are lifted up, and acts most splendid are to be performed.
Come here, you Nasatyas, with accordant mind, to meet and to enjoy my gifts. [7]
      lords of great wealth, when we invoke your bounty which no demon checks,
Both of you, furthering our eastward-offcred praise, come, Chiefs whom Jamadagni lauds! [8]
      Come, Vayu, drawn by fair hymns, to our sacrifice that reaches heaven.
Poured on the middle of the strainingcloth, and cooked, this bright drink has been offered ilice. [9]
      He comes by straightest paths, as ministering priest, to taste the sacrificial gifts.
Then, lord of harnessed teams I drink of the twofold draught, bright Soma mingled with the milk. [10]
      Verily, Surya, you are great; truly, Aditya, you are great.
As you are great indeed, your greatness is admired: yea, verily, you, God, are great. [11]
      Yea, Surya, you are great in fame you evermore, God, are great.
You by your greatness are the gods' High priest, divine, far-spread unconquerable light. [12]
She yonder, bending lowly down, clothed in red hues and rich in rays,
Is seen, advancing as it were with various tints, amid the ten surrounding arms. [13]
      Past and gone are three mortal generations: the fourth and last into the sun has entered.
He mid the worlds his lofty place has taken. Into green plants is gone the Purifying. [14]
      The Rudras' Mother, Daughter of the Vasus, centre of nectar, the Adityas' Sister-
To folk who understand will 1 proclaim it-injure not Aditi, the Cow, the sinless. [15]
      Weak-minded men have as a cow adopted me who came here from the gods, a goddess,
Who, skilled in eloquence, her voice uplifteth, who stands near at hand with all devotions.

91 - Agni

LORD of the house, sage, ever young, high power of life, Agni, God,
You give to your worshipper. [1]
      So with our song that prays and serves, attentive, lord of spreading light,
Agni, bring hereward the gods. [2]
      For, Ever-Youthful One, with you, best Furtherer, as our ally,
We overcome, to win the spoil. [3]
      As Aurva Bhrgu used, as Apnavana used, I call the pure
Agni who clothes him with the sea. [4]
      I call the sage who sounds like wind, the might that like Parjanya roars,
Agni who clothes him with the sea. [5]
      As Savitar's productive Power, as him who sends down bliss, I call
Agni who clothes him with the sea. [6]
      Here, for powerful kirship, I call Agni, him Who prospers you,
Most frequent at our solemn rites [7]
      That through this famed One's power, he may stand by us even as Tvastar comes
To the forms that must he shaped. [8]
      This Agni is the lord supreme above all glories mid the gods:
May he come nigh to us with strength. [9]
      Here praise you him the most renowned of all the ministering priests,
Agni, the Chief at sacrifice; [10]
      Piercing, with purifying flame, enkindled in our homes, most high,
Swiftest to hear from far away. [11]
      Sage, laud the mighty One who wins the spoil of victory like a steed,
And, Mitra like, unites the folk. [12]
      Still turning to their aim in you, the oblation-bearer's sister hymns
Have come to you before the wind. [13]
      The waters find their place in him, for whom the threefold sacred grass
Is spread unbound, unlimited. [14]
      The station of the Bounteous God has, through his aid which none impair,
A pleasant aspect like the sun. [15]
      Blazing with splendour, Agni, God, through pious gifts of sacred oil,
Bring you the gods and worship them. [16]
      The gods as mothers brought you forth, the immortal Sage, Afigiras,
The bearer of our gifts to heaven. [17]
      Wise Agni, gods established you, the seer, noblest messenger,
As bearer of our sacred gifts. [18]
      No cow have I to call mine own, no axe at hand wherewith to work,
Yet what is here I bring to you. [19]
      Agni, whatsoever be the fuel that we lay for you,
Be pleased therewith, Most Youthful God [20]
      That which the white-ant cats away, that over which the emmet crawls-
May all of this be oil to you. [21]
      When he enkindles Agni, man should with his heart attend the song:
I with the priests have kindled him.

