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Rigveda 8:51-75

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

51 - Indra

OFFER you up as praise to him that wherein Indra takes delight.
The soma-bringers magnify Indra's great energy with hymns. Good are the gifts that Indra gives. [1]
      Sole among chiefs, companionless, impetuous, and peerless, he
Has waxen great over many folk, yea., over all things born, in might. [2]
      lord of swift bounty, he will win e'en with a steed of worthless sort.
This, Indra, must be told of you who will perform heroic deeds. [3]
      Come to let us pay devotions that enhance your might,
For which, Most Potent! you wouldst fain bless the man here who strives for fame. [4]
      For you, Indra, makest yet more bold the spirit of the bold
Who with strong Soma servs you, still ready with his reverent prayers. [5]
      Worthy of song, he looks down as a man looks into wells.
Pleased with the soma-bringer's skill he maks him his mate and friend. [6]
      In strength and wisdom all the gods, Indra, have yielded to you.
Be you the Guard of all, you whom many praise. [7]
      Praised, Indra, is this might of yours, best for the service of the gods,
That you with power do slay Vritra, lord of strength. [8]
      He makes the races of mankind like synods of the Beauteous One.
Indra knows this his manifest deed, and is renowned. [9]
      Thy might, Indra, at its birth, you also, and your mental power,
In your care, Maghavan rich in kine! they have increased exceedingly. [10]
      Vritra-slayer, you and I will both combine for winning spoil.
Even malignity will consent, Bolt-armed hero, to us. [11]
      Let us extol this Indra as truthful and never as untrue.
Dire is his death who pours no gifts great light has he who offers them. Good are the gifts that Indra gives.

52 - Indra

WITH powers of mighty ones has he, Ancient, Beloved, been equipped,
Through whom the Father Manu made prayers cfficacious with the gods. [1]
      Him, Maker of the sky, let stones wet with the soma never forsake,
Nor hymns and prayer that must be said. [2]
      Indra who knew full well disclosed the kine to the Angirases.
This his great deed must be extolled. [3]
      Indra, promoter of the song, the sage's Strengthener as of old,
Shall come to bless and succour us at presentation of this laud. [4]
      Now after their desire's intent the pious singers with the cry
Of Hail! have sung loud hymns to you, Indra, to gain a stall of kine. [5]
      With Indra rest all deeds of might, deeds done and yet to be performed,
Whom singers know devoid of guile. [6]
      When the Five Tribes with all their men to Indra have sent out their voice,
And when the priest has strewn much grass, this is the Friend's own dwellingpiace. [7]
      This praise is verily your own: you have performed these manly deeds,
And sped the wheel upon its way. [8]
      At the overflowing of this Steer, boldly he strode for life, and took
Soma as cattle take their corn. [9]
      Receiving this and craving help, we, who with you are Daksa's sons,
Would fain exalt the Maruts' lord. [10]
      Yea, hero, with the singers we the duly-coming Band.
Allied with tbee may we prevail. [11]
      With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle, at the death of Vritra,
The strong assigned to him who sings and praises. May gods with Indra at their head protect us.

53 - Andra

MAY our hymns give you great delight. Display your bounty, Thunderer.
Drive off the enemies of prayer. [1]
      Crush with your foot the niggard churls who bring no gifts. Mighty are you
There is not one to equal you. [2]
      You are the lord of Soma pressed, soma impressed is also your.
You are the sovran of the folk. [3]
      Come, go you forth, dwelling in heaven and listening to the prayers of men:
You fillest both the heavens and earth. [4]
      Even that hill with rocky heights, with hundreds, thousands, held within.
You for your worshippers brakest through. [5]
      We call on you both night and day to taste the flowing soma juice:
Do you fulfil our heart's desire. [6]
      Where is that ever-youthful Steer, strong. necked and never yet bent down?
What Brahman ministers to him? [7]
      To whose libation does the steer, betake him with delight therein?
Who takes delight in Indra now? [8]
      Whom, Vritra-slayer, have your gift and hero powers accompanied?
Who is your dearest in the laud? [9]
      For you among mankind, among the Purus is this Soma shed.
Hasten you here: drink thereof. [10]
      This, growing by Soma and by Saryanavan, dear to you,
In Arjikiya, cheers you best. [11]
      Hasten you hereward, and drink this for munificence to-day,
Delightful for your eager draught.

