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Rigveda 7:75-104

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

76 - Dawn

SAVITAR god of all men has sent upward his light, designed for all mankind, immortal.
Through the gods' power that Eye was first created. Dawn has made all the universe apparent. [1]
      I see the paths which gods are wont to travel, innocuous paths made ready by the Vasus.
Eastward the flag of Dawn has been uplifted; she has come here over the tops of houses. [2]
      Great is, in truth, the number of the Mornings which were aforetime at the Sun's uprising.
Since you, Dawn, have been beheld repairing as to your love, as one no more to leave him. [3]
      They were the gods' companions at the banquet, the ancient sages true to Law Eternal.
The Fathers found the light that lay in darkness, and with effectual words begat the Morning. [4]
      Meeting together in the same enclosure, they strive not, ofone mind, one with another.
They never break the gods' eternal statutes, and injure none, in rivalry with Vasus. [5]
      Extolling you, Blest Goddess, the Vasisthas, awake at early mom, with lauds implore you.
Leader of kine and Queen of all that strengthens, shine, come as first to us, high-born Morning. [6]
      She brings bounty and sweet charm of voices. The flushing Dawn is sung by the Vasisthas,
Giving us riches famed to distant places. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

77 - Dawn

SHE has shone brightly like a youthful woman, stirring to motion every living creature.
Agni has come to feed on mortal? fuel. She has made light and chased away the darkness. [1]
      Turned to this All, far-spreading, she has risen and shone in brightness with white robes about her.
She has beamed forth lovely with golden colours, Mother of kine, Guide of the days she bringeth. [2]
      Bearing the gods' own Eye, auspicious Lady, leading her courser white and fair to look on,
Distinguished by her bean-is Dawn shines apparent, come forth to all the world with wondrous treasure. [3]
      Draw nigh with wealth and dawn away the foeman: prepare for us wide pasture free from danger.
Drive away those who hate us, bring us riches: pour bounty, opulent Lady, on the singer. [4]
      Send your most excellent beams to shine and light us, giving us lengthened days, goddess of Dawn,
Granting us food, you who have all things precious, and bounty rich in chariots, kine, and horses. [5]
      Usas, nobly-born, Daughter of Heaven, whom the Vasisthas with their hymns make mighty,
Bestow you on us vast and glorious riches. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

78 - Dawn

WE have beheld her earliest lights approaching: her many glories part, on high, asunder.
On car sublime, refulgent, wending here, Usas, bring the Wealth that makes us happy. [1]
      The fire well-kindIed sings aloud to greet her, and with their hymns the priests are chaming welcome.
Usas approaches in her splendour, driving all evil darkness far away, the goddess. [2]
      Apparent eastward are those lights of Morning, sending out lustre, as they rise, around them.
She has brought forth Sun, sacrifice, and Agni, and far away has fled detested darkness. [3]
      Rich Daughter of the Sky, we all behold her, yea, all men look on Dawn as she is breaking.
fler car that moves self-harnessed has she mounted, the car drawn onward by her well-yoked horses. [4]
      Inspired with loving thoughts this day to greet you, we and our wealthy nobles have awakened.
Show yourselves fruitful, Dawns, as you are rising. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

79 - Dawn

ROUSING the lands where men's Five Tribes are settled, Dawn has disclosed the pathways of the people.
She has sent out her sheen with beauteous oxen. The Sun with light has opened earth and heaven. [1]
      They paint their bright rays on the sky's far limits. the Dawns come on like tribes arrayed for battle.
Your cattle, closely shutting up the darkness, as Savitar spreads his arms, give forth their lustre. [2]
      Wealthy, most like tIndra, Dawn has risen, and brought forth lauds that shall promote our welfare.
Daughter of Heaven, a Goddess, she distributes, best of Angirases, treasures to the pious. [3]
      Bestow on us, Dawn, that ample bounty which you did send to those who sang your praises;
You whom with bellowings of a bull they quickened: you did unbar the firm-set mountain's portals. [4]
      Impelling every God to grant his bounty sending to us the charm of pleasant voices,
Vouchsafe us thoughts, for profit, as you breakest. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

80 - Dawn

THE priests, Vasisthas, are the first awakened to welcome Usas with their songs and praises,
Who makes surrounding regions part asunder,and shows apparent all existing creatures. [1]
      Giving fresh life when she has hid the darkness, this Dawn has wakened there with new-born lustre.
Youthful and unrestrained she coms forward: she has turned thoughts to Sun and fire and worship. [2]
      May blessed Mornings shine on us for ever, with wealth of kine, of horses, and of heroes,
Streaming with all abundance, pouring fatness. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

