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Rigveda 7:51-75

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

51 - Adityas

THROUGH the Adityas' most auspicious shelter, through their most recent succour may we conquer.
May they, the Mighty, giving ear, establish this sacrifice, to make us free and sinless. [1]
      Let Aditi rejoice and the Adityas, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, most righteous.
May they, the Guardians of the world, protect us, and, to show favour, drink this day our Soma. [2]
      All Universal deities, the Maruts, all the Adityas, yea, and all the Rbhus,
Indra, and Agni, and the Asvins, lauded. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

52 - Adityas

MAY we be free from every bond, Adityas! a castle among gods and men, you Vasus.
Winning, may we win Varuna and Mitra, and, being, may we be, Earth and Heaven. [1]
      May Varuna and Mitra grant this blessing, our Guardians, shelter to our seed and offspring.
Let us not suffer for another's trespass. nor do the thing that you, Vasus, punish. [2]
      The ever-prompt Angirases, imploring riches from Savitar the god, obtained them.
So may our Father who is great and holy, and all the gods, accordant, grant this favour.

53 - Heaven and Earth

AS priest with solemn rites and adorations I worship Heaven and Earth, the High and Holy.
To them, great Parents of the gods, have sages of ancient time, singing, assigned precedence. [1]
      With newest hymns set in the seat of Order, those the Two Parents, born before all others,
Come, Heaven and Earth, with the Celestial People, here to us, for strong is your protection. [2]
      Yea, Heaven and Earth, you hold in your possession full many a treasure for the liberal giver.
Grant us that wealth which comes in free abundance. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

54 - Vastospati

ACKNOWLEDGE us, Guardian of the Homestead: bring no disease, and give us happy entrance.
Whatever we ask of you, be pleased to grant it, and prosper you quadrupeds and bipeds. [1]
      Protector of the Home, be our promoter: increase our wealth in kine and steeds, Indu.
May we be ever-youthful in your friendship: be pleased in us as in his sons a father. [2]
      Through your dear fellowship that brings welfare, may we be victors, Guardian of the Dwelling!
Protect our happiness in rest and labour. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

55 - Vastospati

VASTOSPATI, who killest all disease and wearest every form,
Be an auspicious friend to us. [1]
      When, bright Son of Sarama, you showest, tawny-hued! your teeth,
They gleam like lances' points within your mouth when you wouldst bite; go you to steep. [2]
      Sarama's Son, retrace your way: bark at the robber and the thief.
At Indra's singers barkest you? Why dust you seek to terrify us? Go to sleep. [3]
      Be on your guard against the boar, and let the boar beware of you.
At Indra's singers barkest you? Why do you seek to terrify us? Go to sleep. [4]
      Sleep mother, let the father sleep, sleep dog and master of the house.
Let all the kinsmen sleep, sleep all the people who are round about. [5]
      The man who sits, the man who walks, and whosoever looks on us,
Of these we closely shut the eyes, even as we closely shut this house. [6]
      The Bull who has a thousand horns, who rises up from out the sea,
By him the Strong and Mighty One we lull and make the people sleep. [7]
      The women sleeping in the court, lying without, or stretched on beds,
The matrons with their odorous sweetsthese, one and all, we lull to sleep.