92 - Agni

THAT noblest Furtherer has appeared, to whom men bring their holy works.
Our songs of praise have risen aloft to Agni who was barn to give the Arya strength. [1]
      Agni of Divodasa turned, as 'twere in majesty, to the gods.
Onward he sped along the mother earth, and took his station in the height of heaven. [2]
      Him before whom the people shrink when he performs his glorious deeds,
Him who wins thousands at the worship of the gods, himself, that Agni, serve with son s. [3]
      The mortal man whom you wouldst lead to opulence, Vasu, he who brings you gifts.
He, Agni, wins himself a hero singing lauds, yea, one who feeds a thousand men. [4]
      He with the steed wins spoil even in the fenced fort, and gains imperishable fame.
In you, lord of wealth, continually we lay all precious offerings to the gods. [5]
      To him who deals out all wealth, who is the cheerful priest of men,
To him, like the first vessels filled with savoury juice, to Agni go the songs of praise. [6]
      Votaries, richly-gifted, deck him with their songs, even as the steed who draws the car.
On both, strong lord of men! on child and grandson pour the bounties which our nobles give. [7]
      Sing forth to him, the holy, most munificent, sublime with his refulgent glow,
To Agni, you Upastutas. [8]
      Worshipped with gifts, enkindled, splendid, Maghavan shall win himself heroic fame.
And will not his most newly shown benevolence come to us with abundant strength? [9]
      Priest, presser of the juice! praise now the dearest Guest of all our friends,
Agni, the driver of the cars. [10]
      Who, finder-out of treasures open and concealed, brings them here, holy One;
Whose waves, as in a cataract, are hard to pass, when he, through song, would win him strength. [11]
      Let not the noble Guest, Agni, be wroth with us: by many a man his praise is sung,
Good herald, skilled in sacrifice. [12]
      Vasu, Agni, let not them be harmed who come in any way with lauds to you.
Even the lowly, skilled in rites, with offered gifts, seeks you for the envoy's task. [13]
      Friend of the Maruts, Agni, come with Rudras to the soma-draught,
To Sobhar's fair song of praise, and be you joyful in the light. [14]

Appendix: (Book 8. Hymns 49-59. M. Müller.)

1 - Indra

T you will I sing Indra's praise who gives good gifts as well we know;
The praise of Maghavan who, rich in treasure, aids his singers with wealth thousandfold. [1]
      As with a hundred hosts, he rushes boldly on, and for the offerer slays his foes.
As from a mountain flow the water-brooks, thus flow his gifts who feeds many a one. [2]
      The drops effused, the gladdening draughts, Indra, Lover of the son
As waters seek the lake where they are wont to rest, fill you, for bounty, Thunderer. [3]
      The matchless draught that strengthens and gives eloquence, the sweetest of the meath drink you,
That in your joy you maysi scatter your gifts over us, plenteously, even as the dust. [4]
      Come quickly to our laud, urged on by Soma-pressers like a horse-
Laud, godlike Indra, which milch-kine make sweet for you: with Kanva's sons are gifts for you. [5]
      With homage have we sought you as a hero, strong, preeminent, with unfailing wealth.
Thunderer, as a plenteous spring pours forth its stream, so, Indra, flow our songs to you. [6]
      If now you are at sacrifice, or if you are upon the earth,
Come thence, high-thoughted! to our sacrifice with the swift, come, mighty with the mighty ones. [7]
      The active, fleet-foot, tawny coursers that are your are swift to victory, like the Wind,
Wherewith you gogo round to visit Manus' seed, wherewith all heaven is visible. [8]
      Indra, from you so great we crave prosperity in wealth of kine,
As, Maghavan, you favouredst Medhyatithi, and, in the fight, Nipatithi. [9]
      As, Maghavan, to Kanva, Trasadasyu, and to Paktha and Dasavraja;
As, Indra, to Gosarya and Rjisvan, you vouchsafedst wealth in kine and gold.