81 - Dawn

ADVANCING, sending forth her rays, the Daughter of the Sky is seen.
Uncovering, that we may see, the mighty gloom, the friendly Lady makes the light. [1]
      The Sun ascending, the refulgent Star, pours down his beams together with the Dawn.
Dawn, at your arising, and the Sun's, may we attain the share allotted us. [2]
      Promptly we woke to welcome you, Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
You, Bounteous One, who bringest all we long to have, and to the offerer health and wealth. [3]
      You, dawning, workest fain to light the great world, yea, heaven, Goddess! that it may be seen.
We yearn to be your own, Dealer of Wealth: may we be to this Mother like her sons. [4]
      Bring us that wondrous bounty, Dawn, that shall be famed most far away.
What, Child of Heaven, you have of nourishment for man, bestow you on us to enjoy. [5]
      Give to our princes opulence and immortal fame, and strength in herds of kine to us.
May she who prompts the wealthy, Lady of sweet strains, may Usas dawn our foes away.

82 - Indra-Varuna

GRANT us your strong protection, IndraVaruna, our people, and our family, for sacrifice.
May we subdue in fight our evil-hearted foes, him who attacks the man steadfast in lengthened rites. [1]
      Indra-Varuna, mighty and very rich One of you is called Monarch and One Autocrat.
All gods in the most lofty region of the air have, you Steers, combined all power and might in you. [2]
      You with your strength have pierced the fountains of the floods: the Sun have you brought forward as the Lord in heaven.
Cheered by this magic draught you, Indra-Varuna, made the dry places stream, made songs of praise flow forth. [3]
      In battels and in frays we ministering priests, kneeling upon our knees for furtherance of our weal,
Invoke you, only you, the lords of twofold wealth, you prompt to hear, we bards, Indra-Varuna. [4]
      Indra-Varuna, as you created all these creatures of the world by your surpassing might,
In peace and quiet Mitra waits on Varuna, the Other, awful, with the Maruis seeks renown. [5]
      That Varuna's high worth may shine preeminent, these two have measured each his proper power and might.
The One subdus the destructive enemy; the Other with a few furthereth many a man. [6]
      No trouble, no misfortune, Indra-Varuna, no woe from any side assails the mortal man
Whose sacrifice, gods, you visit and enjoy: never doth the crafty guile of mortal injure him. [7]
      With your divine protection, heroes, come to us: mine invncation hear, if you be pleased therewith.
Bestow you upon us, Indra-Varuna, your friendship and your kinship and your favouring grace. [8]
      In battle after battle, Indra-Varuna, be you our Champions, you who are the peoples' strength,
When both opposing bands invoke you for the fight, and men that they may gain offspring and progeny. [9]
      May Indra, Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman vouchsafe us glory and great shelter spreading far.
We think of the beneficent light of Aditi, and Savitar's song of praise, the god who strengthens Law.

83 - Indra-Varuna

LOOKING to you and your alliance, you Men, armed with broad axes they went forward, fain for spoil.
You smote and slew his Dasa and his Aryan enemies, and helped Sudas with favour, Indra-Varuna. [1]
      Where heroes come together with their banners raised, in the encounter where is naught for us to love,
Where all things that behold the light are terrified, there did you comfort us, Indra-Varuna. [2]
      The boundaries of earth were seen all dark with dust: Indra-Varuna, the shout went up to heaven.
The enmities of the people compassed me about. You heard my calling and you came to me with help. [3]
      With your resistless weapons, Indra-Varuna, you conquered Bheda and you gave Sudas your aid.
You heard the prayers of these amid the cries of war: effectual was the service of the Trtsus' priest. [4]
      Indra-Varuna, the wickedness of foes and mine assailants' hatred sorely trouble me.
You two are lords of riches both of earth and heaven: so grant to us your aid on the decisive day. [5]
      The men of both the hosts invoked you in the fight, Indra and Varuna, that they might win the wealth,
What time you helped Sudas, with all the Trtsu folk, when the Ten Kings had pressed him down in their attack. [6]
      Ten Kings who worshipped not, Indra-Varuna, confederate, in war prevailed not over Sudas.
True was the boast of heroes sitting at the feast: so at their invocations gods were on their side. [7]
      Indra-Varuna, you gave Sudas your aid when the Ten Kings in battle compassed him about,
There where the white-robed Trtsus with their braided hair, skilled in song worshipped you with homage and with hymn. [8]
      One of you two destroys the Vritras in the fight, the Other evermore maintains his holy Laws.
We call on you, you Mighty, with our hymns of praise. Vouchsafe us your protection, Indra-Varuna. [9]
      May Indra, Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman vouchsafe us glory and great shelter spreading far.
We think of the beneficent light of Aditi, and Savitar's song of praise, the god who strengthens Law.