56 - Maruts

Wno are these radiant men in serried rank, Rudra's young heroes borne by noble steeds? [1]
      Verily no one knows whence they sprang: they, and they only, know each other's birth. [2]
      They strew each other with their blasts, these Hawks: they strove together, roaring like the wind. [3]
      A sage was he who knew these mysteries, what in her udder mighty Prsni bore. [4]
      Ever victorious, through the Maruts, be this band of heroes, nursing manly strength, [5]
      Most bright in splendour, flectest on their way, close-knit to glory, strong with varied power. [6]
      Yea, mighty is your power and firm your strength: so, potent, with the Maruts, be the band. [7]
      Bright is your spirit, wrathful are your minds: your bold troop's minstrel is like one inspired. [8]
      Ever avert your blazing shaft from us, and let not your displeasure reach us here [9]
      Your dear names, conquering Maruts, we invoke, calling aloud till we are satisfied. [10]
      Well-armed, impetuous in their haste, they deck themselves, their forms, with oblations: to you, the pure, ornaments made of gold. [11]
      Pure, Maruts, pure yourselves, are your oblations: to you, the pure, pure sacrifice I offer.
By Law they came to truth, the Law's observers, bright by their birth, and pure, and sanctifying. [12]
      Your rings, Maruts, rest upon your shoulders, and chains of gold are twined upon your bosoms.
Gleaming with drops of rain, like lightning-flashes, after your wont you whirl about your weapons. [13]
      Wide in the depth of air spread forth your glories, far, most adorable, you bear your titles.
Maruts, accept this thousandfold allotment of household sacrifice and household treasure. [14]
      If, Maruts, you regard the praise recited here at this mighty singer invocation,
Vouchsafe us quickly wealth with noble heroes, wealth which no man uho hats us may injure. [15]
      The Maruts, fleet as coursers, while they deck them like youths spectators of a festal meeting,
Linger, like beauteous colts, about the dwelling, like frisking calves, these who pour down the water. [16]
      So may the Maruts help us and be gracious, bringing free room to lovely Earth and Heaven.
Far be your bolt that slays men and cattle. You Vasus, turn yourselves to us with blessings. [17]
      The priest, when seated, loudly calls you, Maruts, praising in song your universal bounty.
He, Bulls! who has so much in his possession, free from duplicity, with hymns invokes you. [18]
      These Maruts bring the swift man to a stand-still, and strength with mightier strength they break and humble
These guard the singer from the man who hates him and lay their sore displeasure on the wicked. [19]
      These Maruts rouse even the poor and needy: the Vasus love him as an active champion.
Drive to a distance, you Bulls, the darkness: give us full store of children and descendants. [20]
      Never, Maruts, may we lose your bounty, nor, car-borne lords! be hitidmost when you deal it.
Give us a share in that delightful treasure, the genuine wealth that, Bulls! is your possession. [21]
      What time the men in fury rush together for running streams, for pastures, and for houses.
Then, you Maruts, you who spring from Rudra, be our protectors in the strife with foemen. [22]
      Full many a deed you did for our forefathers worthy of lauds which, even of old, they sang you.
lle strong man, with the Maruts, wins in battle, the charger, with the Maruts, gains the booty. [23]
      Ours, you Maruts, be the vigorous hero, the Lord Divine of men, the strong Sustainer,
With whom to fair lands we may cross the waters, and dwell in our own home with you beside us. [24]
      May Indra, Mitra, Varuna and Agni, Waters, and Plants, and Trees accept our praises.
May we find shelter in the Marut's bosom. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

57 - Maruts

YEA, through the power of your sweet juice, you Holy! the Marut host is glad at sacrifices.
They cause even spacious heaven and earth to tremble, they make the spring flow when they come, the Mighty. [1]
      The Maruts watch the man who sings their praises, promoters of the thought of him who worships.
Seat you on sacred grass in our assembly, this day, with friendly minds, to share the banquet. [2]
      No others gleam so brightly as these Maruts with their own forms, their golden gauds, their weapons.
With all adornments, decking earth and heaven, they heighten, for bright show, their common splendour. [3]
      Far from us be your blazing dart, Maruts, when we, through human frailty, sin against you.
Let us not he exposed to that, you Holy! May your most loving favour still attend us. [4]
      May even what we have done delight the Maruts, the blameless Ones, the bright, the purifying.
Further us, you Holy, with your kindness: advance us mightily that we may prosper. [5]
      And may the Maruts, praised by all their titles, heroes, enjoy the taste of our oblations.
Give us of Amrta for the sake of offspring: awake the excellent fair stores of riches. [6]
      Here, you Maruts, praised, with all your succours, with all felicity come to our princes,
Who, of themselves, a hundredfold increase us. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