2 - Indra

SAKRA I praise, to win his aid, far-famed, exceeding bountiful,
Who gives, as 'twere in thousands, precious wealth to him who sheds the juice and worships him. [1]
      Arrows with hundred points, unconquerable, are this Indra's n-dghty arms in war.
He streams on liberal worshippers like a hill with springs, when juices poured have gladdened him. [2]
      What time the flowing soma-drps have gladdened with their taste the Friend,
Like water, gracious lord! were my libations made, like milch-kine to the worshipper. [3]
      To him the peerless, who is calling you to give you aid, forth flow the drops of pleasant meath.
The soloa-drops which call on you, gracious lord, have brought you to our hymn of praise. [4]
      He rushes hurrying like a steed to Soma that adorns our rite,
Which hymns make sweet to you, lover of pleasant food. The call to Paura you do love. [5]
      Praise the strong, grasping hero, winner of the spoil, ruling supreme oer mighty wealth.
Like a full spring, Thunderer, from your store have you poured on the worshipper evermore. [6]
      Now whether you be far away, or in the heavens, or on the earth,
Indra, mighty-thoughted, harnessing your bays, come Lofty with the Lofty ones. [7]
      The bays who draw your chariot, steeds who injure none, surpass the wind's impetuous strength-
With whom you silence the enemy of man, with whon; you go round the sky. [8]
      gracious hero, may we learn anew to know you as you are:
As in decisive fight you help Etasa, or Vasa 'gainst Dasavraja, [9]
      As, Maghavan, to Kanva at the sacred feast, to Dirghanitha your home-friend,
As to Gosarya you, stone-darter, gavest wealth, give me a gold-bright stall of kine.

3 - Indra

As with Manu Samvarani, Indra, you drank soma juice,
And, Maghavan, with Nipatithi, Medbyatithi, with Pustigu and Srustigu,- [1]
      T'he son of Prisadvana was Praskaniva's host, who lay decrepit and forlorn.
Aided by you the rishi Dasyave-vrka strove to obtain thousands of kine. [2]
      Call here with your newest song Indra who lacks not hymns of praise,
Him who observes and knows, inspirer of the sage, him who seems eager to enjoy. [3]
      He to whom they sang the seven-headed hymn, three-parted, in the loftiest place,
He sent his thunder down on all these living things, and so displayed heroic might. [4]
      We invocate that Indra who bestows precious things on us.
Now do we know his newest favour; may we gain a stable that is full of kine. [5]
      He whom you aidest, gracious lord, to give again, obtains great wealth to nourish him.
We with our Soma ready, Lover of the song! call, Indra Maghavan, on you. [6]
      Never are you fruitless, Indra never do you desert the worshipper
But now, Maghavan, your bounty as a god is poured forth ever more and more. [7]
      He who has. overtaken Krivi with his might, and silenced Susna with deathbolts,
When he supported yonder heaven and spread it out, then first the son of earth was born. [8]
      Good lord of wealth is he to whom all Aryas, Dasas here belong.
Directly to you, the pious Rusama Paviru, is that wealth brought nigh. [9]
      In zealous haste the singers have sung forth a song distilling oil and rich in sweets.
Riches have spread among us and heroic strength, with us are flowing soma-drops.

