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Rigveda 6:1-20

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

Book 6 contains 75 hymns

1 - Agni

YOU, first inventor of this prayer, Agni, Worker of Marvels, have become our Herald.
You, Bull, have made us strength which none may conquer, strength that shall overcome all other prowess. [1]
      As priest you sattest at the seat of worship, furthering us, best Offerer, meet for honour.
So first to you have pious men resorted, turning your mind to thoughts of ample riches. [2]
      In you, still watching, they have followed riches, who goest with much wealth as with an army,
The radiant Agni, lofty, fair to look on, worshipped with marrow, evermore resplendent. [3]
      They who approached the god's abode with homage, eager for glory, won them perfect glory:
Yea, they gained even sacrificial titles, and found delight in your auspicious aspect. [4]
      On earth the people magnify you greatly, you their celestial and terrestrial riches.
You, helper, must be known as our Preserver, Father and Mother of mankind for ever. [5]
      Dear priest among mankind, adorable Agni has seated him, joy-giver, skilled in worship.
Let us approach you shining in your dwelling, kneeling upon our knees, with adoration. [6]
      Longing for bliss, pure-minded, God-devoted, Agni, we seek you, such, meet to be lauded.
You, Agni, leddest forth our men to battle, refulgent with the heaven's exalted splendour. [7]
      Sage of mankind, all peoples' Lord and Master, the Bull of men, the sender down of blessings,
Still pressing on, promoting, purifying, Agni the Holy One, the Lord of riches. [8]
      Agni, the mortal who has toiled and worshipped, brought you oblations with his kindled fuel,
And well knows sacrifice with adoration, gains every joy with you to guard and help him. [9]
      Mightily let us worship you the Mighty, with reverence, Agni! fuel and oblations,
With songs, Son of Strength, with hymns, with altar: so may we strive for your auspicious favour. [10]
      You who have covered heaven and earth with splendour and with your glories, glorious and triumphant.
Continue you to shine on us, Agni, with strength abundant, rich, and long enduring. [11]
      Vouchsafe us ever, as man needs, Vasu, abundant wealth of kine for son and offspring.
Food noble, plenteous, far from sin and evil, he with us, and fair fame to make us happy. [12]
      May I obtain much wealth in many places by love of you and through your grace, King Agni;
For in you Bounteous One, in you the Sovran, Agni, are many boons for him who serves you.

2 - Agni

YOU, Agni, even as Mitra, have a princely glory of yours own.
You, active Vasu, makest fame increase like full prosperity. [1]
      For, verily, men pray to you with sacrifices and with songs.
To you the friendly courser, seen of all, comes speeding through the air. [2]
      Of one accord men kindle you Heaven's signal of the sacrifice,
When, craving bliss, this race of man invites you to the solemn rite. [3]
      Let the man thrive who travails sore, in prayer, far you the Bountiful.
He with the help of lofty Dyaus comes safe through straits of enmity. [4]
      The mortal who with fuel lights your flame and offers to you,
Supports a house with many a branch, Agni, to live a hundred years. [5]
      Your bright smoke lifts itself aloft, and far-extended shines in heaven.
For, Purifier! like the Sun you beamest with your radiant glow. [6]
      For in men's houses you must be glorified as a well-loved guest,
Gay like an elder in a fort, claiming protection like a son. [7]
      You, Agni, like an able steed, are urged by wisdom in the wood.
You are like wind; food, home are you, like a young horse that runs astray. [8]
      Even things imperishable, you, Agni, like a gazing ox,
Eatest, when hosts, Eternal One! of you the Mighty rend the woods. [9]
      Agni, you enterest as priest the home of men who sacrifice.
Lord of the people, prosper them. Accept the ofrering, Angiras! [10]
      Agni, God with Mitra's might, call here the favour of the gods from earth and heaven.
Bring weal from heaven, that men may dwell securely. May we overcome the foe's malign oppressions, may we overcome them, through your help overcome them.

3 - Agni

TRUE, guardian of the Law, your faithful servant wins ample light and dwells in peace, Agni,
Whom you, as Varuna in accord with Mitra, guardest, God, by banishing his trouble. [1]
      He has paid sacrifices, toiled in worship, and offered gifts to wealth-increasing Agni.
Him the displeasure of the famous moves not, outrage and scorn affect not such a mortal. [2]
      Bright God, whose look is free from stain like Surya's, you, swift, what time you earnestly desirest,
Have gear to give us. Come with joy at evening, where, Child of Wood, you mayest also tarry. [3]
      Fierce is his gait and vast his wondrous body: he champs like a horse with bit and bridle,
And, darting forth his tongue, as it were a hatchet, burning the woods, smelts them like a smelter. [4]
      Archer-like, fain toshoot, he sets his arrow, and whets his splendour like the edge of iron:
The messenger of night with brilliant pathway, like a tree-roosting bird of rapid pinion. [5]
      In beams of morn he clothes him like the singer, and bright as Mitra with his splendour crackles.
Red in the night, by day the men's possession: red, he belongs to men by day, immortal. [6]
      Like Heaven's when scattering beams his voice was uttered: among the plants the radiant hero shouted,
Who with his glow in rapid course came here to fill both worlds, well-wedded Dames, with treasure. [7]
      Who, with supporting streams and rays that suit him, has flashed like lightning with his native vigour.
Like the deft Maker of the band of Maruts, the bright impetuous One has shone refulgent.