58 - Maruts

SING to the troop that pours down rain in common, the Mighty Company of celestial nature.
They make the world-halves tremble with their greatness: from depths of earth and sky they reach to heaven. [1]
      Yea, your birth, Maruts, was with wild commotion, you who move swiftly, fierce in wrath, terrific.
You all-surpassing in your might and vigour, each looker on the light fears at your coming. [2]
      Give ample vital power to our princes let our fair praises gratify the Maruts.
As the way travelled helps people onward, so further us with your delightful succours. [3]
      Your favoured singer counts his wealth by hundreds: the strong steed whom you favour wins a thousand.
The Sovran whom you aid destroys the foeman. May this your gift, you Shakers, be distinguished. [4]
      I call, as such, the Sons of bounteous Rudra: will not the Maruts turn again to us-ward?
What secret sin or open stirs their anger, that we implore the Swift Ones to forgive us. [5]
      This eulogy of the Bounteous has been spoken: accept, you Maruts, this our hymn of praises.
You Bulls, keep those who hate us at a distance. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

59 - Maruts

WHOMSyou rescue here and there, whomso you guide, deities,
To him give shelter, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, you Maruts, and you Aryaman. [1]
      Through your kind favour, gods, on some auspicious day, the worshipper subdues his foes.
That man increases home and strengthening ample food who brings you offerings as you list. [2]
      Vasistha will not overlook the lowliest one among you all.
Maruts, of our soma juice effused to-day drink all of you with eager haste. [3]
      Your succour in the battle injures not the man to whom you, heroes, grant your gifts.
May your most recent favour turn to us again. Come quickly, you who fain would drink. [4]
      Come over here to drink the juice, you whose bounties give you joy.
These offerings are for you, these, Maruts, I present. Go not to any place but this. [5]
      Sit on our sacred grass, be graciously inclined to give the wealth for which we long,
To take delight, you Maruts, friends of all, with Svaha, in sweet soma juice. [6]
      Decking the beauty of their forms in secret the Swans with purple backs have flown down here.
Around me all the Company has settled, like joyous heroes glad in our libation. [7]
      Maruts, the man whose wrath is hard to master, he who would slay us ere we think, Vasus,
May he be tangled in the toils of mischief; smite you him down with your most flaming weapon. [8]
      Maruts, you consuming gods, enjoy this offering brought for you,
To help us, you who slay the foe. [9]
      Sharers of household sacrifice, come, Maruts, stay not far away,
That you may help us, Bounteous Ones. [10]
      Here, Self-strong Maruts, yea, even here. you Sages with your sunbright skins
I dedicate your sacrifice. [11]
      Tryambaka we worship, sweet augmenter of prosperity.
As from its stem the cucumber, so may I be released from death, not reft of immortality.