4 - Indra

As, Sakra, you with Manu called Vivasvan drank soma juice,
As, Indra, you did love the hymn by Trita's side, so do you joy with Ayu now. [1]
      As you with Matarisvan, Medhya, Prisadhra, have cheered you Indra, with pressed juice,
Drunk Soma with Rjunas, Syumarasmi, by Dasonya's Dasasipra's side. [2]
      'Tis he who made the lauds his own and boldly drank the soma juice,
He to whom Visnu came striding his three wide steps, as Mitra's statutes ordered it. [3]
      In whose laud you did joy, Indra, at the great deed, Satakratu, mighty One!
Seeking renown we call you as the milkers call the cow who yields abundant milk. [4]
      He is our sire who gives to us, great, mighty, ruling as he wills.
Unsought, may he the strong, Rich, lord of ample wealth, give us of horses and of kine. [5]
      He to whom you, good lord, give that he may give increases wealth that nourishes.
Eager for wealth we call on Indra, lord of wealth, on Satakratu with our lauds. [6]
      Never are you neglectful: you guardest both races with your care.
The call on Indra, fourth Aditya! is your own. Amrta is stablished in the heavens. [7]
      The offercr whom you, Indra, Lover of the song, liberal Maghavan, favourest,
As at the call of Kanva so, gracious lord, hear, you our songs and eulogy. [8]
      Sung is the song of ancient time: to Indra have you said the prayer.
They have sung many a Brhati of sacrifice, poured forth the worshipper's many thoughts. [9]
      Indra has tossed together mighty stores of wealth, and both the worlds, yea, and the sun.
Pure, brightly-shining, mingled with the milk, the draughts of Soma have made Indra glad.

5 - Indra

As highest of the Maghavans, preeminent among the Bulls,
Best breaker-down of forts, kine-winner, lord of wealth, we seek you, Indra Maghavan. [1]
      You who subduedst Ayu, Kutsa, Atithigva, waxing daily in your might,
As such, rousing your power, we invocate you now, you Satakratu, lord of bays. [2]
      The pressing-stones shall pour for us the essence of the meath of all,
Drops that have been pressed out afar among the folk, and those that have been pressed near us. [3]
      Repel all enmities and keep thern far away: let all win treasure for their own.
Even among Sistas are the stalks that make you glad, where you with Soma satest you. [4]
      Come, Indra, very near to us with aids of firmly-based resolve;
Come, most auspicious, with your most auspicious help, good Kinsman, with good kinsmen, come! [5]
      Bless you with progeny the chief of men, the lord of heroes, victor in the fray.
Aid with your powers the men who sing you lauds and keep their spirits ever pure and bright. [6]
      May we be such in battle as are surest to obtain your grace:
With holy offerings and invocations of the gods, we mean, that we may win the spoil. [7]
      Yours, lord of bays, am I. Prayer longs for the spoil. Still with your help I seek the fight.
So, at the raiders' head, I, craving steeds and kine, unite myself with you alone.

6 - Indra

INDRA, the poets with their hymns extol this hero might of yours:
They strengthened, loud in song, your power that drops oil. With hymns the Pauras came to you. [1]
      Through piety they came to Indra for his aid, they whose libations give you joy.
As you with, Krisa and Samvarta have rejoiced, so, Indra, be you glad with us. [2]
      Agreeing in your spirit, all you Deities, come nigh to us.
Vasus and Rudras shall come near to give us aid, and Maruts listen to our call. [3]
      May Pusan, Visnu, and Sarasvati befriend, and the seven Streams, this call of mine:
May Waters, Wind, the Mountains, and the Forest-lord, and Earth give ear to my cry. [4]
      Indra, with your own bounteous gift, most liberal of the mighty ones,
Be our boon benefactor, Vritra-slayer, be our feast-companion for our weal. [5]
      Leader of heroes, lord of battle, lead you us to combat, you Most Sapient One.
High fame is theirs who win by invocations, feasts and entertainment of the gods. [6]
      Our hopes rest on the Faithful One: in Indra is the people's life.
Maghavan, come nigh that you may give us aid: make plenteous food stream forth for us. [7]
      You would we worship, Indra, with our songs of praise: Satakratu, be you ours.
Pour down upon Praskanva bounty vast and firm, exuberant, that shall never fail.