54 - Indra

THOUGH, Indra, you are called by men from east and west, from north and soutb,
Come here quickly with fleet steeds [1]
      If in the effluence of heaven, rich in its light, you takest joy,
Or in the sea in soma juice. [2]
      With songs I call you, Great and Wide, even as a cow to profit us,
Indra, to drink the soma-draught. [3]
      Here, Indra, let your bays bear up and, bring upon your car
Thy glory, God! and majesty. [4]
      You, Indra, wouldst be sung and praised as great, strong, lordly in your deeds
Come here, drink our soma juice. [5]
      We who have shed the soma and prepared the feast are calling you.
To sit on this our sacred grass. [6]
      As, Indra, you are evermore the common lord of all alike,
As such we invocate you now. [7]
      The men with stones have milked for you this nectar of the soma juice:
Indra, be pleased with it, and drink. [8]
      Neglect all pious men with skill in sacred song: come hereward,
With speed, and give us high renown. [9]
      gods, may the mighty rest unharmed, the king who gives me spotted kine,
Kine decked with golden ornaments. [10]
      Beside a thousand spotted kine I have received a gift of gold,
Pure, brilliant, and exceeding great. [11]
      Durgaha's grandsons, giving me a thousand kine, munificent,
Have won renown among the gods.

55 - Indra

LOUD singing at the sacred rite where Soma flows we priests invoke
With haste, that he may help, as the bard's Cherisher, Indra who finds wealth for you. [1]
      Whom with fair helm, in rapture of the juice, the firm resistless slayers hinder not:
Giver of glorious wealth to him who sing a his praise, honouring him who toils and pours: [2]
      Sakra, who like a curry-comb for horses or a golden goad,
Indra, the Vritra-slayer, urges eagerly the opening of the stall of kine: [3]
      Who for the worshipper scatters forth ample wealth, even though buried, piled in heaps:
May Indra, lord of bay steeds, fair-helmed Thunderer, act at his pleasure, as he lists. [4]
      Hero whom many praise, what you have longed for, oven of old, from men.
All that we offer to you, Indra, now, sacrifice, laud, effectual speech. [5]
      To Soma, Much-invoked, Bolt-armed! for your carouse, Celestial, soma-drinker come.
You to the man who prays and pours the juice have been best giver of delightful wealth. [6]
      Here, verily, yesterday we let the thunder-wielder drink his fill.
So in like manner offer him the jifice today. Now range you by the Glorious One. [7]
      Even the wolf, the savage beast that rends the sheep, follows the path of his decrees.
So graciously accepting, Indra, this our praise, with wondrous thought come forth to us. [8]
      What manly deed of vigour now remains that Indra has not done?
Who has not heard his glorious title and his fame, the Vritra-slayer from his birth? [9]
      'How great his power resistless! how invincible the Vritra-slayer's matchless might!
Indra excels all usurers who see the day, excels all traffickers in strength. [10]
      Indra, Vritra-slayer, we, your very constant worshippers,
Bring prayers never heard before to you, Much-invoked, Thunder-armed, to be your meed. [11]
      you of mighty acts, the aids that are in you call forward many an eager hope.
Past the drink-offerings, Vasu, even of the good, hear my call, strongest God, and come. [12]
      Verily, Indra, we are your, we worshippers depend on you.
For there is none but only you to show us race, Maghavan, you much invoked. [13]
      From this our misery and famine set us free, from this dire curse deliver us.
Succour us with your help and with tby wondrous thought. Most mighty, finder of the way. [14]
      Now let your soma juice be poured; be not afraid, Kali's sons.
This darkening sorrow goes away; yea, of itself it vanishes.

56 - Adityas

Now pray we to these Ksatriyas, to the Adityas for their aid,
These who are gracious to assist. [1]
      May Mitra bear us oer distress, and Varuna and Aryaman,
Yea, the Adityas, as they know. [2]
      For wonderful and meet for praise is these Adityas' saving help
To him who offers and prepares. [3]
      The mighty aid of you, the Great, Varuna, Mitra, Aryarnan,
We claim to be our sure defence. [4]
      Guard us, Adityas, still alive, before the deadly weapon strike:
Are yc not they who hear our call? [5]
      What sheltering defence you have for him who toils in pouring gifts,
Graciously bless you us therewith. [6]
      Adityas, gods, from sorrow there is freedom; for the sinless, wealth,
you in whom no fault is seen. [7]
      Let not this fetter bind us fast: may he release us for success;
For strong is Indra and renowned. [8]
      gods who fain would lend your aid, destroy not us as you destroy
Your enemies who go astray. [9]
      And you too, Great Aditi, you also, Goddess, I address,
You very gracious to assist. [10]
      Save us in depth and shallow from the foe, thbu Mother of Strong Sons
Let no one of our seed be harmed. [11]
      Far-spread! wide-ruling! grant that we, unharmed by envy, may expand
Grant that our progeny may live. [12]
      Those who, the Princes of the folk, in native glory, neer deceived,
Maintain their statutes, void of guilt- [13]
      As such, from mouth of ravening wolves, you Adityas, rescue us,
Like a bound thief, Aditi. [14]
      Adityas, let this arrow, yea, let this mali. gnity depart
From us or eer it strike us dead. [15]
      Fori Bountiful Adityas, we have evermore enjoyed your help,
Both now and in die days of old. [16]
      To every one, you Most Wise, who turns even from sin to you,
You gods vouchsafe that he may live. [17]
      May this new mercy profit us, which, you Adityas, frees like one,
Bound from his bonds, Aditi. [18]
      you Adityas, this your might is not to be despised by us:
So be you graciously inclined. [19]
      Let not Vivasvan's weapon nor the shaft, Adityas, wrought with skill,
Destroy us ere old age be nigh. [20]
      On every side dispel all sin, Adityas, all hostility,
Indigence, and combined attack.