60 - Mitra-Varuna

WHEN you, Sun, this day, arising sinless, shalt speak the truth to Varuna and Mitra,
Aditi, may all the deities love us, and you, Aryaman, while we are singing. [1]
      Looking on man, Varuna and Mitra, this Sun ascends up by both the pathways,
Guardian of all things fixt, of all that moveth, beholding good and evil acts of mortals. [2]
      He from their home has yoked the Seven gold coursers who, dropping oil and fatness, carry Surya.
Yours, Varuna and Mitra, he surveys the worlds and living creatures like a herdsman. [3]
      Your coursers rich in store of sweets have mounted: to the bright ocean Surya has ascended,
For whom the Adityas make his pathway ready, Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, accordant. [4]
      For these, even Aryaman, Varuna and Mitra, are the chastisers of all guile and falsehood.
These, Aditi's Sons, infallible and mighty, have waxen in the home of law Eternal. [5]
      These, Mitra, Varuna whom none deceiveth, with great power quicken even the fool to wisdom,
And, wakening, moreover, thoughtful insight, lead it by easy paths over grief and trouble. [6]
      They ever vigilant, with eyes that close not, caring for heaven and earth, lead on the thoughtless.
Even in the river's bed there is a shallow. across this broad expanse may they conduct us. [7]
      When Aditi and Varuna and Mitra, like guardians, give Sudas their friendly shelter,
Granting him sons and lineal succession, let us not, bold ones! move the gods to anger. [8]
      May he with ofierings purify the altar from any stains of Varuna's reviler.
Aryaman save us us all those who hate us: give room and freedom to Sudas, you Mighty. [9]
      Hid from our eyes is their resplendent meeting: by their mysterious might they hold dominion.
Heroes! we cry trembling in fear before you, even in the greatness of your power have mercy. [10]
      He who wins favour for his prayer by worship, that he may gain him strength and highest riches,
That good man's mind the Mighty Ones will follow: they have brought comfort to his spacious dwelling. [11]
      This priestly task, gods! Varuna and Mitra! has been performed for you at sacrifices.
Convey us safely over every peril. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

61 - Mitra-Varuna

VARUNA and Mitra, Surya spreading the beauteous light of you two gods ariseth.
He who beholdetb all existing creatures observetb well the zeal that is in mortals. [1]
      The holy sage, renowned afar, directs his hymns to you, Varuna and Mitra,
He whose devotions, sapient gods, you favour so that you fill, as it were, with power his autumns. [2]
      From the wide earth, Varuna and Mitra from the great lofty heaven, you, Bounteous Givers, -
Have in the fields and houses set your warder-, who visit every spot and watch unceasing. [3]
      I praise the strength of Varuna and Mitra that strength, by mightiness, keeps both worlds asunder.
Heroless pass the months of the ungodly he who loves sacrifice makes his home enduring. [4]
      Steers, all infallible are these your people in whom no wondrous thing is seen, no worship.
Guile follows close the men who are untruthful: no secrets may be hidden from your knowledge. [5]
      I will exalt your sacrifice with homage: as priest, I, Mitra-Varuna, invoke you.
May these new hymns and prayers that I have fashioned delight you to the profit of the singer. [6]
      This priestly task, gods! Varuna and Mitra! has been performed for you at sacrifices.
Convey us safely over every peril. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

62 - Mitra-Varuna

SURYA has sent aloft his beams of splendour over all the tribes of men in countless places.
Together with the heaven he shines apparent, formed by his Makers well with power and wisdom. [1]
      So have you mounted up before us, Surya, through these our praises, with fleet dappled horses.
Declare us free from all offence to Mitra, and Varuna, and Aryaman, and Agni. [2]
      May holy Agni, Varuna, and Mitra send down their riches upon us in thousands.
May they, the Bright Ones, make our praise-song perfect, and, when we laud them, grant us all our wishes. [3]
      Undivided Heaven and Earth, preserve us, us, Lofty Ones! your nobIy-born descendants.
Let us not anger Varuna, nor Vayu, nor him, the dearest friend of mortals, Mitra. [4]
      Stretch forth your arms and let our lives be lengthened: with fatness dew the pastures of our cattle.
You Youthful, make us famed among the people: hear, Mitra-Varuna, these mine invocations. [5]
      Now Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman vouchsafe us freedom and room, for us and for our children.
May we find paths all fair and good to travel. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

63 - Mitra-Varuna

COMMON to all mankind, auspicious Surya, he who beholds all, is mounting upward;
The god, the eye of Varuna and Mitra, who rolled up darkness like a piece of leather. [1]
      Surya's great ensign, restless as the billow, that urgs men to action, is advancing:
Onward he still would roll the wheel well-rounded, which Etasa, harnessed to the car-pole, moveth. [2]
      Refulgent from the bosom of the Mornings, he in Whom singers take delight ascendeth.
This Savitar, God, is my chief joy and pleasure, who breaks not the universal statute. [3]
      Golden, far-seeing, from the heaven he riseth: far is his goal, he hasts on resplendent.
Men, verily, inspirited by Surya speed to their aims and do the work assigned them. [4]
      Where the irrunortals have prepared his pathway he flis through the region like a falcon.
With homage and oblations will we serve you, Mitra-Varuna, when the Sun has risen. [5]
      Now Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman vouchsafe us freedom and room, for us and for our children.
May we find paths all fair and good to travel. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