4 - Agni

As at man's service of the gods, Invoker, you, Son of Strength, do sacrifice and worship,
So bring for us to-day all gods together, bring willingly the willing gods, Agni. [1]
      May Agni, radiant Herald of the morning, meet to be known, accept our praise with favour.
Dear to all life, mid mortal men immortal, our guest, awake at dawn, is Jatavedas. [2]
      Whose might the very heavens regard with wonder: bright as the Sun he clothes himself with lustre.
He who sends forth,, Eternal Purifier, has shattered even the ancient works of Asna. [3]
      You are a Singer, Son! our feast-companion: Agni at birth prepared his food and pathway.
Therefore vouchsafe us strength, Strength-bestower. Win like a King: foes trouble not your dwelling. [4]
      Even he who cats his firm hard food with swiftness,and overtakes the nights as Vayu kingdoms.
May we overcome those who resist your orders, like a steed casting down the flying foemen. [5]
      Like Surya with his fulgent rays, Agni, you overspreadest both the worlds with splendour.
Decked with bright colour he dispels the darkness, like Ausija, with clear flame swifily flying. [6]
      We have elected you as most delightful for your beams' glow: hear our great laud, Agni.
The best men praise you as the peer of Indra in strength, mid gods, like Viyu in your bounty. [7]
      Now, Agni, on the tranquil paths of riches come to us for our weal: save us from sorrow.
Grant chiefs and bard this boon. May we live happy, with hero children, through a hundred winters.

5 - Agni

I INVOCATE your Son of Strength, the Youthful, with hymns, the Youngest God, whose speech is guileless;
Sage who sends wealth comprising every treasure, bringer of many boons, devoid of malice. [1]
      At eve and morn your pious servants bring you their precious gifts, priest of many aspects,
On whom, the Purifier, all things living as on firm. ground their happiness have stablished. [2]
      You from of old have dwelt among these people, by mental power the charioteer of blessings.
Hence sendest you, sapient Jatavedas, to him who serves you treasures in succession. [3]
      Agni, whoever secretly attacks us, the neighbour, you with Mitra's might! who harms us,
Burn him with your own Steers for ever youthful, burning with burning heat, you fiercest burner. [4]
      He who serves you with sacrifice and fuel, with hymn, Son of Strength, and chanted praises,
Shines out, immortal! in the midst of mortals, a sage, with wealth, with splendour and with glory. [5]
      Do this, Agni, when we urge you, quickly, triumphant in your might subdue our foemen.
When you are praised with words and decked with brightness, accept this chanted hymn, the singer's worship. [6]
      Help us, that we may gain this wish, Agni, gain riches, Wealthy One! with store of heroes.
Desiring strength from you may we be strengthened, and win, Eternal! your eternal glory.

6 - Agni

HE who seeks furtherance and grace to help him goes to the Son of Strength with newest worship,
Calling the heavenly priest to share the banquet, who rends the wood, bright, with his blackened pathway. [1]
      White-hued and thundering he dwells in splendour, Most Youthful, with the loudvoiced and eternal-
Agni, most variform, the Purifier, who follows crunching many ample forests. [2]
      Incited by the wind your flames, Agni, move onward, Pure One! pure, in all directions.
Your most destructive heavenly Navagvas break the woods down and devastate them boldly. [3]
      Your pure white horses from their bonds are loosened: Radiant one, they shear the ground beneath them,
And far and wide shines out your flame, and flickers rapidly moving over earth's high ridges. [4]
      Forth darts the Bull's tongue like the sharp stone weapon discharged by him who fights to win the cattle.
Agni's fierce flame is like a hero's onset: dread and resistless he destroys the forests. [5]
      You with the sunlight of the great Impeller have boldly over-spread the earth's expanses.
So drive away with conquering might all perils. fighting out foemen burn up those who harm us. [6]
      Wondrous! of wondrous power! give to the singer wealth wondrous, marked, most wonderful, life-giving.
Wealth bright, Bright One, vast, with many heroes, give with your bright flames to the man who lauds you.