84 - Indra-Varuna

KINGS, Indra-Varuna, I would turn you here to this our sacrifice with gifts and homage.
Held in both arms the ladle, dropping fatness, goes of itself to you whose forms are varied. [1]
      Dyaus quickens and promotes your high dominion who bind with bonds not wrought of rope or cordage.
Far from us still be Varuna's displeasure may Indra give us spacious room to dwell in. [2]
      Make you our sacrifice fair amid the assemblies: make you our prayers approved among our princes.
May God-sent riches come for our possession: further you us with your delightful succours. [3]
      Indra-Varuna, vouchsafe us riches with store of treasure, food, and every blessing;
For the Aditya, banisher of falsehood, the hero, deals wealth in boundless plenty. [4]
      May this my song reach Varuna and Indra, and, strongly urging, win me sons and offspring.
To the gods' banquet may we go with riches. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

85 - Indra-Varuna

FOR you I deck a harmless hymn, presenting the soma juice to Varuna and Indra-
A hymn that shines like heavenly Dawn with fatness. May they be near us on the march and guard us. [1]
      Here where the arrows fall amid the banners both hosts invoke the gods in emulation.
Indra-Varuna, smite back those-our foemen,yea, smite them withyour shaft to every quarter. [2]
      Self-lucid in their seats, even heavenly Waters endowed with Godhead Varuna and Indra.
One of these holds the folk distinct and sundered, the Other smites and slays resistless foemen. [3]
      Wise be the priest and skilled in Law Eternal, who with his sacred gifts and oration.
Brings you to aid us with your might, Adityas: let him have viands to promote his welfare. [4]
      May this my song reach Varuna and Indra, and, strongly urging, win me sons and offspring.
To the gods' banquet may we go with riches. Preserve us evermore, you gods with blessings.

86 - Varuna

WISE, verily, are creatures through his greatness who stayed ever, spacious heaven and earth asunder;
Who urged the high and mighty sky to motion, the Star of old, and spread the earth before him. [1]
      With mine own heart I commune on the question how Varuna and I may be united.
What gift of mine will he accept unangered? When may I calmly look and find him gracious? [2]
      Fain to know this in in I question others: I seek the wise, Varuna, and ask them.
This one same answer even the sages gave me, "Surely this Varuna is angry with you." [3]
      What, Varuna, has been my chief transgression, ihat you wouldst slay the friend who sings your praises?
Tell me, Unconquerable Lord, and quickly sinless will I approach you with mine homage. [4]
      Free us from sins committed by our fathers, from those wherein we have ourselves offended.
King, loose, like a thief who feeds the cattle, as from the cord a calf, set free Vasistha. [5]
      Not our own will betrayed us, but seduction, thoughtlessness, Varuna wine, dice, or anger.
The old is near to lead astray the younger: even sleep removs not all evil-doing. [6]
      Slavelike may I do service to the Bounteous, serve, free from sin, the god inclined to anger.
This gentle Lord gives wisdom to the simple: the wiser God leads on the wise to riches. [7]
      Lord, Varuna, may this laudation come close to thed and lie within your spirit.
May it be well with us in rest and labour. Preserve us ever-more, you gods, with blessings.

87 - Varuna

VARUNA cut a pathway out for Surya, and led the watery floods of rivers onward.
The Mares, as in a race, speed on in order. He made great channels for the days to follow. [1]
      The wind, your breath, has sounded through the region like a wild beast that seeks his food in pastures.
Within these two, exalted Earth and Heaven, Varuna, are all the forms you love. [2]
      Varuna's spies, sent forth upon their errand, survey the two world-halves well formed and fashioned.
Wise are they, holy, skilled in sacrifices, the furtherers of the praise-songs of the prudent. [3]
      To me who understand has Varuna spoken, the names borne by the Cow are three times seven.
The sapient God, knowing the place's secret, shall speak as it were to teach the race that cometh. [4]
      On him three heavens rest and are supported, and the three earths are there in sixfold order.
The wise King Varuna has made in heaven that Golden Swing to cover it with glory. [5]
      Like Varuna from heaven he sinks in Sindhu, like a white-shining spark, a strong wild creature.
Ruling in depths and meting out the region, great saving power has he, this world's Controller. [6]
      Before this Varuna may we be sinless him who shows mercy even to the sinner-
While we are keeping Aditi's ordinances. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