64 - Mitra-Varuna

YOU two who rule, in heaven and earth, the region, clothed be your clouds in robes of oil and fatness.
May the imperial Varuna, and Mitra, and high-born Aryaman accept our presents. [1]
      Kings, guards of rrtighty everlasting Order, come over here, you Princes, lords of Rivers.
Send us from heaven, Varuna and Mitra, rain and sweet food, you who pour down your bounties. [2]
      May the dear God, and Varuna and Mitra conduct us by the most effective pathways,
That foes may say to Sudas our chieftain, May, we, too, joy in food with gods to guard us. [3]
      Him who has wrought for you this car in spirit, who makes the song rise upward and sustains it,
Bedew with fatness, Varuna nd Mitra you Kings, make glad the pleasant dwelling-places. [4]
      To you this laud, Varuna and Mitra is offered like bright soma juice to Vayu.
Favour our songs of praise, wake thought and spirit. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

65 - Mitra-Varuna

WITH hymns I call you, when the Sun has risen, Mitra, and Varuna whose thoughts are holy,
Whose Power Divine, supreme and everlasting, comes with good heed at each man's supplication. [1]
      For they are Asuras of gods, the friendly make, both of you, our lands exceeding fruitful.
May we obtain you, Varuna and Mitra, wherever Heaven and Earth and days may bless us. [2]
      Bonds of the sinner, they bear many nooses: the wicked mortal hardly may escape them.
Varuna-Mitra, may your path of Order bear us over trouble as a boat over waters. [3]
      Come, taste our offering, Varuna and Mitra: bedew our pasture wil sweet food and fatness.
Pour down in plenty here upon the people the choicest of your fair celestial water. [4]
      To you this laud, Varuna and Mitra, is offered, like bright soma juice to Vayu.
Favour our songs of praise, wake thought and spirit. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

66 - Mitra-Varuna

LET our strong hymn of praise go forth, the laud of Mitra-Varuna,
With homage to that high-born Pair; [1]
      The Two exceeding wise, the Sons of Daksa, whom the gods ordained
For lordship, excellently great. [2]
      Such, Guardians of our homes and us, Mitra-Varuna, fulfil
The thoughts of those who sing your praise. [3]
      So when the Sun has risen to-day, may sinless Mitra, Aryaman,
Bhaga, and Savitar sendus forth. [4]
      May this our home be guarded well forward, you Bounteous, on the way,
Who bear us safely over distress. [5]
      . And those Self-reigning, Aditi, whose statute is inviolate,
The Kings who rule a vast domain. [6]
      Soon as the Sun has risen, to you, to Mitra-Varuna, I sing,
And Aryarnan who slays the foe. [7]
      With wealth of gold may this my song bring unmolested power and might,
And, Brahmans, gain the sacrifice. [8]
      May we be your, God Varuna, and with our princes, Mitra, your.
Food and Heaven's light will we obtain. [9]
      Many are they who strengthen Law, Sun-eyed, with Agni for their tongue,
They who direct the three great gatherings with their thoughts, yea, all things with surpassing might. [10]
      They who have stablished year and month and then the day, night, sacrifice and holy verse,
Varuna, Mitra, Aryarnan, the Kings, have won dominion which none else may gain. [11]
      So at the rising of the Sun we think of you with hymns to-day,
Even as Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman deserve: you are the charioteers of Law. [12]
      True to Law, born in Law the strengtheners of Law, terrible, haters of the false,
In their felicity which gives the best defence may we men and our princes dwell. [13]
      Uprises, on the slope of heaven, that marvel that attracts die sight
As swift celestial Etasa bears it away, prepared for every eye to see. [14]
      Lord of each single head, of fixt and moving things, equally through the whole expanse,
The Seven sister Bays bear Surya on his car, to bring us wealth and happiness. [15]
      A hundred autumns may we see that bright Eye, God-ordained, arise
A hundred autumns may we live. [16]
      Infallible through your wisdom, come here, resplendent Varuna,
And Mitra, to the soma draught. [17]
      Come as the laws of Heaven ordain, Varuna, Mitra, void of guile:
Press near and drink the soma juice. [18]
      Come, Mitra, Varuna, accept, heroes, our sacrificial gift:
Drink Soma, you who strengthen Law.