7 - Agni

Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order,
The Sage, the King, the guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the gods have generated. [1]
      Him have they praised, mid-point of sacrifices, great cistern of libations, seat of riches.
Vaisvanara, conveyer of oblations, ensign of worship, have the gods engendered. [2]
      From you, Agni, springs the mighty singer, from you come heroes who subdue the foeman.
King, Vaisvanara, bestow you on us excellent treasures worthy to belonged fo r. [3]
      To you, immortal! when to life you springest, all the gods sing for joy as to their infant.
They by your mental powers were made immortal, Vaisvanara, when you shonest from your Parents. [4]
      Agni Vaisvanara, no one has ever resisted these your mighty ordinances,
When you, arising from your parents' bosom, found the light for days' appointed courses. [5]
      The summits of the heaven are traversed through and through by the immortal's light, Vaisvanara's brilliancy.
All creatures in existence rest upon his head. The Seven swift-flowing streams have grown like branches forth, [6]
      Vaisvanara, who measured out the realms of air, Sage very wise who made the lucid spheres of heaven,
The Undeceivable who spread out all the worlds, keeper is he and guard of immortality.

8 - Agni

AT Jatavedas' holy gathering I will tell aloud the conquering might of the swift red-hued Steer.
A pure and fresher hymn flows to Vaisvanara, even as for Agni lovely Soma is made pure. [1]
      That Agni, when in loftiest heaven he sprang to life, Guardian of Holy Laws, kept and observed them well.
Exceeding wise, he measured out the firmament. Vaisvanara attained to heaven by mightiness. [2]
      Wonderful Mitra propped the heaven and earth apart, and covered and concealed
the darkness with his light.
He made the two bowls part asunder like two skins. Vaisvanara put forth all his creative power. [3]
      The Migbty seized him in the bosom of the floods: the people waited on the King who should be praised.
As envoy of Vivasvan MatariSvan brought Agni Vaisvanara here from far away. [4]
      In every age bestow upon the singers wealth, worthy of holy synods, glorious, ever new.
King, undecaying, as it were with sharpened bolt, smite down the sinner like a tree with lightning-flash. [5]
      Do you bestow, Agni, on our wealthy chiefs, rule, with good heroes, undecaying, bending not.
So may we win for us strength. Vaisvanara, hundredfold, thousandfold, Agni, by your help. [6]
      you who dwellest in three places, helper, keep with effective guards our princely patrons.
Keep our band, Agni, who have brought you presents. Lengthen their lives, Vaisvanara, when lauded.

9 - Agni

ONE half of day is dark, and bright the other: both atmospheres move on by sage devices.
Agni Vaisvanara, when born as Sovran, has with his lustre overcome the darkness. [1]
      I know not either warp or woof, I know not the web they weave when moving to the contest.
Whose son shall here speak words that must be spoken without assistance from the Father near him? [2]
      For both the warp and woof he understandeth, and in due time shall speak what should be spoken,
Who knows as the immortal world's Protector, descending, seeing with no aid from other. [3]
      He is the priest, the first of all: behold him. Mid mortal men he is the light immortal.
Here was he born, firm-seated in his station immortal, ever waxing in his body. [4]
      A firm light has been set for men to look on: among all things that fly the mind is swiftest.
All gods of one accord, with one intention, move unobstructed to a single purpose. [5]
      Mine ears unclose to hear, mine eye to see him; the light that harbours in my spirit broadens.
Far roams my mind whose thoughts are in the distance. What shall I speak, what shall I now imagine? [6]
      All the gods bowed them down in fear before you, Agni, when you were dwelling in the darkness.
Vaisvanara be gracious to assist us, may the immortal favour us and help us.

10 - Agni

INSTALL at sacrifice, while the rite advances, your pleasant, heavenly Agni, meet for praises.
With hymns-for he illumines us-install him. He, Jatavedas, makes our rites successful. [1]
      Hear this laud, Radiant priest of many aspects, Agni with the fires of man enkindled,
Laud which bards send forth pure as sacred butter, strength to this man, as it were for self-advantage. [2]
      Mid mortal men that singer thrives in glory who offers gifts with hymns of praise to Agni,
And the god, wondrous bright, with wondrous succours helps him to win a stable filled with cattle. [3]
      He, at his birth, whose path is black behind him, filled heaven and earth with far-apparent splendour:
And he himself has been. through night's thick darkness, made manifest by light, the Purifier. [4]
      With your most mighty aid, confer, Agni, wonderful wealth on us and on our princes,
Who stand preeminent, surpassing others in liberal gifts, in fame, and hero virtues. [5]
      Agni, accept this sacrifice with gladness, which, seated here, the worshipper presenteth.
Fair hymns hadst you among the Bharadvajas, and holpest them to gain abundant vigour. [6]
      Scatter our foes, increase our store. May we he glad a hundred winters with brave sons.

