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Rigveda 5:1-20

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

Book 5 contains 87 hymns

1 - Agni

Agni is wakened by the people's fuel to meet the Dawn who cometh like a milch-cow.
Like young trees shooting up on high their branches, his flames are rising to the vault of heaven. [1]
      For worship of the gods the priest was wakened: at morning gracious Agni has arisen.
Kindled, his radiant might is made apparent, and the great deity set free from darkness. [2]
      When he has stirred the line of his attendants, with the pure milk pure Agni is anointed.
The strength-bestowing gift is then made ready, which spread in front, with tongues, erect, he drinketh. [3]
      The spirits of the pious turn together to Agni, as the eyes of all to Surya.
He, when both Dawns of different hues have borne him, springs up at daybreak as a strong white charger. [4]
      The noble One was born at days' beginning, laid red in colour mid the well-laid fuel.
Yielding in every house his seven rich treasures, Agni is seated, priest most skilled in worship. [5]
      Agni has sat him down, a priest most skilful, on a sweet-smelling place, his Mother's bosom.
Young, faithful, sage, preeminent over many, kindled among the folk whom he sustaineth. [6]
      This Singer excellent at sacrifices, Agni the priest, they glorify with homage.
Him who spread out both worlds by Law Eternal they balm with oil, strong steed who never faileth. [7]
      . He, worshipful House-Friend, in his home is worshipped, our own auspicious guest, lauded by sages.
That strength the Bull with thousand horns possesses. In might, Agni, you excellest others. [8]
      You quickly passest by all others, Agni, for him to whom you have appeared most lovely,
Wondrously fair, adorable, effulgent, the guest of men, the darling of the people. [9]
      To you, Most Youthful God! to you, Agni from near and far the people bring their tribute.
Mark well the prayer of him who best extols you. Great, high, auspicious, Agni, is your shelter. [10]
      Ascend to-day your splendid car, Agni, in splendour, with the Holy Ones around it.
Knowing the paths by mid-air's spacious region bring here gods to feast on our oblation. [11]
      To him adorable, sage, strong and mighty we have sung forth our song of praise and homage.
Gavisthira has raised with prayer to Agni this laud far-reaching, like gold light to heaven.

2 - Agni

THE youthful Mother keeps the Boy in secret pressed to her close, nor yields him to the Father.
But, when he lies upon the arm, the people see his unfading countenance before them. [1]
      What child is this you carriest as handmaid, Youthful One? The Consort-Queen has bome him.
The Babe unborn increased through many autumns. I saw him born what time his Mother bare him. [2]
      I saw him from afar gold-toothed, bright-coloured, hurling his weapons from his habitation,
What time I gave him Amrta free from mixture. How can the Indraless, the hymnless harm me? [3]
      I saw him moving from the place he dwells in, even as with a herd, brilliantly shining.
These seized him not: he had been born already. They who were grey with age again grow youthful. [4]
      Who separate my young bull from the cattle, they whose protector was in truth no stranger?
Let those whose hands have seized upon them free them. May he, observant, drive the herd to us-ward. [5]
      Mid mortal men godless have secreted the King of all who live, home of the people.
So may the prayers of Atri give him freedom. Reproached in turn be those who now reproach him. [6]
      You from the stake did loose even Sunahsepa bound for a thousand; for he prayed with fervour.
So, Agni, loose from us the bonds that bind us, when you are seated here, priest who know. [7]
      You have sped from me, Agni, in your anger: this the protector of gods' Laws has told me.
Indra who knows bent his eye upon you: by him instructed am I come, Agni. [8]
      Agni shines far and wide with lofty splendour, and by his greatness makes all things apparent.
He conquers godless and malign enchantments, and sharpens both his horns to gore the Raksas. [9]
      Loud in the heaven above be Agni's roarings with keen-edged weapons to destroy the demons.
Forth burst his splendours in the soma's rapture. The godless bands press round but cannot stayhim. [10]
      As a skilled craftsman makes a car, a singer I, Mighty One! this hymn for you have fashioned.
If you, Agni, God, accept it gladly, may we obtain thereby the heavenly Waters. [11]
      May he, the strong-necked Steer, waxing in vigour, gather the foeman's wealth with none to check him.
Thus to this Agni have the immortals spoken. To man who spreads the grass may he grant shelter, grant shelter to the man who brings oblation.