7 - Praskanva's Gift

GREAT, verily, is Indra's might. I have beheld, and here comes
Thy bounty, Dasyave-vrka! [1]
      A hundred oxen white of hue are shining like the stars in heaven,
So tall, they seem to prop the sky. [2]
      Bamboos a hundred, a hundred dogs, a hundred skins of beasts well-tanned,
A hundred tufts of Balbaja, four hundred red-hued mares are mine. [3]
      Blest by the gods, Kinvayanas! be you who spread through life on life:
Like horses have you stridden forth. [4]
      Then men extolled the team of seven not yet full-grown, its fame is great.
The dark mares rushed along the paths, so that no eye could follow them.

8 - Praskanva's Go

THY bounty, Dasyave-vrka, exhaustless has displayed itself:
Its fulness is as broad as heaven. [1]
      Ten thousand Dasyave-vrka, the son of Putakrata, has
From his own wealth bestowed on me. [2]
      A hundred asses has he given, a hundred head of fleecy sheep,
A hundred slaves, and wreaths besides. [3]
      There also was a mare led forth, picked out for Putakrata's sake,
Not of the horses of the herd. [4]
      Observant Agni has appeared, oblation-bearer with his car.
Agni with his resplendent flame has shone on high as shines the sun, has shone like Surya in theheavens.

9 - Asvins

ENDOWED, gods, with your primeval wisdom, come quickly with your chariot, you holy.
Come with your mighty powers, you Nasatyas; come here, drink you this the third libation. [1]
      The truthful Deities, the Three-and-Thirty, saw you approach before the Ever-Truthful.
Accepting this our worship and libation, Asvins bright with fire, drink you the soma. [2]
      Asvins, that work of yours deserves our wonder,-the Bull of heaven and earth and air's mid region;
Yea, and your thousand promises in battle, -to all of these come near and drink beside us. [3]
      Here is your portion laid for you, you holy: come to these songs of ours, you Nasatyas.
Drink among us the soma full of sweetness, and with your powers assist the man who worships.

10 - Visvedevas

HE whom the priests in sundry ways arranging the sacrifice, of one accord, bring here,
Who was appointed as a learned Brahman, -what is the sacrificer's knowledge of him? [1]
      Kindled in many a spot, still One is Agni; Silrya is One though high over all he shineth.
Illumining this All, still One is usas. That which is One has into All developed. [2]
      The chariot bright and radiant, treasure-laden, three-wheeled, with easy seat, and lightly rolling,
Which She of Wondrous wealth was born to harness,-this car of yours I call. Drink what remaineth.

11 - Indra-Varuna

IN offerings poured to you, Indra-Varuna, these shares of yours stream forth to glorify your state.
You haste to the libations at each sacrifice when you assist the worshipper who sheds the juice. [1]
      The waters and the plants, Indra-Varuna, had efficacious vigour, and attained to might:
You who have gone beyond the path of middle air,-no godless man is worthy to be called your foe. [2]
      True is your Krisa's word, Indra and Varuna: The seven holy voices pour a wave of meath.
For their sake, lords of splendour! aid the pious man who, unbewildered, keeps you ever in his thoughts. [3]
      Dropping oil, sweet with Soma, pouring forth their stream, are the seven Sisters in the seat of sacrifice.
These, dropping oil, are yours, Indra-Varuna: with these enrich with gifts and help the worshipper. [4]
      To our great happiness have we ascribed to these Two Bright ones truthfulness, great strength, and majesty.
lords of splendour, aid us through the Three-times-Seven, as we pour holy oil, Indra-Varuna. [5]
      What you in time of old Indra and Varuna, gave rishis revelation, thought, and power of song,
And places which the wise made, weaving sacrifice,-these through my spirit's fervid glow have I beheld., [6]
      Indra-Varuna, grant to the worshippers cheerfulness void of pride, and wealth to nourish them.
Vouchsafe us food, prosperity, and progeny, and lengthen out our days that we may see long life.




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