88 - Varuna

PRESENT to Varuna your hymn, Vasistha, bright, most delightful to the Bounteous Giver,
Who brings on to us the Bull, the lofty, the Holy, laden with a thousand treasures. [1]
      And now, as I am come before his presence, I take the face of Varuna for Agni's.
So might he bring-Lord also of the darkness-the light in heaven that I may see its beauty! [2]
      When Varuna and I embark together and urge our boat into the midst of ocean,
We, when we ride over ridges of the waters, will swing within that swing and there be happy. [3]
      Varuna placed Vasistha in the vessel, and deftly with his niight made him a Rsi.
When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were lengthened. [4]
      What has become of those our ancient friendships, when without enmity we walked together?
I, Varuna, you glorious Lord, have entered your lofty home, your house with thousand portals. [5]
      If he, your true ally, has sinned against you, still, Varuna, he is the friend you lovedst.
Let us not, Living One, as sinners I know you: give shelter, as a Sage, to him who lauds you. [6]
      While we abide in these fixed habitations, and from the lap of Aditi win favour,
May Varuna untie the bond that binds us. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

89 - Varuna

LET me not yet, King Varuna, enter into the house of clay:
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord. [1]
      When, Thunderer! I move along tremulous like a wind-blown skin,
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord. [2]
      Bright and Powerful God, through want of strength I erred and went astray
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord. [3]
      Thirst found your worshipper though he stood in the midst of water-fijods:
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord. [4]
      Varuna, whatever the offence may be which we as men commit against the heavenly host,
When through our want of thought we violate your laws, punish us not, God, for that iniquity.

90 - Vayu

To you pure juice, rich in meath, are offered by priest: through longing for the Pair of heroes.
Drive, Vayu, bring your harnessed horses here: drink the pressed Soma till it make you joyful. [1]
      Whoso to you, the Mighty, brings oblation, pure Soma to you, pure-drinking Vayu,
That man you makest famous among mortals: to him strong sons are born in quick succession. [2]
      The god whom both these worlds brought forth for riches, whom heavenly Dhisana for our wealth appointeth,
His team of harnessed horses waits on Vayu, and, foremost, on the radiant Treasure-bearer. [3]
      The spotless Dawns with fair bright days have broken; they found the spacious light when they were shining.
Eagerly they disclosed the stall of cattle: floods streamed for them as in the days aforetime. [4]
      These with their truthful spirit, shining brightly, move on provided with their natural insight.
Viands attend the car that bears heroes, your car, you Sovran Pair, Indra and Vayu. [5]
      May these who give us heavenly light, these rulers, with gifts of kine and horses, gold and treasures.
These princes, through full life, Indra and Vayu! overcome in battle with their steeds and heroes. [6]
      Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, Indra-Vayu, with our fair laudations.
Exerting all our power call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

91 - Vayu

WERE not in sooth, the gods aforetime blameless, whose pleasure was increased by adoration?
For Vayu and for man in his affliction they caused the Morning to arise with Surya. [1]
      Guardians infallible, eager as envoys' preserve us safe through many months and autumns.
Addressed to you, our fair praise, Indra-Vayu, implores your favour and renewed well-being. [2]
      Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he. seeks men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
They have arranged them of one mind with Vayu: the men have wrought all noble operations. [3]
      So far as native power and strength permit you, so far as men behold whose eyes have vision,
You pure-drinkers, drink with us pure Soma: sit on this sacred grass, Indra and Vayu. [4]
      Driving down teams that bear the lovely heroes, hereward, Indra-Vayu, come together.
To you this prime of savoury juice is offered: here loose your horses and be friendly-minded. [5]
      Your hundred and your thousand teams, Indra and Vayu, all-munificent, which attend you,
With these most gracious-minded come here, and drink, heroes of the meath we offer. [6]
      Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, Indra-Vayu, with our fair laudations,
Exerting all our powe-,, call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