57 - Indra

EVEN as a car to give us aid, we draw you here for our bliss,
Strong in your deeds, checking assault, lord, mightiest Indra, of the brave! [1]
      Great in tby power and wisdom, strong, with thought that comprehendeth all
You have filled full with majesty. [2]
      You very mighty One, whose hands by virtue of your greatness grasp,
The golden bolt that breaks its way. [3]
      Your lord of might that never has bent, that ruls over all mankind,
I call, that he, as he is wont, may aid the chariots and the men. [4]
      Whom, ever furthering, in frays that win the light, in both the hosts
Men call to succour and to help. [5]
      Indra, the strong, the measureless, worthy of praise, Most Bountiful,
Sole Ruler even over wealth. [6]
      Him, for his ample bounty, him, this Indra do I urge to drink,
Who, as his praise was sung of old, the Dancer, is the lord of men. [7]
      You mighty One, whose friendship none of mortals ever has obtained
None will attain to your might. [8]
      Aided by you, with you allied, in frays for water and for sun,
Bolt-armed! may we win ample spoil. [9]
      So seek we you with sacrifice and songs, chief Lover of the song,
As, in our battles Indra, you to Purumayya gavest help. [10]
      Thunderer, you whose friendship and whose onward guidance both are sweet,
Thy sacrifice must be prepared. [11]
      To us, ourselves, give ample room, give for our dwelling ample room
Give ample room to us to live. [12]
      We count the banquet of the gods a spacious pathway for the men,
And for the cattle, and the car. [13]
      Six men, yea, two and two, made glad with soma juice, come near to me
With offerings pleasant to the taste. [14]
      Two brown-hued steeds, Indrota's gift, two bays from Rksa's son were mine,
From Asvamedha's son two red. [15]
      From Atithigva good car-steeds; from Arksa rein-obeying steeds,
From Asvamedha beauteous ones. [16]
      Indrota, Atithigva's son, gave me six horses matched with mares
And Patakratu gave besides. [17]
      Marked above all, amid the brown, is the red mare Vrsanvati,
Obedient to the rein and whip. [18]
      bound to me by deeds of might, not even the man who loves to blame.
Has found a single fault in you.

58 - Indra

I SEND you forth the song of praise for Indu, hero-gladdener.
With hymn and plenty he invites you to complete the sacrifice. [1]
      You wishest for your kine a bull, for those who long for his approach,
For those who turn away from him, lord of your cows whom none may kill. [2]
      The dappled kine who stream with milk prepare his draught of soma juice:
Clans in the birth-place of the gods, in the three luminous realms of heaven. [3]
      Praise, even as he is known, with song Indra the guardian of the kine,
The son of Truth, lord of the brave. [4]
      Here his bay steeds have been sent, red steeds are on the sacred grass,,
Where we in concert sing our songs. [5]
      For Indra Thunder-armed the kine have yielded mingled milk and meath,
What time he found them in the vault. [6]
      When I and Indra mount on high up to the Bright One's place and home,
We, having drunk of meath, will reach his seat whose Friends are three times seven. [7]
      Sing, sing you forth your songs of praise, you Briyamedhas, sing your songs:
Yea, let young children sing their lauds as a strong castle praise you him. [8]
      Now loudly let the viol sound, the lute send out its voice with might,
Shrill be, the music of the string. To Indra. is the hymn up-raised. [9]
      When bither speed the dappled cows, unflinching, easy to be milked,
Seize quickly, as it bursts away, the soma juice for Indra's drink. [10]
      Indra has drunk, Agni has drunk. all Deities have drunk their fill.
Here Varuna shall have his home, to whom the floods have sung aloud as motherkine to their calves. [11]
      You, Varuna, to whom belong Seven Rivers, are a glorious God.
The waters flow into your throat as 'twere a pipe with ample mouth. [12]
      He who has made the fleet steeds spring, well-harnessed, to the worshipper,
He, the swift Guide, is that fair form that loosed the horses near at hand. [13]
      Indra, the very mighty, holds his enemies in utter scorn.
He, far away, and yet a child, cleft the cloud smitten by his voice. [14]
      He, yet a boy exceeding small, mounted his newly-fashioned car.
He for his Mother and his sire cooked the wild mighty buffalo. [15]
      lord of the home, fair-helmeted, ascend your chariot wrought of gold.
We will attend the Heavenly One, the thousand-footed, red of hue, matchless, who blesses where he goes. [16]
      With reverence they come hereward to him as to. a Sovran lord,
That they may bring him near for this man's good success, to prosper and bestow his gifts. [17]
      The Priyamedhas have observed the offering of the men of old,
Of ancient custom, while they strewed the sacred grass, and spread their sacrificial food.