11 - Agni

EAGERLY Sacrifice you, most skilful, Agni! priest, pressing on as if the Maruts sent you.
To our oblation bring the two Nasatyas, Mitra and Varuna and Earth and Heaven. [1]
      You are our guileless, most delightful Herald, the god, among mankind, of holy synods.
A priest with purifying tongue, Agni, sacrifice with your mouth to your own body. [2]
      For even the blessed longing that is in you would bring the gods down to the singer's worship,
When the Angirases' sagest Sage, the Poet, sings the sweet measure at the solemn service. [3]
      Bright has he beamed, the wise, the far-refulgent. Worship the two widespreading Worlds, Agni,
Whom as the Living One rich in oblations the Five Tribes, bringing gifts, adorn with homage. [4]
      When I with reverence clip the grass for Agni, when the trimmed ladle, fullof oil, is lifted,
Firm on the seat of earth is based the altar: eye-like, the sacrifice is directed Sun-ward. [5]
      Enrich us, you priest of many aspects, with the gods, Agni, with your fires, enkindled.
Son of Strength, clad in the robe of riches, may we escape from woe as from
a prison.

12 - Agni

KING of trimmed grass, Herald within the dwelling, may Agni worship the Impeller's World-halves.
He, Son of Strength, the Holy, from a distance has spread himself abroad with light like Surya. [1]
      In you, most wise, shall Dyaus, for full perfection, King! Holy One! pronounce the call to worship.
Found in three places, like the Speeder's footstep, come to present men's riches as oblations! [2]
      Whose blaze most splendid, sovran in the forest, shines waxing on his way like the -Impeller.
He knows himself, like as a guileless smelter, not to be stayed among the plants, immortal. [3]
      Our friends extol him like a steed for vigour even Agni in the dwelling, jatave~as.
Trce-fed, he fights with power as doth a champion, like Dawn's Sire to be praised with sacrifices. [4]
      Men wonder at his shining glows when, paring the woods with case, over the broad earth he goeth,
And, like a rushing flood, loosed quickly, burneth, swift as a guilty thief, over desert places. [5]
      So mighty you protectest us from slander, Champion, Agni! with all fires enkindled.
Bring opulence and drive away affliction. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

13 - Agni

FROM you, as branches from a tree, Agni, from you, Auspicious God! spring all our blessings-
Wealth swiftly, strength in battle with our foemen, the rain besought of heaven, the flow of waters. [1]
      You are our Bhaga to send wealth you dwellest, like circumambient air, with wondrous splendour.
Friend are you of the lofty Law, like Mitra, Controller, Agni! God! of many a blessing. [2]
      Agni! the hero slays with might his foeman; the singer bears away the Pani's booty-
Even he whom you, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters. [3]
      The man who, Son of Strength 1 with sacrifices, hymns, lauds, attracts your fervour to the altar,
Enjoys each precious thing, God, Agni, gains wealth of corn and is the lord of treasures. [4]
      Grant, Son of Strength, to men for their subsistence such things as bring high fame and hero children.
For you with might give much food in cattle even to the wicked wolf when he is hungry. [5]
      Eloquent, Son of Strength, Most Mighty, Agni, vouchsafe us seed and offspring, full of vigour.
May I by all my songs obtain abundance. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

14 - Agni

WHOSto Agni has endeared his thought and service by his hymns,
That mortal cats before the rest, and finds sufficiency of food. [1]
      Agni, in truth, is passing wise, most skilled in ordering, a Seer.
At sacrifices Manus' sons glorify Agni as their priest. [2]
      The foeman's wealth in many a place, Agni, is emulous to help.
Men fight the fiend, and seek by rites to overcome the riteless foe. [3]
      Agni bestows the hero chief, winner of waters, firm in fray.
Soon as they look upon his might his enemies tremble in alarm. [4]
      For with his wisdom Agni, God, protects the mortal from reproach,
Whose conquering wealth is never checked, is never checked in deeds of might. [5]
      Agni, God with Mitra's might call here the favour of the gods from earth and heaven.
Bring weal from heaven that men may dwell securely. May we overcome the foe's malign oppressions, may we overcome them, through your help overcome them.