92 - Vayu

VAYU, drinker of the pure, be near us: a thousand teams are your, Allbounteous Giver.
To you the rapture-bringing juice is offered, whose first draught, God, you takest as your portion. [1]
      Prompt at the holy rites forth came the presser with Soma-draughts for Indra and for Vayu,
When ministering priests with strong devotion bring to you two the first taste of the soma. [2]
      The teams wherewith you seek him who offers, within his home, Viyu, to direct him,
Therewith send wealth: to us with full enjoyment, a hero son and gifts of kine and horses. [3]
      Near to the gods and making Indra joyful, devout and ofFering precious gifts to Vayu,
Allied with princes, smiting down the hostile, may we with heroes conquer foes in battle. [4]
      With your yoked teams in hundreds and in thousands come to our sacrifice and solemn worship.
Come, Vayu, make you glad at this libation. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

93 - Indra-Agni

SLAYERS of enemies, Indra and Agni, accept this day our new-born pure laudation.
Again, again I call you prompt to listen, best to give quickly strength to him who craves it. [1]
      For you were strong to gain, exceeding mighty, growing together, waxing in your vigour.
lords of the pasture filled with ample riches, bestow upon us strength both fresh and lasting. [2]
      Yea when the strong have entered our assembly, and singers seeking with their hymns your favour,
They are like steeds who come into the race-course, those men who call aloud on Indra-Agni. [3]
      The singer, seeking with his hymns your favour, begs splendid riches of their first possessor.
Further us with new bounties, Indra-Agni, armed with strong thunder, slayers of the foeman. [4]
      When two great hosts, arrayed against each other, meet clothed with brightness, in the fierce encounter
Stand you beside the godly, smite the godless; and still assist the men who press the soma. [5]
      To this our Soma-pressing, Indra-Agni, come prepared to show your loving-kindness,
For not at any time have you despised us. So may I draw you with all strengthenings here. [6]
      So Agni, kindled mid this adoration, invite you Mitra, Varuna, and Indra.
Forgive whatever sin we have committed may Aryaman and Aditi remove it. [7]
      While we accelerate these our sacrifices, may we win strength from both of you, Agni:
Never may the Maruts, Indra, Visnu slight us. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

94 - Indra-Agni

As rain from out the cloud, for you, Indra and Agni, from my soul
This noblest praise has been produced. [1]
      Do you, Indra-Agni, hear the singer's call: accept his songs.
You Rulers, grant his heart's desire. [2]
      Give us not up to poverty, you heroes, Indra-Agni, nor
To slander and reproach of men. [3]
      TIndra and to Agni we bring reverence, high and holy hymn,
And, craving help, softwords with prayer. [4]
      For all these holy singers here implore these two to succour them,
And priests that they may win them strength. [5]
      Eager to laudyou, we with songs invoke you, bearing sacred food,
Fain for success in sacrifice. [6]
      Indra and Agni, come to us with favour, you who conquer men:
Let not the wicked master us. [7]
      At no time let the injurious blow of hostile mortal fall on us:
Indra-Agni, shelter us. [8]
      Whatever wealth we crave of you, in gold, in cattle, or in steeds,
That, Indra-Agni, let us gain; [9]
      When heroes prompt in worship call Indra and Agni, lords of steeds,
Beside the soma juice effused. [10]
      Call here with the song and lauds those who best slay the foemen, those
Who take delight in hymns of praise. [11]
      Slay you the wicked man whose thought is evil of the demon kind.
Slay him who stays the waters, slay the Serpent with your deadly dart.

95 - Sarasvati

THIS stream Sarasvati with fostering current comes forth, our sure defence, our fort of iron.
As on a car, the flood flows on, surpassing in majesty and might all other waters. [1]
      Pure in her course from mountains to the ocean, alone of streams Sarasvati has listened.
Thinking of wealth and the great world of creatures, she poured for Nahusa her milk and fatness. [2]
      Friendly to man he grew among the women, a strong young Steer amid the Holy Ladies.
He gives the fleet steed to our wealthy princes, and decks their bodies for success in battle. [3]
      May this Sarasvati be pleased and listen at this our sacrifice, auspicious Lady,
When we with reverence, on our knees, implore her close-knit to wealth, most kind to those she loveth. [4]
      These offerings have you made with adoration: say this, Sarasvati, and accept our praises;
And, placing us under your dear protection, may we approach you, as a tree, for shelter. [5]
      For you, Blest Sarasvati, Vasistha has here unbarred the doors d sacred Order.
Wax, Bright One, and give strength to him who lauds you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