59 - Indra

HE who, as Sovran lord of men, moves with his chariots unrestrained,
The Vritra-slayer vanquisher, of fighting hosts, preeminent, is praised with song. [1]
      Honour that Indra, Puruhanman! for his aid, in whose sustaining hand of old,
The splendid bolt of thunder was deposited, as the great Sun was set in heaven. [2]
      No one by deed attains to him who works and strengthens evermore:
No, not by sacrifice, to Indra. praised o all, resistless, daring, bold in might. [3]
      The potent Conqueror, invincible in war, him at whose birth the mighty ones,
The Kine who spread aftar, sent their loud voices out, heavens, earths seat their loud voices out, [4]
      Indra, if a hundred heavens and if a hundred earths were your-
No, not a thousand Suns could match you at your birth, not both the worlds, Thunderer. [5]
      You, hero, have performed your hero deeds with might, yea, all with strength, strongest One.
Maghavan, help us to a stable full of kine, Thunderer, with wondrous aids. [6]
      Let not a godless mortal gain this food, you whose life is long!
But one who yokes the bright-hued steeds, the Etasas, even Indra yoker of the bays. [7]
      Urge you the Conqueror to give, your Indra greatly to be praised,
To be invoked in shallow waters and in depths, to be invoked in deeds of might. [8]
      Vasu, you hero, raise us up to ample opulence.
Raise us to gain of mighty wealth, Maghavan, Indra, to sublime renown. [9]
      Indra, you justifiest us, and tramplest down your slanderers.
Guard yourself, valiant hero, in your vital parts: strike down the Dasa with your blows. [10]
      The man who brings no sacrifice, inhuman, godless, infidel,
Him let his friend the mountain cast to rapid death, the mountain cast the Dasyu down. [11]
      Mightiest Indra, loving us, gather you up, as grains of corn,
Within your hand, of these their kine, to give away, yea, gather twice as loving us. [12]
      my companions, wish for power. How may we perfect Sara's praise,
The liberal princely patron, never to be harmed? [13]
      By many a sage whose grass is trimmed you are continually praised,
That you, Sara, have bestowed here one and here another'calf. [14]
      The noble, Suradeva's son, has brought a calf, led by the car to three of us.
As a chief brings a goat to milk.

60 - Agni

AGNI, with your mighty wealth guard us from all malignity,
Yea, from all hate of mortal man. [1]
      For over you, Friend from birih, the wrath of man has no control:
Nay, Guardian of the earth are you. [2]
      As such, with all the gods, son of strength, auspicious in your flame.
Give us wealth bringing all things good. [3]
      Malignities stay not from wealth the mortal man whom, Agni, you
Protectest while he offers gifts. [4]
      Sage Agni, be whom you do urge, in worship of the gods, to wealth,
With your assistance winns kine. [5]
      Riches with many heroes you have for the man who offers gifts:
Lead you us on to higher bliss. [6]
      Save us, Jatavedas, nor abandon us to him who sins,
To the evil-hearted man. [7]
      Agni, let no godless man avert your bounty as a god:
Over all treasures you are lord. [8]
      So, son of strength, tbou aidest us to what is great and excellent.
Those, Vasu! Friend! who sing your praise. [9]
      Let our songs come anear to him beauteous and bright with piercing flame
Our offerings, with our homage, to the
lord of wealth, to him whom many praise, for help: [10]
      To Agni Jatavedas, to the son of strength, that he may give us precious gifts,
immortal, from of old priest among mortal men, the most delightful in the house. [11]
      Agni, made yours by sacrifice, Agni, while holy rites advance;
Agni, the first in songs, first with the warrior steed; Agril to win the land for us. [12]
      May Agni who is lord of wealth vouchsafe us food for friendship sake.
Agni we ever seek for seed and progeny, the Vasu who protects our lives. [13]
      Solicit with your chants, for help, Agni the god with piercing flame,
For riches famous Agni, Purumilha and you men! Agni to light our dwelling well. [14]
      Agni we laud that he may keep our foes afar, Agni to give us health and strength.
Let him as Guardian be invoked in all the tribes, the lighter-up of glowing brands.