15 - Agni

WITH this my song I strive to reach this guest of yours, who wakes at early morn, the Lord of all the tribes.
Each time he comes from heaven, the Pure One from of old: from ancient days the Child cats everlasting food. [1]
      Whom, well-dis sed, the Blirgus stablished as a rriend, whom men must glorify, high-flaming in the wood.
As such, most friendly, you are every day extolled in lauds by Vitahavya, you wondrous God. [2]
      Be you the foeless helper of the skilful man, subduer of the enemy near or far away.
Bestow a wealthy home on men, Son of Strength. Give Vitahavya riches spreading far and wide, give Bharadvaja wide-spread wealth. [3]
      Him, your refulgent guest, Agni who comes from heaven, the Herald of mankind, well-skilled in sacred rites,
Who, like a holy singer, utters heavenly words, oblation-bearer, envoy, God, I seek with hymns. [4]
      Who with his purifying, eye-attracting form has shone upon the earth as with the light of Dawn;
Who speeding on, as in the fight of Etaia, cometh, untouched by age, as one athirst in heat. [5]
      Worship you Agni, Agni, with your log of wood; praise your beloved, your beloved guest with songs.
Invite you the immortal here with your hymns. A God among the gods, he lovs what is choice, lovs our service, God mid gods. [6]
      Agni inflamed with fuel in my song I sing, pure, Cleanser, steadlast, set in tront at sacrifice.
Wise Jatavedas we implore with prayers for bliss the priest, the holy Singer, bounteous, void of guile. [7]
      Men, Agni, in each age have made you, Deathiess One, their envoy, offering-bearer, guard adorable.
With reverence gods and mortals have established you, the ever-watchful, omnipresent Household Lord. [8]
      You, Agni, ordering the works and ways of both, as envoy of the gods traversest both the worlds.
When we lay claim to your regard and gracious fare, be you to us a thriceprotecting friendly guard. [9]
      Him fair of face, rapid, and fair to look on, him very wise may we who know not follow.
Let him who knows all rules invite for worship, Agru announce our offering to the immortals. [10]
      Him, Agni, you deliverest and savest who brings him prayer to you the Wise, hero,
The end of sacrifice or its inception; yea, you endowest him with power and riches. [11]
      Guard us from him who would assail us, Agni; preserve us, you Victor, from dishonour.
Here let the place of darkening come upon you: may wealth be ours, desirable in thousands. [12]
      Agni, the priest, is King, Lord of the homestead, he, Jatayedas, knows all generations.
Most skilful worshipper mid gods and mortals, may he begin the sacrifice, the Holy. [13]
      Whatever to-day you, bright-flamed priest, enjoyest from the man's rite-for you are sacrificer-
Worship, for duly do you spread in greatness: bear off your ofrerings of to-day, Most Youthful. [14]
      Look you upon the viands duly laid for you. Fain would he set you here to worship Heaven and,Earth.
Help us, liberal Agni, in the strife for spoil, so that we may overcome all things that trouble us, overcome, overcome them with your help. [15]
      Together with all gods, fair-faced Agni, be seated first upon the woollined altar,
Nest-like, bedewed with oil. Bear this our worship to Savitar who sacrifices rightly. [16]
      Here the arranging priests, as did Atharvan, rub this Agni forth,
Whom, not bewildered, as he moved in winding ways, they brought from gloom. [17]
      For the gods' banquet be you born, for full perfection and for weal.
Bring the immortal gods who strengthen holy Law: so let our sacrifice reach the gods. [18]
      Agni, Lord and Master of men's homesteads, with kindled fuel we have made you mighty.
Let not our household gear be found defective. Sharpen us with your penetrating splendour.