67 - Asvins

I WITH a holy heart that brings oblation will sing forth praise to meet your car, you Princes,
Which, Much-desired! has wakened as your envoy. I call you here as a son his parents. [1]
      Brightly has Agni shone by us enkindled: the limits even of darkness were apparent.
Eastward is seen the Banner of the Morning, the Banner born to give Heaven's Daughter glory. [2]
      With hymns the deft priest is about you, Asvins, the eloquent priest attends you now, Nasatyas.
Come by the paths that you are wont to travel, on car that finds the light, laden with treasure. [3]
      When, suppliant for your help, Lovers of Sweetness! I seeking wealth call you to our libation,
Hereward let your vigorous horses bear you: drink you with us the well-pressed soma juices. [4]
      Bring forward, Asvins, gods, to its fulfilment my never-wearied prayer that asks for riches.
Vouchsafe us all high spirit in the combat, and with your powers, lords of Power, assist us. [5]
      Favour us in these prayers of ours, Asvins. May we have genial vigour, never to fail us.
So may we, strong in children and descendants, go, wealthy, to the banquet that awaits you. [6]
      Lovers of Sweetness, we have brought this treasure to you as it were an envoy sent for friendship.
Come to us with spirits free from anger, in homes of men enjoying our oblation. [7]
      With one, the same, intention, you swift movers, over the Seven Rivers has your chariot travelled.
Yoked by the gods, your strong steeds never weary while speeding forward at the pole they bear you. [8]
      Exhaustless be your bounty to our princes who with their wealth incite the gift of riches,
Who further friendship with their noble natures, combining wealth in kine with wealth in herses. [9]
      Now hear, Youthful two, mine invocation: come, Asvins, to the home where food aboundeth.
Vouchsafe us wealth, do honour to our nobles. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

68 - Asvins

COME, radiant Asvins, with your noble horses: accept your servant's hymns, you Wonder-Workers:
Enjoy oblations which we bring to greet you. [1]
      The gladdening juices stand prepared before you: come quickly and partake of mine oblation.
Pass by the calling of our foe and bear us. [2]
      Your chariot with a hundred aids, Asvins, bears you swift as thought across the regions,
Speeding to us, you whose wealth is Surya. [3]
      What time this stone of yours, the gods' adorer, upraised, sounds forth for you as Soma-presser,
Let the priest bring you, Fair Ones, through oblations. [4]
      The nourishment you have is, truly, wondrous: you gave thereof a quickening store to Atri,
Who being dear to you, receives your favour. [5]
      That gift, which all may gain, you gave Cyavana, when he grew old, who offered you oblations,
When you bestowed on him enduring beauty. [6]
      What time his wicked friends abandoned Bhujyu, Asvins, in the middle of the ocean,
Your horse delivered him, your faithful servant. [7]
      You lent your aid to Vrka when exhausted, and listened when invoked to Sayu's calling.
You made the cow pour forth her milk like water, and, Asvins, strengthened with your strength the barren. [8]
      With his fair hymns this singer, too, extols you, waking with glad thoughts at the break of morning.
May the cow nourish him with milk to feed llim. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