61 - Agni

PREPARE oblation: let him come; and let the minister serve again
Who knows the ordering thereof, [1]
      Rejoicing in his friendship, let the priest be seated over man,
Beside the shoot of active power. [2]
      Him, glowing bright beyond all thought, they seek among the race of man;
With him for tougue they seize the food. [3]
      He has inflamed the twofold plain: lifegiving, he has climbed the wood,
And with his tongue has struck the rock. [4]
      Wandering here the radiant Calf finds none to fetter him, and seeks
The Mother to declare his praise. [5]
      And now that great and mighty team, the team of horses that are his,
And traces of his car, are seen. [6]
      The seven milk a single cow; the two set other five to work,
On the stream's loud-resounding bank. [7]
      Entreated by Vivasvan's ten, Indra cast down the water-jar
With threefold hammer from the sky. [8]
      Three times the newIy-kindled flame proceeds around the sacrifice:
The priests anoint it with the meath. [9]
      With reverence they drain the fount that circles with its wheel above,
Exhaustless, with the mouth below. [10]
      The pressing-stones are set at work: the meath is poured into the tank,
At the out-shedding of the fount. [11]
      You cows, protect the fount: the two mighty ones bless the sacrifice.
The handles twain are wrought of gold. [12]
      Pour on the juice the ornament which reaches both the heaven and earth
Supply the liquid to the Bull. [13]
      These know their own abiding-place: like calves beside the mother cows
They meet together with their kin. [14]
      Devouring in their greedy jaws, they make sustaining food in heaven,
To Indra, Agni light and prayer. [15]
      The Pious One milked out rich food, sustenance dealt in portions seven,
Together with the sun's seven rays. [16]
      I took some Soma when the sun rose up, Mitra, Varuna.
That is the sick man's medicine. [17]
      From where oblations must be laid, which is the Well-beloved's home,
He with his tongue has compassed heaven.

62 - Asvins

ROUSE you for him who keeps the Law, yoke your steeds, Aiyins, to your car
Let your protecting help be near. [1]
      Come, Asvins, with your car more swift than is the twinkling of an eye
Let your protecting help be near. [2]
      Asvins, you overlaid with cold the fiery pit for Atri's sake:
Let your protecting help be near. [3]
      Where are you? where are you gone? where, like falcons, have you flown?
Let your protecting help be near. [4]
      If you at any time this day are listening to this my call,
Let your protecting help be near. [5]
      The Asvins, fust to hear our prayer, for closest kinship I approach:
Let your protecting help be near. [6]
      For Atri you, Asvins, made a dwellingplace to shield him well,
Let your protecting help be near. [7]
      You warded off the fervent heat for Atri when he sweetly spake:
Let your protecting help be near. [8]
      Erst Saptavadbri by his prayer obtained the trenchant edge of fire:
Let your protecting help be near. [9]
      Come here, you lords of wealth, and listen to this call of mine:
Let your protecting help be near. [10]
      What is this praise told forth of you as Elders in the ancient way?
Let your protecting help be near. [11]
      One common brotherhood is yours, Asvins your kindred is the same:
Let your protecting help be near. [12]
      This is your chariot, Asvins, which speeds through the regions, earth and heaven
Let your protecting aid be near. [13]
      Approach you hereward to us with thousands both of steeds and kine:
Let your protecting help be near. [14]
      Pass us not by, remember us with thousands both of kine aud steeds:
Let your protecting help be near. [15]
      The purple-tinted Dawn has risen, and true to Law has made the light
Let your protecting help be near. [16]
      He looked upon the Asvins, as an axearmed man upon a tree:
Let your protecting help be near. [17]
      By the black band encompassed round, break it down, bold one, like a fort.
Let your protecting help be near.