16 - Agni

PRIEST of all sacrifices have you been appointed by the gods,
Agni, amid the race of man. [1]
      So with your joyous tongues for us sacrifice nobly in this rite.
Bring you the gods and worship them. [2]
      For well, God, Disposer, you know, straight on, the paths and ways,
Agni, most wise in sacrifice. [3]
      You, too, has Bharata of old, with mighty men, implored for bliss.
And worshipped you the worshipful. [4]
      You give these abundant boons to Divodasa pouring forth,
To Bharadvaja offering gifts. [5]
      Do you, immortal Messenger, bring here the Celestial Folk;
Hearing the singer's eulogy. [6]
      Mortals with pious thought implore you, Agni, God, at holy rites,
To come to the feast of gods. [7]
      I glorify your aspect and the might of you the Bountilul.
All those who love shall joy in you, [8]
      Invoker placed by Manus, you, Agni, are near, the wisest priest:
Pay worship to the Tribes of Heaven. [9]
      Come, Agni, lauded, to the feast; come to the offering of the gifts.
As priest be seated on the grass. [10]
      So, Angiras, we make you strong with fuel and with holy oil.
Blaze high, you youngest of the gods. [11]
      For us you winnest, Agni, God, heroic strength exceeding great,
Far-spreading and of high renown. [12]
      Agni, Atharvan brought you forth, by rubbing, from the lotus-flower,
The head of Visva, of the priest. [13]
      You. Vritra's slayer, breaker down of castles, has Atharvan's son,
Dadhyac the Rsi, lighted up. [14]
      The hero Pathya kindled you the Dasyus'. most destructive foe,
Winner of spoil in every fight. [15]
      Come, here, Agni, will I sing verily other songs to you,
And with these drops shalt you grow strong. [16]
      Wherever tby mind applies itself, vigour preeminent bast you:
There will you gain a dwelling-place. [17]
      Not for a moment only lasts your bounty, good to many a one!
Our service therefore shalt you gain. [18]
      Agni, the Bharata, has been sought, the Vritra-slayer, marked of all,
Yea, Divodasa's HerLord. [19]
      For he gave riches that surpass in greatness all the things of earth,
Fighting untroubled, unsubdued. [20]
      You, Agni, as in days of old, with recent glory, gathered light,
Have overspread the lofty heaven. [21]
      Bring to your Agni, my friends, boldly your laud and sacrifice:
Give the Disposer praise and song. [22]
      For as sagacious Herald he has sat through every age of man,
Oblation-bearing messenger. [23]
      Bring those Two Kings whose ways are pure, Adityas, and the Marut host,
Excellent God! and Heaven and Earth. [24]
      For strong and active mortal man, excellent, Agni, is the look Of you immortal, Son of Strength [25]
      Rich through his wisdom, noblest be the giver serving you to-day:
The man has brought his hymn of praise. [26]
      These, Agni, these are helped by you, who strong and active all their lives,
Overcome the malice of the foe, fight down the malice ofthe foe. [27]
      May Agni with his pointed blaze cast down each fierce devouring fiend
May Agni win us wealth by war. [28]
      active Jatavedas, bring riches with store of hero sons:
Slay you the demons, Most Wise. [29]
      Keep us, Jatavedas, from the troubling of the man of sin:
Guard us you Sage who know prayer. [30]
      Whatever sinner, Agni, brings oblations to procure our death,
Save us from woe that he would work.
32 Drive from us with your tongue, God, the man who dos evil deeds,
The mortal who would strike us dead.
33 Give shelter reaching far and wide to Bharadvaja, conquering Lord!
Agni, send wealth most excellent.
34 May Agni slay the Vritras,-fain for riches, through the lord of song,
Served with oblation, kindled, bright.
35 His Father's Father, shining in his Mother's everlasting side,
Set on the seat of holy Law.
36 active Jatavedas, bring devotion that wins progeny, Agni, that it may shine to heaven.
37 Child of Strength, to you whose look is lovely we with dainty food,
Agni, have poured forth our songs.
38 To you for shelter are we come, as to the shade from fervent heat
Agni, who glitterest like gold.
39 Mighty as one who slays with shafts, or like a bull with sharpened horn,
Agni, you breakest down the forts.
40 Whom, like an infant newly born, devourer, in their arms they bear,
Men's Agni, skilled in holy rites.
41 Bear to the banquet of the gods the god best finder-out of wealth,
Let him he seated in his place.
42 In Jatavedas kindle you the dear guest who has now appeared
In a soft place, the homestead's Lord.
43 Harness, Agni, you God, your steeds which are most excellent:
They bear you as your spirit wills.
44 Come here, bring the gods to us to taste the sacrificial feast,
To drink the draught of soma juice.
45 Agni of the Bharatas, blaze high with everlasting might,
Shine forth and gleam, Eternal One.
46 The mortal man who serves the god with banquet, and, bringing gifts at sacrifice, lauds Agni,
May well attract, with prayer and hands uplifted, the priest of Heaven and Earth, true Sacrificer.
47 Agni, we bring you, with our hymn, oblation fashioned in the heart.
Let these be oxen to you, let these be bulls and kine to you.
48 The gods enkindle Agni, best slayer of Vritra, first in rank,
The Mighty, One who brings us wealth and crushes down the Raksasas.