96 - Sarasvati

I SING a lofty song, for she is mightiest, most divine of Streams.
Sarasvati will I exalt with hymns and lauds, and, Vasistha, Heaven and Earth. [1]
      When in the fulness of their strength the Purus dwell, Beauteous One, on your two grassy banks,
Favour us you who have the Maruts for your friends: stir up the bounty of our chiefs. [2]
      So may Sarasvati auspicious send good luck; she, rich in spoil, is never niggardly in thought,
When praised in jamadagni's way and lauded as Vasistha lauds. [3]
      We call upon Sarasvan, as unmarried men who long for wives,
As liberal men who yearn for sons. [4]
      Be you our kind protector, Sarasvan, with those waves of yours
Laden with sweets and dropping oil. [5]
      May we enjoy Sarasvan's breast, all-beautiful, that swells with streams,
May we gain food and progeny.

97 - Brihaspati

WHERE Heaven and Earth combine in men's assembly, and ttose who love the gods delight in worship,
Where the libations are effused for Indra, may he come first to drink and make him stronger. [1]
      We crave the heavenly grace of gods to guard us-so may Brihaspati, friends, exalt us-
That he, the Bounteous God, may find us sintess, who givs from a distance like a father. [2]
      That Brahmanaspati, most High and Gracious, I glorify with offerings and with homage.
May the great song of praise divine, reach Indra who is the King of prayer the gods' creation. [3]
      May that Brihaspati who brings all blessings, most dearly loved, be seated by our altar.
Heroes and wealth we crave; may he bestow them, and bear us safe beyond the men who vex us. [4]
      To us these Deathless Ones, erst born, have granted this laud of ours which gives the immortal pleasure.
Let us invoke Brihaspati, the foeless, the clear-voiced God, the Holy One of households [5]
      Him, this Brihaspati, his red-hued horses, drawing together, full of strength, bring here.
Robed in red colour like the cloud, they carry the Lord of Might whose friendship gives a dwelling. [6]
      For he is pure, with hundred wings, refulgent, with sword of gold, impetuous, winning sunlight.
Sublime Brihaspati, easy of access grants his friends most bountiful refreshment. [7]
      Both Heaven and Earth, divine, the deity's Parents, have made Brihaspati increase in grandeur.
Glorify him, friends, who merits glory: may he give prayer fair way and easy passage. [8]
      This, Brahmanaspati, is your laudation prayer has been made to thunderwielding Indra.
Favour our songs, wake up our thought and spirit: destroy the godless and our foemen's malice. [9]
      You two are lords of wealth in earth and heaven, you, Brihaspati, and you, Indra.
Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

98 - Indra

PRIESTS, offer to the Lord of all the people the milked-out stalk of soma, radiant-coloured.
No wild-bull knows his drinking-place like Indra who ever seeks him who has pressed the soma, [1]
      You do desire to drink, each day that passes, the pleasant food which you have had aforetime,
Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly the soma set before you. [2]
      You, newly-born, for strength did drink the soma; the Mother told you of your future greatness.
Indra, you have filled mid-air's wide region, and given the gods by battle room and freedom. [3]
      When you have urged the arrocrant to combat, proud in their strength of arm, we will subdue them.
Or, Indra, when you fightest girt by heroes, we in the glorious fray with you will conquer. [4]
      I will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent acts which Maghavan has accomplished.
When he had conquered godless wiles and magic, Soma became his own entire possession. [5]
      Your is this world of flocks and herds around you, which with the eye of Surya you beholdest.
You, Indra, art alone the Lord of cattle; may we enjoy the treasure which you give. [6]
      You two are lords of wealth in earth and heaven, you, Brihaspati, and you, Indra.
Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

99 - Visnu

MEN come not nigh your majesty who growest beyond all bound and measure with your body.
Both your two regions of the earth, Visnu, we know: you God, know the highest also. [1]
      None who is born or being born, God Visnu, has reached the utmost limit of your grandeur.
The vast high vault of heaven have you supported, and fixed earth's eastern pinnacle securely. [2]
      Rich in sweet food be you, and rich in milch-kine, with fertile pastures, fain to do men service.
Both these worlds, Visnu, have you stayed asunder, and firmly fixed the earth with pegs around it. [3]
      You have made spacious room for sacrificing by generating Surya, Dawn, and Agni.
Heroes, you have conquered in your battles even the bull-jawed Dasa's wiles and magic. [4]
      You have destroyed, you, Indra, and you Visnu, Sambara's nine-and-ninety fenced castles.
You two smote down a hundred times a thousand resistless heroes of the royal Varcin. [5]
      This is the lofty hymn of praise, exalting the lords of Mighty Stride, the strong and lofty.
I laud you in the solemn synods, Visnu: pour you food on us in our camps, Indra. [6]
      Visnu, to you my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please you.
May these my songs of eulogy exalt you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