63 - Agni

EXERTING all our strength with thoughts of power we glorify in speech
Agni your dear familiar Friend, the darling Guest in every home. [1]
      Whom, served with sacrificial oil like Mitra, men presenting gifts
Eulogize with their songs of praise [2]
      Much-lauded Jatavedas, him who bears oblations up to heaven
Prepared in service of the gods. [3]
      To noblest Agni, Friend of man, best Vritra-slayer, are we come,
Him in whose presence Rksa's son, mighty Srutarvan, waxes great; [4]
      To deathless Jatavedas, meet for praise, adored, with sacred oil,
Visible through the gloom o:f night [5]
      Even Agni whom these priestly men worship with sacrificial gifts,
With lifted ladles offering them. [6]
      Agni, this our newest hymn has been addressed from us to you,
cheerful Guest, well-born, most wise, worker of wonders, never deceived. [7]
      Agni, may it be dear to you, most grateful, and exceeding sweet:
Grow mightier, eulogized therewith. [8]
      Splendid with splendours may it be, and in the battle with the foe
Add loftier glory to your fame. [9]
      Steed, cow, a lord of heroes, bright like Indra, who shall fill the car.
Whose high renown you celebrate, and people praise each glorious deed. [10]
      You whom Gopavana made glad with song, Agni Angiras,
Hear this my call, you holy One. [11]
      You whom the priestly folk implore to aid the gathering of the spoil,
Such be you in the fight with foes. [12]
      I, called to him who reels with joy, Srutarvan, Rksa's son, shall stroke
The heads of four presented steeds, like the long wool of fleecy rams. [13]
      Four coursers with a splendid car, Savistha's horses, fleet of foot,
Shall bring me to the sacred feast, as flying steeds brought Tugra's son. [14]
      The very truth do I declare to you, Parusni, mighty flood.
Waters! no man is there who gives more horses than Savistha gives.

64 - Agni

YOKE, Agni, as a charioteer, your steeds who best invite the gods: As ancient herald seat yourself. [1]
      And, God, as skilfullest of all, call for us bitherward the gods:
Give all our wishes sure effect. [2]
      For you, Most Youthful, son of strength, you to whom sacrifice is paid,
Are holy, faithful to the Law. [3]
      This Agni, lord of wealth and spoil hundredfold, thousandfold, is head
And chief of riches and a Sage. [4]
      As craftsmen bend the felly, so bend at our general call: come nigh,
Angiras, to the sacrifice. [5]
      Now, Virupa, rouse for him, strong God who shines at early morn,
Fair praise with voice that ceases not. [6]
      With missile of this Agni, his who looks afar, will we lay low
The thief in combat for the kine. [7]
      Let not the Companies of gods fail us, like Dawns that float away,
Like cows who leave the niggardly. [8]
      Let not the sinful tyranny of any fiercely hating foe
Smite us, as billows smite a ship. [9]
      Agni, God, the people sing reverent praise to you for strength:
With terrors trouble you the foe. [10]
      Will you not, Agni, lend us aid in winning cattle, winning wealth?
Maker of room, make room for us. [11]
      In this great battle cast us not aside as one who bears a load:
Snatch up the wealih and win it all. [12]
      Agni, let this plague pursue and fright another and not us:
Make our impetuous strength more strong. [13]
      The reverent or unwearied man whose holy labour he accepts,
Him Agni favours with success. [14]
      Abandoning the foeman's host pass here to this company:
Assist the men with whom I stand. [15]
      As we have known your gracious help, as of a Father, long ago,
So now we pray to you for bliss.

65 - Indra

I. NOT to forsake me, I invoke this Indra girt by Maruts,
lord Of magic power who rules with might. [1]
      This Indra with his Marut Friends clave into pieces Vritra's bead
With hundred-knotted thunderbolt. [2]
      Indra, with Marut Friends grown strong, has rent asunder Vritra, and
Released the waters of the sea. [3]
      This is that Indra who, begirt by Maruts, won the light of heaven
That he might drink the soma juice. [4]
      Mighty, impetuous, begirt by Maruts, him who loudly roars,
Indra we invocate with songs. [5]
      Indra begirt by Maruts we invoke after the ancient plan,
That he may drink the soma juice. [6]
      liberal Indra, Marut-girt, much-lauded Satakratu, drink
The soma at this sacrifice. [7]
      To you, Indra, Marut-girt, these soma juices, Thunderer!
Are offered from the heart with lauds. [8]
      Drink, Indra, with your Marut Friends, pressed Soma at the morning rites,
Whetting your thunderbolt with strength. [9]
      Arising in your might, your jaws you shookest, Indra, having quaffed
The soma which the mortar pressed. [10]
      Indra, both worlds complained to you when uttering your fearful roar,
What time you smotest Dasyus dead. [11]
      From Indra have I measured out a song eight-footed with nine parts,
Delicate, faithful. to the Law.

66 - Indra

SCARCELY was Satakratu, born when of his Mother he inquired,
Who are the mighty? Who are famed? [1]
      Then Savassi declared to him Aurnavabha, Ahisuva:
Son, these be they you must overthrow [2]
      The Vritra-slayer smote them all as spokes are hammered into naves:
The Dasyu-killer waxed in might. [3]
      Then Indra at a single draught drank the contents of thirty pails,
Pails that were filled with soma juice. [4]
      Indra in groundless realms of space pierced the Gandharva through, that he
Might make Brahmans' strength increase. [5]
      Down from the mountains Indra shot here his well-directed shaft:
He gained the ready brew of rice. [6]
      One only is that shaft of yours, with thousand feathers, hundred barbs,
Which, Indra, you have made your friend. [7]
      Strong as the gbhus at your birth, therewith to those who praise you, men,
And women, bring you food to eat. [8]
      By you these exploits were achieved, the mightiest deeds, abundantly:
Firm in your heare you settest them. [9]
      All these things Visnu brought, the lord of ample stride whom you hadst sent-
A hundred buffaloes, a brew of rice and milk: and Indra, slew the ravening boar [10]
      Most deadly is your bow, successful, fashioned well: good is your arrow, decked with gold.
Warlike and well equipped your arms are, which increase sweetness for him who drinks the sweet.