17 - Indra

DRINK Soma, Mighty One, for which, when lauded, you breakest through the cattle-stall, Indra;
You who, Bold One, armed with thunder smotest Vritra with might, and every hostile being. [1]
      Drink it you God who are impetuous victor, Lord of our hymns, with beauteousjaws, the hero,
Render of kine-stalls, car-borne, thunder-wielding, so pierce your way to wondrous strength, Indra. [2]
      Drink as of old, and let the draught delight you. hear you our prayer and let our songs exalt you.
Make the Sun visible, make food abundant, slaughter the foes, pierce through and free the cattle. [3]
      These gladdening drops, Indra, Self-sustainer, quaffed shall augment you in your mighty splendour.
Yea, let the cheering drops delight you greatly, great, perfect, strong, powerful, all-subduing. [4]
      Gladdened by which, bursting the firm enclosures, you gavest splendour to the Sun and Morning.
The mighty rock that compassed in the cattle, never moved, you shookest from its seat, Indra. [5]
      You with your wisdom, power, and works of wonder, have stored the ripe milk in the raw cows' udders
Unbarred the firm doors for the kine of Morning, and, with the Angirases, set free the cattle. [6]
      You have spread out wide earth, a mighty marvel, and, high yourself, propped lofty heaven, Indra.
Both worlds, whose Sons are gods, you have supported, young, Mothers from old time ofholy Order. [7]
      Yea, Indra, all the deities installed you their one strong Champion in the van for battle.
What time the godless was the gods' assailant, Indra they chose to win the light of heaven. [8]
      Yea, even that heaven itself of old bent backward before your bolt, in terror of its anger,
When Indra, life of every living creature, smote down within his lair the assailing Dragon. [9]
      Yea, Strong One! Tvastar turned for you, the Mighty, the bolt with thousand spikes and hundred edges,
Eager and prompt at will, wherewith you crushedst the boasting Dragon, impetuous hero. [10]
      He dressed a hundred buffaloes, Indra, for you whom all accordant Maruts strengthen.
He, Pusan Visnu, poured forth three great vessels to him, the juice that cheers, that slaughters Vritra. [11]
      You settest free the rushing wave of waters, the floods' great swell encompassed and obstructed.
Along steep slopes their course you tumedst, Indra, directed downward, speeding to the ocean. [12]
      So may our new prayer bring you to protect us, you well-armed hero with your bolt of thunder,
Indra, who made these worlds, the Strong, the ty, who never groweth old, the victory-giver. [13]
      So, Indra, form us brilliant holy singers for strength, for glory, and for food and riches.
Give Bharadvaja hero patrons, Indra Indra, be ours upon the day of trial. [14]
      With this may we obtain strength God-appointed, and brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

18 - Indra

GLORIFY him whose might is all-surpassing, Indra the much-invoked who fights uninjured.
Magnify with these songs the never-vanquished, the Strong, the Bull of men, the Mighty Victor. [1]
      He, Champion, hero, Warrior, Lord of battles, impetuous, loudly roaring, great destroyer,
Who whirls the dust on high, alone, oerthrower, has made all races of mankind his subjects. [2]
      You, you alone, have tamed the Dasyus; singly you have subdued the people for the Arya.
In this, or is it not, your hero exploit, Indra? Declare it at the proper season. [3]
      For true, I deem, your strength is, your the Mighty, your, Most Potent, your the Conquering Victor;
Strong, of the strong, Most Mighty, of the mighty, your, driver of the churl to acts of bounty. [4]
      Be this our ancient bond of friendship with you and with Angirases here who speak of Vala.
You, Wondrous, Shaker of things firm, did smite him in his fresh strength, and force his doors and castles. [5]
      With holy thoughts must he be called, the Mighty, showing his power in the great fight with Vritra.
He must be called to give us seed and offspring, the Thunderer must he moved and sped to battle. [6]
      He in his might, with name that lives for ever, has far surpassed all human generations.
He, most heroic, has his home with splendour, with glory and with riches and with valour. [7]
      Stranger to guile, who never was false or faithless, bearing a name that may be well remembered,
Indra crushed Cumuri, Dhuni, Sambara, Pipru, and Susna, that their castles fell in ruin. [8]
      With saving might that must be praised and lauded, Indra, ascend your car to smite down Vritra.
In your right hand hold fast your bolt of thunder, and weaken, Bounteous Lord, his art and magic. [9]
      As Agni, as the dart burns the dry forest, like the dread shaft burn down the fiends, Indra;
You who with high deep-reaching spear have broken, have covered over mischief and destroyed it. [10]
      With wealth, by thousand paths come here, Agni, paths that bring ample strength, you Most Splendid.
Come, Son of Strength, over whom, Invoked of many! the godless has no power to keep you distant. [11]
      From heaven, from earth is bruited forth the greatness of him the firm, the fiery, the resplendent.
No foe has he, no counterpart, no refuge is there from him the Conqueror full of wisdom [12]
      This day the deed that you have done is famous, when you, for him, with many thousand others
Laidest low Kutsa, Ayu, Atithigva, and boldly did deliver Turvayana. [13]
      In you, God, the wisest of the Sages, all gods were joyful when you slewest Ahi.
When lauded for yourself, you gavest freedom to sore-afflicted Heaven and to the people. [14]
      This power of yours both heaven and earth acknowledge, the deathless gods acknowledge it, Indra.
Do what you never have done, Mighty Worker: beget a new hymn at your sacrifices.