100 - Visnu

NEVER doth the man repent, who, seeking profit, brings his gift to the far-striding Visnu.
He who adors him with all his spirit winns himself so great a benefactor. [1]
      You, Visnu, constant in your courses, gavest good-will to all men, and a hymn that lasteth,
That you mightst move us to abundant comfort of very splendid wealth with store of horses. [2]
      Three times strode forth this God in all his grandeur over this earth bright with a hundred splendours.
Foremost be Visnu, stronger than the strongest: for glorious is his name who lives for ever. [3]
      Over this earth with mighty step strode Visnu, ready to give it for a home to Manu.
In him the humble people trust for safety: he, nobly born, has made them spacious dwellings. [4]
      To-day I laud this name, gipivista, I, skilled in rules, the name of you the Noble.
Yea, I the poor and weak praise you the Mighty who dwellest in the realm beyond this region. [5]
      What was there to be blamed in you, Visnu, when you declaredst, I am Sipivista?
Hide not this form from us, nor keep it secret, since you did wear another shape in battle. [6]
      Visnu, to you my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please you.
May these my songs of eulogy exalt you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

101 - Parjanya

SPEAK forth three words, the words which light precedeth, which milk this udder that producs nectar.
Quickly made manifest, the Bull has bellowed, engendering the germ of plants, the Infant. [1]
      Giver of growth to plants, the god who ruls over the waters and all moving creatures,
Vouchsafe us triple shelter for our refuge, and threefold light to succour and befriend us. [2]
      Now he is sterile, now begetts offspring, even as he wills doth he change his figure.
The Father's genial flow bedews the Mother; therewith the Sire, therewith the son is nourished. [3]
      In him all living creatures have their being, and the three heavens with triplyflowing waters.
Three reservoirs that sprinkle down their treasure shed their sweet streams around him with a murmur. [4]
      May this my song to Sovran Lord Parjanya come near to his heart and give him pleasure.
May we obtain the showers that bring enjoyment, and God-protected plants with goodly fruitage. [5]
      He is the Bull of all, and their impregner lie holds the life of all things fixed and moving.
May this rite save me till my hundredth autumn. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

102 - Parjanya

SING forth and laud Parjanya, son of Heaven, who sends the gift of rain
May he provide our pasturage. [1]
      Parjanya is the god who forms in kine, in mares, in plants of earth,
And womankind, the germ of life. [2]
      Offer and pour into his mouth oblation rich in savoury juice:
May he for ever give us food.

103 - Frogs

THEY who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows,
The Frogs have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya has inspired. [1]
      What time on these, as on a dry skin lying in the pool's bed, the floods of heaven descended,
The music of the Frogs comes forth in concert like the cows lowing with their calves beside them. [2]
      When at the coming of the Rains the water has poured upon them as they yearned and thirsted,
One seeks another as he talks and greets him with cries of pleasure as a son his father. [3]
      Each of these twain receives the other kindly, while they are revelling in the flow of waters,
When the Frog moistened by the rain springs forward, and Green and Spotty both combine their voices. [4]
      When one of these repeats the other's language, as he who learns the lesson of the teacher,
Your every limb seems to be growing larger as you converse with eloquence on the waters. [5]
      Onc is Cow-bellow and Goat-bleat the other, one Frog is Green and one of them is Spotty.
They bear one common name, and yet they vary, and, talking, modulate the voice diversely. [6]
      As Brahmans, sitting round the brimful vessel, talk at the soma-rite of Atiratra,
So, Frogs, you gather round the pool to honour this day of all the year, the first of Rain-time. [7]
      These Brahmans with the soma juice, performing their year-long rite, have lifted up their voices;
And these Adhvaryus, sweating with their kettles, come forth and show themselves, and none are hidden. [8]
      They keep the twelve month's God-appointed order, and never do the men neglect the season.
Soon as the Rain-time in the year returneth, these who were heated kettles gain their freedom. [9]
      Cow-bellow and Goat-bleat have granted riches, and Green and Spotty have vouchsafed us treasure.
The Frogs who give us cows in hundreds lengthen our lives in this most fertilizing season.