67 - Indra

BRING us a thousand, Indra, as our guerdon for the soma juice:
Hundreds of kine, hero, bring. [1]
      Bring cattle, bring us ornament, bring us embellishment and steeds,
Give us, besides, two rings of gold. [2]
      And, Bold One, bring in ample store rich jewels to adorn thi; ear,
For you, good lord, are far renowned. [3]
      None other is there for the priest, hero! but you, to give him gifts,
To win much spoil and prosper him. [4]
      Indra can never be brought low, Sakra can never be subdued:
He hears and beholds all. [5]
      He spis out the wrath of man, he who can never be deceived:
Ere blame can come he marks it. [6]
      He has his stomach full of might, the Vritra-slayer, Conqueror,
The soma-drinker, ordering all. [7]
      In you all treasures are combined, Soma all blessed things in you,
Uninjured, easy to bestow. [8]
      To you speeds forth my hope that craves the gift of corn, and kine and gold,
Yea, craving horses, speeds to you. [9]
      Indra, through hope in you alone even this sickle do I grasp.
Fill my hand, Maghavan, with all that it can hold of barley cut or gathered up.

68 - Soma

THIS here is Soma, never restrained, active, all-conquering bursting forth,
rishi and Sage by sapience, [1]
      All that is bare he covers over, all that is sick he medicines;
The blind man sees, the cripple walks. [2]
      You, Soma, give wide defence against the hate of alien men,
Hatreds that waste and weaken us. [3]
      You by your insight and your skill, Impetuous One, from heaven and earth
Drivest the sinner's enmity. [4]
      When to their task they come with zeal, may they obtain the Giver's grace,
And satisfy his wish who thirsts. [5]
      So may he find what erst was lost, so may be speed the pious man,
And lengthen his remaining life. [6]
      Gracious, displaying tender love, unconquered, gentle in your thoughts,
Be sweet, Soma, to our heart. [7]
      Soma, terrify us not; strike us not with alarm, king:
Wound not our heart with dazzling flame. [8]
      When in my dwelling-place I see the wicked enemies of gods,
King, chase their hatred far away, you Bounteous One, dispel our foes.

69 - Indra

Sarakratu! truely I have made none else my Comforter.
Indra; be gracious to us. [1]
      You who have ever aided us kindly of old to win the spoil,
As such, Indra, favour us. [2]
      What now? As prompter of the poor you helpest him who sheds the juice.
Will you not, Indra, strengthen us? [3]
      Indra, help our chariot on, yea, Thunderer, though it lag behind:
Give this my car the foremost place. [4]
      Ho there! why sittest you at case? Make you my chariot to be first
And bring the fame of victory near. [5]
      Assist our car that seeks the prize. What can be easier for you?
So make you us victorious. [6]
      Indra, be firm: a fort are you. To your appointed place proceeds
The auspicious hymn in season due. [7]
      Let not our portion be disgrace. Broad is the course, the prize is set,
The barriers are opened wide. [8]
      This thing we wish. that you may take your fourth, your sacrificial name.
So are you held to be our lord. [9]
      Ekadyu has exalted you, immortals: both Goddesses and gods has he delighted.
Bestow upon him bounty meet for praises. May he, enriched with prayer, come soon and early.

70 - Indra

INDRA, God of the mighty arm, gather for us with your right hand
Manifold and nutritious spoil. [1]
      We know you mighty in your deeds, of mighty bounty, mighty wealth,
Mighty in measure, prompt to aid. [2]
      Hero, when you are fain to give, neither may gods nor mortal men
Restrain you like a fearful Bull. [3]
      Come, let us glorify Indra, lord supreme of wealth, self-ruling king:
In bounty may he harm us not. [4]
      Let prelude sound and following chant so let him hear the Saman sung,
And with his bounty answer us. [5]
      Indra, with your right hand bring, and with your left remember us.
Let us not lose our share of wealth. [6]
      Come nigh, Bold One, boldly bring here the riches of the churl
Who givs least of all the folk. [7]
      Indra, the booty which you have with holy singers to receive,
Even that booty win with us. [8]
      Indra, your swiftly-coming spoil, the booty which rejoices all,
Sounds quick in concert with our hopes.