19 - Indra

GREAT, hero-like controlling men is Indra, unwasting in his powers, doubled in vastness.
He, turned to us, has grown to hero vigour: broad, wide, he has been decked by those who serve him. [1]
      The bowl made Indra swift to gather booty, the High, the Lofty, Youthful, Undecaying,
Him who has waxed by strength which none may conquer, and even at once grown to complete perfection. [2]
      Stretch out those hands of yours, extend to us-ward your wide capacious arms, and grant us glory.
Like as the household herdsman guards the cattle, so move you round about us in the combat. [3]
      Now, fain for strength, let us invite your Indra here, who lieth hidden with his heroes,
Free from all blame, without reproach, uninjured, even as were those who sang, of old, his praises. [4]
      With steadfast laws, wealth-giver, strong through Soma, he has much fair and precious food to feed us.
In him unite all paths that lead to riches, like rivers that commingle with the ocean. [5]
      Bring to us the mightiest might, hero, strong and most potent force, you great Subduer!
All splendid vigorous powers of men vouchsafe us, Lord of bay steeds, that they may make us joyful. [6]
      Bring us, grown mighty in its strength, Indra, your friendly rapturous joy that wins the battle,
Wherewith by you assisted and triumphant, we may laud you in gaining seed and offspring. [7]
      Indra, bestow on us the power heroic skilled and exceeding strong, that wins the booty,
Wherewith, by your assistance, we may conquer our foes in battle, be they kin or stranger. [8]
      Let your heroic strength come from behind us, before us, from above us or below us.
From every side may it approach us, Indra. Give us the glory of the realm of splendour. [9]
      With most heroic aid from you, like heroes Indra, may we win wealth by deeds glory.
You, King, are Lord of earthly, heavenly treasure: vouchsafe us riches vast, sublime, and lasting. [10]
      The Bull, whose strength has waxed, whom Maruts follow, free-giving Indra, the Celestial Ruler,
Mighty, all-conquering, the victory-giver, him let us call to grant us new protection. [11]
      Give up the people who are high and haughty to these men and to me, Thunder-wielder!
Therefore upon the earth do we invoke you, where heroes win, for sons and kine and waters. [12]
      Through these your friendships, God invoked of many! may we be victors over every foeman.
Slaying both kinds of foe, may we, hero, be happy, helped by you, with ample riches.

20 - Indra

GIVE us wealth, Indra, that with might, as heaven overtops the earth, overcomes our foes in battle
Wealth that brings thousands and that wins the corn-lands, wealth, Son of Strength! that vanquishes the foeman. [1]
      Even as the power of Dyaus, to you, Indra, all Asura sway was by the gods entrusted,
When you, Impetuous! leagued with Visnu, slewest Vritra the Dragon who enclosed the waters. [2]
      Indra, Strong, Victor, Mightier than the mighty, addressed with prayer and perfect in his splendour,
Lord of the bolt that breaks forts in pieces, became the King of the sweet juice of soma.. [3]
      There, Indra, while the light was won, the Panis f1ed, 'neath a hundred blows, for wise Dasoni,
And greedy Susna's magical devices nor left he any of their food remaining. [4]
      What time the thunder fell and Susna perished, all life's support from the great Druh was taken.
Indra made room for his car-drivcr Kutsa who sate beside him, when he gained the sunlight. [5]
      As the Hawk rent for him the stalk that gladdens, he wrenched the head from Namuci the Dasa.
He guarded Nam, Sayya's son, in slumber, and sated him with food, success, and riches. [6]
      You, thunder-armed, with your great might have shattered Pipru's strong forts who knew the wiles of serpents.
You gavest to your worshipper Rjisvan imperishable Wealth, Bounteous Giver. [7]
      The crafty Vetasu, the swift Dasni, and Tugra speedily with all his servants,
Has Indra, gladdening with strong assistance, forced near as it were to glorify the Mother. [8]
      Resistless, with the hosts he battles, bearing in both his arms the Vritra-slaying thunder.
He mounts his Bays, as the car-seat an archer: yoked at a word they bear the lofty Indra. [9]
      May we, Indra, gain by your new favour: so Parus laud you, with their sacrifices,
That you have wrecked seven autumn forts, their shelter, slain Dasa tribes and aided Purukutsa. [10]
      Favouring Usana the son of Kavi, you were his ancient strengthener, Indra.
You gavest Navavastva. as a present, to the great father gavest back his grandson. [11]
      You, roaring Indra, drovest on the waters that made a roaring sound like rushing rivers,
What time, hero, over the sea you broughtest, in safety broughtest Turvasa and Yadu. [12]
      This Indra, was your work in war: you sentest Dhuni and Cumuri to sleep and slumber.
Dabhiti lit the flame for you, and worshipped with fuel, hymns, poured Soma, dressed oblations.




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