104 - Indra-Soma

INDRA and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe, send downward, you Bulls, those who add gloom to gloom.
Annihilate the fools, slay them and burn them up: chase them away from us, pierce the voracious ones. [1]
      Indra and Soma, let sin round the wicked boil like as a caldron set amid the flames of fire.
Against the foe of prayer, devourer of raw flesh, the vile fiend fierce of eye, keep you perpetual hate. [2]
      Indra and Soma, plunge the wicked in the depth, yea, cast them into darkness that has no support,
So that not one of them may ever thence return: so may your wrathful might prevail and conquer them. [3]
      Indra and Soma, hurl your deadly crushing bolt down on the wicked fiend from heaven and from the earth.
Yea, forge out of the mountains your celestial dart wherewith you burn to death the waxing demon race. [4]
      Indra and Soma, cast you downward out of heaven your deadly darts of stone burning with fiery flame,
Eternal, scorching darts; plunge the voracious ones within the depth, and let them sink without a sound. [5]
      Indra and Soma, let this hymn control you both, even as the girth encompasses two vigorous steeds-
The song of praise which I with wisdom offer you: do you, as lords of men, animate these my prayers. [6]
      In your impetuous manner think you both thereon: destroy these evil beings, slay the treacherous fiends.
Indra and Soma, let the wicked have no bliss who evermore assails us with malignity. [7]
      Whoso accuses me with words of falsehood when I pursue my way with guileless spirit,
May he, the speaker of untruth, be, Indra, like water which the hollowed hand compresses. [8]
      Those who destroy, as is their wont, the simple, and with their evil natures barm the righteous,
May Soma give them over to the serpent, or to the lap of Nirrti consign them. [9]
      The fiend, Agni, who designs to injure the essence of our food, kine, steeds, or bodies,
May he, the adversary, thief, and robber, sink to destruction, both himself and offipring. [10]
      May he be swept away, himself and children: may all the three earths press him down beneath them.
May his fair glory, you gods, be blighted, who in the day or night would fain destroy us. [11]
      The prudent finds it easy to distinguish the true and false: their words oppose each other.
Of these two that which is the true and honest, Soma protects, and brings the false to nothing. [12]
      Never doth Soma aid and guide the wicked or him who falsely claims the Warrior's title.
He slays the fiend and him who speaks untruly: both lie entangled in the noose of Indra. [13]
      As if I worshipped deities of falsehood, or thought vain thoughts about the gods, Agni.
Why are you angry with us, Jatavedas? Destruction fall on those who lie against you! [14]
      So may I die this day if I have harassed any man's life or if I be a demon.
Yea, may he lose all his ten sons together who with false tongue has called me Yatudhana. [15]
      May Indra slay him with a mi weapon, and let the vilest ofghty
all creatures perish,
The fiend who says that he is pure, who calls me a demon though devoid of demon nature. [16]
      She too who wanders like an owl at night-time, hiding her body in her guile and malice,
May she fall downward into endless caverns. May press-stones with loud ring destroy the demons. [17]
      Spread out, you Maruts, search among the people: seize you and grind the Raksasas to pieces,
Who fly abroad, transformed to birds, at night-time, or sully and pollute our holy worship. [18]
      Hurl down from heaven your bolt of stone, Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
Forward, behind, and from above and under, smite down the demons with your rocky weapon. [19]
      They fly, the demon dogs, and, bent on mischief, fain would they harm indomitable Indra.
Sakra makes sharp his weapon for the wicked: now, let him cast his bolt at fiendish wizards. [20]
      Indra has ever been the fiends' destroyer who spoil oblations of the gods' invokers:
Yea, Sakra, like an axe that spilts the timber, attacks and smashes them like earthen vessels. [21]
      Destroy the fiend shaped like an owl or owlet, destroy him in the form of dog or cuckoo.
Destroy him shaped as eagle or as vulture as with a stone, Indra, crush the demon. [22]
      Let not the fiend of witchcraft-workers reach us: may Dawn drive off the couples of Kimidins.
Earth keep us safe from earthly woe and trouble: from grief that comes from heaven mid-air preserve us. [23]
      Slay the male demon, Indra! slay the female, joying and triumphing in arts of magic.
Let the fools' gods with bent necks fall and perish, and see no more the Sun when he arises. [24]
      Look each one here, look around Indra and Soma, watch you well.
Cast forth your weapon at the fiends against the sorcerers hurt your bolt.




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