69 - Asvins

MAY your gold chariot, drawn by vigorous horses, come to us, blocking up the earth
and heaven,
Bright with its fellies while its way drops fatness, food-laden, rich in coursers, man's protector. [1]
      Let it approach, yoked by thewill, three-seated, extending far and wide over fivefold beings,
Whereon you visit God-adoring races, bending your course where you will, Asvins. [2]
      Renowned, with noble horses, come here: drink, Wondrous Pair, the cup that holds sweet juices.
Your car whereon your Spouse is wont to travel marks with its track the farthest ends of heaven. [3]
      When night was turning to the grey of morning the Maiden, Surya's Daughter, chose your splendour.
When with your power and might you aid the pious he comes through heat to life by your assistance. [4]
      Chariot-borne, this car of yours invested with rays of light comes harnessed to our dwelling.
Herewith, Asvins, while the dawn is breaking, to this our sacrifice bring peace and blessing. [5]
      Like the wild cattle thirsty for the lightning, heroes, come nigh this day to our libations.
Men call on you with hymns in many places, but let not other worshippers detain you. [6]
      Bhujyu, abandoned in the midst of ocean, you raised from out the water with your horses,
Uninjured, winged, flagging not, undaunted, with deeds of wonder saving him, Asvins. [7]
      Now hear, Youthful two, mine invocation: come, Asvins, to the home where food aboundeth.
Vouchsafe us wealth, do honour to our nobles. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

70 - Asvins

RICH in all blessings, Asvins come here: this place on earth is called your own possession,
Like a strong horse with a fair back it standeth, whereon, as in a lap, you seat you firmly. [1]
      This most delightful eulogy awaits you in the man's house drink-offering has been heated,
Which brings you over the seas and rivers, yoking as'twere two well-matched shining horses. [2]
      Whatever dwellings you possess, Asvins, in fields of men or in the streams of heaven,
Resting upon the summit of the mountain, or bringing food to him who gives oblation, [3]
      Delight yourselves, you gods, in plants and waters when Rsis give them and you find they suit You.
Enriching us with treasures in abundance you have looked back to former generations. [4]
      Asvins, though you have heard them oft aforetime, regard the many prayers which Rsis offer.
Come to the man even as his heart desireth: may we enjoy your most delightful favour. [5]
      Come to the sacrifice offered you, Nasatyas, with men, oblations, and prayer duly uttered.
Come to Vasistha as his heart desireth, for to you these holy hymns are chanted. [6]
      This is the thought, this is the song, Asvins: accept this hymn of ours, you Steers, with favour.
May these our prayers addressed to you come nigh you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

71 - Asvins

THE Night retirs from the Dawn her Sister; the Dark one yieldeth to the Red her pathway.
Let us invoke you rich in steeds and cattle - by day and night keep far from us the arrow. [1]
      Bearing rich treasure in your car, Asvins, come to the mortal who presents oblation.
Keep at a distance penury and sickness; Lovers of Sweetness, day and night preserve us. [2]
      May your strong horses, seeking bliss, bring here your chariot at the earliest flush of morning.
With coursers yoked by Law drive here, Asvins, your car whose reins are light, laden with treasure. [3]
      The chariot, Princes, that conveys you, moving at daylight, triple-seated, fraught with riches,
Even with this come to us, Nasatyas, that laden with all food it may approach us. [4]
      You freed Cyavana from old age and weakness: you brought the courser fleet of food to Pedu.
You rescued Atri from distress and darkness, and loosed for Jahusa the bonds that bound him. [5]
      This is the thought, this is the song, Asvins: accept this hymn of ours, you Steers, With favour.
May these our prayers addressed to you come nigh you. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