71 - Indra

HASTE forward to us from afar, or, Vritra-slayer, from anear,
To meet the offering to the meath. [1]
      Strong are the soma-draughts; come nigh: the juices fill you with delight:
Drink boldly even as you are wont'. [2]
      Joy, Indra, in the strengthening food et it content your wish and thought,
And be delightful to your heart. [3]
      Come to us you who have no foe: we call you down to hymns of praise,
In heaven's sublimest realm of light. [4]
      This Soma here expressed with stones and dressed with milk for your carouse,
Indra, is offered up to you. [5]
      Graciously, Indra, hear my call. Come and obtain the draught, and sate
Yourself with juices blent with milk. [6]
      The soma, Indra, which is shed in chalices and vats for you,
Drink you, for you are lord thereof. [7]
      The soma seen within themats, as in the flood the Moon is seen,
Drink you, for you are lord thereof. [8]
      That which the Hawk brought in his claw, inviolate, through the air to you,
Drink you, for you are lord thereof.

72 - Visvedevas

WE choose to ourselves that high protection of the mighty gods
That it may help and succour us. [1]
      May they be ever our allies, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman,
Far-seeing gods who prosper us. [2]
      You furtherers of holy Law, transport us safe over many woes,
As over water-floods in ships. [3]
      Dear wealth be Aryaman to us, Varuna dear wealth meet for praise:
Dear wealth we choose to ourselves. [4]
      For Sovrans of dear wealth are you, Adityas, not of sinner's wealth,
You sapient gods who slay the foe. [5]
      We in our homes, you Baunteous ones, and while we journey on the road,
Invoke you, gods, to prosper us. [6]
      Regard us, Indra, Visnu, here, you Asvins and the Marut host,
Us who are kith and kin to you. [7]
      You Bounteous ones, from time of old we here set forth our brotherhood,
Our kinship in. the Mother's womb. [8]
      Then come with Indra for your chief, as early day, you Bounteous gods
Yea, 1 address you now for this.

73 - Agni

AGNI, your dearest Guest, I laud, him who is loving as a friend,
Who brings us riches like a car. [1]
      Whom as a far-foreseeing Sage the gods have, from the olden time,
Established among mortal men. [2]
      Do you, Most Youthful God, protect the men who offer, hear their songs,
And of yourself preserve their seed. [3]
      What is the praise wherewith, God, Afigiras, Agni, son of strength,
We, after your own wish and thought, [4]
      May serve you, you Child of Power, and with what sacrifice's plan?
What prayer shall I now speak to you? [5]
      Our God, make all of us to dwell in happy habitations, and
Reward our songs with spoil and wealth. [6]
      lord of the house, what plenty fills the songs which you inspirest now,
You whose hymn helps to win the kine? [7]
      Hirn Wise and Strong they glorify, the foremost Champion in the fray,
And mighty in his dwelling-place. [8]
      Agni, he dwells in rest and peace who smites and no one smites again:
With hero sons he prospers well

74 - Asvins

To this mine invocation, you Asvins, you Nasatyas, come,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [1]
      This laud of mine, you Asvins Twain, and this mine invitation hear,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [2]
      Here Krsna is invoking you, Asvins, lords of ample wealth.
To drink the savoury soma juice. [3]
      List, heroes, to the singer's call, the call of Krsna lauding you,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [4]
      Chiefs, to the sage who sings your praise grant an inviolable home,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [5]
      Come to the worshipper's abode, Asvins, who here is lauding you,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [6]
      Yoke to the firmly jointed car the ass which draws you, lords of wealth.
To drink the savoury soma juice. [7]
      Come here, Asvins, on your car of triple form with triple seat,
To drink the savoury soma juice. [8]
      Asvins, Nasatyas, now accept with favouring grace my songs,
To drink the savoury soma juice.

75 - Asvins

YOU Twain are wondrous strong, well-skilled in arts that heal, both bringers of delight, you both won Daksa's praise.
Visvaka calls on you as such to save his life. Break you not off our friendship, come and set me free. [1]
      How shall he praise you now who is distraught in mind? You Twain give wisdom for the gainof what is good.
Visvaka calls on you as such to save his life. Break you not off our friendship, come and set me free. [2]
      Already have you Twain, possessors of great wealth, prospered Visnapu thus for gain of what is good.
Visvaka calls on you as such to save his life. Break you not off our friendship, come and set me free. [3]
      And that Impetuous hero, winner of the spoil, though he is far away, we call to succour us,
Whose gracious favour, like a father's, is most sweet. Break you not off our friendship, come and set me free. [4]
      About the holy Law toils Savitar the god the horn of holy Law has he spread far and wide.
The holy Law has quelled even mighty men of war. Break you not off our ftiendship, come and act me free.




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