72 - Asvins

COME, Nasatyas, on your car resplendent, rich in abundant wealth of kine and horses.
As harnessed steeds, all our laudations follow you whose forms shine with most delightful beauty. [1]
      Come with the gods associate, come here to us, Nasatyas, with your car accordant.
'Twixt you and us there is ancestral friendship and common kin: remember and regard it. [2]
      Awakened are the songs that praise the Asvins, the kindred prayers and the Celestial Mornings.
Inviting those we long for, Earth and Heaven, the singer calls these Nasatyas here. [3]
      What time the Dawns break forth in light, Asvins, to you the poets offer their devotions.
God Savitar has sent aloft his splendour, and fires sing praises with the kindled fuel. [4]
      Come from the west, come from the cast, Nasatyas, come, Asvins, from below and from above us.
Bring wealth from all sides for the Fivefold People. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

73 - Asvins

WE have overpassed the limit of this darkness while, worshipping the gods, we sang their praises.
The song invoks both immortal Asvins far-reaching, born of old, great WonderWorkers. [1]
      And, Nasatyas, man's dear priest is seated, who brings to sacrifice and offers worship,
Be near and taste the pleasant juice, Asvins: with food, I call you to the sacrifices. [2]
      We choosing you, have let our worship follow its course: you Steers, accept this hymn with favour.
Obeying you as your appointed servant, Vasistha singing has with lauds aroused you. [3]
      And these Two priests come nigh to our people, united, demon-slayers, mighty-handed.
The juices that exhilarate are mingled. Injure us not, but come with happy fortune. [4]
      Come from the west, come from the cast, Nasatyas, come, Asvins, from below and from above us.
Bring wealth from all sides for the Fivefold People. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.

74 - Asvins

THESE morning sacrifices call you, Asvins, at the break of day.
For help have I invoked you rich in power and might: for, house by house you visit all. [1]
      Heroes, you bestow wonderful nourishment. send it to him whose songs are sweet
Accordant, both of you, drive your car down to us, and drink the savoury soma juice. [2]
      Approach you and be near to us. drink, you Asvins, of the meath.
Draw forth the milk, you Mighty, rich in genuine wealth: injure us not, and come to us. [3]
      The horses that convey you in their rapid flight down to the worshipper's abode,
With these your speedy coursers, heroes, Asvins, come, you gods, come well-inclined to us. [4]
      Yea, verily, our princes seek the Asvins in pursuit of food.
These shall give lasting glory to our liberal lords, and, both Nasatyas, shelter us. [5]
      Those who have led the way, like cars, offending none, those who are guardians of the men-
Also through their own might the heroes have grown strong, and dwell in safe and happy homes.

75 - Dawn

BORN in the heavens the Dawn has flushed, and showing her majesty is come as Law ordaineth.
She has uncovered fiends and hateful darkness; best of Angirases, has waked the pathways. [1]
      Rouse us this day to high and happy fortune: to great felicity, Dawn, promote us.
Vouchsafe us manifold and splendid riches, famed among mortals, man-befriending Goddess! [2]
      See, lovely Morning's everlasting splendours, bright with their varied colours, have approached us.
Filling the region of mid-air, producing the rites of holy worship, they have mounted. [3]
      She yokes her chariot far away, and swiftly visits the lands where the Five Tribes are settled,
Looking upon the works and ways of mortals, Daughter of Heaven, the world's Imperial Lady. [4]
      She who is rich in spoil, the Spouse of Surya, wondrously opulent, rules all wealth and treasures.
Consumer of our youth, the seers extol her: lauded by priests rich Dawn shines out refulgent. [5]
      Apparent are the steeds of varied colour, the red steeds carrying resplendent Morning.
On her all-lovely car she comes, the Fair One, and brings rich treasure for her faithful servant. [6]
      True with the True and Mighty with the Mighty, with gods a Goddess, Holy with the Holy,
She brake strong fences down and gave the cattle: the kine were lowing as they greeted Morning. [7]
      Dawn, now give us wealth in kine and heroes, and horses, fraught with manifold enjoyment.
Protect our sacred grass from man's reproaches. Preserve us evermore, you gods, with blessings.




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