3 - Agni

YOU at your birth art Varuna, Agni; when you are kindled you becomest Mitra.
In you, Son of Strength, all gods are centred. Indra are you to man who brings oblation. [1]
      Aryaman are you as regards maidens mysterious, is your name, Self-sustainer.
As a kind friend with streams of milk they balm you what time you makcst wife and lord one-minded. [2]
      The Maruts deck their beauty for your glory, yea, Rudra! for your birth fair, brightly-coloured.
That which was fixed as Visnu's loftiest station-therewith the secret of the Cows you guardest. [3]
      gods through your glory, God who are so lovely! granting abundant gifts gained life immortal.
As their own priest have men established Agni; and serve him fain for praise from him who liveth. [4]
      There is no priest more skilled than you in worship; none Self-sustainer pass you in wisdom.
Ile man within whose house as guest you dwellest, God, by sacrifice shall conquer mortals. [5]
      Aided by you, Agni may we conquer through our oblation, fain for wealth, awakened:
May we in battle, in the days' assemblies,Son of Strength, by riches conquer mortals. [6]
      He shall bring evil on the evil-plottcr whoever turns against us sin and outrage.
Destroy this calumny of him, Agni, whoever injures us with double-dealing. [7]
      At this dawn's flushing, God! our ancient fathers served you with offerings, making you their envoy,
When, Agni, to the store of wealth you go, a God cnkindled with good things by mortals. [8]
      Save, you who know, draw your father near you, who counts as your own son, Child of Power.
sapient Agni, when will you regard us? When, skilled in holy Law, will you direct us? [9]
      Adoring you he gives you many a title, when you, Good Lord! acceptest this as Father.
And doth not Agni, glad in strength of Godhead, gain splendid bliss when he has waxen mighty? [10]
      Most Youthful Agni, verily you bearest your praiser safely over all his troubles.
Thieves have been seen by us and open foemen: unknown have been the plottings of the wicked. [11]
      To you these eulogies have been directed: or to the Vasu has this sin been spoken.
But this our Agni, flaming high, shall never yield us to calumny, to him who wrongs us.

4 - Agni

AGNI, King and Lord of wealth and treasures, in you is my delight at sacrifices.
Through you may we obtain the strength we long for, and overcome the fierce attacks of mortals. [1]
      Agni, Eternal Father, offering-bearer, fair to behold, far-reaching, far-refulgent,
From well-kept household fire beam food to feed us, and measure out to us abundant glory. [2]
      The Sage of men, the Lord of human races, pure, purifying Agni, balmed with butter,
Him the Omniscient as your priest you stablish: he wins among the gods things worth the choosing. [3]
      Agni, enjoy, of one accord with Ila, striving in rivalry with beams of Sarya,
Enjoy, Jatavedas, this our fuel, and bring the gods to us to taste oblations. [4]
      As dear House-Friend, guest welcome in the dwelling, to this our sacrifice come who know.
And, Agni, having scattered all assailants, bring to us the possessions of our foemen. [5]
      Drive you away the Dasyu with your weapon. As, gaining vital power for your own body,
Son of Strength, the gods you satisfiest, so in fight save us, most heroic Agni. [6]
      May we, Agni, with our lauds adore you, and with our gifts, fair-beaming Purifier!
Send to us wealth containing all things precious: bestow upon us every sort of riches. [7]
      Son of Strength, Agni, dweller in three regions, accept our sacrifice and our oblation.
Among the gods may we be counted pious: protect us with a triply-guarding shelter. [8]
      Over all woes and dangers, Jatavedas, bear us as in a boat across a river.
Praised with our homage even as Atri praised you, Agni, be the guardian of our bodies. [9]
      As I, remembering you with grateful spirit, a mortal, call with might on you immortal,
Vouchsafe us high renown, Jatavedas, and may I be immortal by my children. [10]
      The pious man, Jatavedas Agni, to whom you grantest ample room and pleasure,
Gains abundant wealth with sons and horses, with heroes and with kine for his well-being.

5 - Apris

To Agni, Jatavedas, to the flame, the well-enkindled God,
Offer thick sacrificial oil. [1]
      He, Narasamsa, never beguiled, inspirits this sacrifice:
For sage is he, with sweets in hand. [2]
      Adored, Agni, here bring Indra the Wonderful, the friend,
On lightly-rolling car to aid. [3]
      Spread yourself out, you soft as wool The holy hymns have sung to you.
Bring gain to us, beautiful! [4]
      Open yourselves, you Doors Divine, easy of access for our aid:
Fill, more and more, the sacrifice. [5]
      Fair strengtheners of vital power, young Mothers of eternal Law,
Morning and Night we supplicate. [6]
      On the wind's flight come, glorified, you two celestial priests of man
Come to this our sacrifice. [7]
      l! Sarasvati, Mahl, three Goddesses who tring us weal,
Be seated harmless on the grass. [8]
      Rich in all plenty, Tvastar, come auspicious of yours own accord
Help us in every sacrifice. [9]
      Vanaspati, wherever you know the gods' mysterious names,
Send our oblations thereward. [10]
      To Agni and to Varuna, Indra, the Maruts, and the gods,
With Svaha be oblation brought.

6 - Agni

I VALUE Agni that good Lord, the home to which the kine return:
Whom fleet-foot coursers seek as home, and strong enduring steeds as home. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [1]
      'Tis Agni whom we laud as good, to whom the milch-kine come in herds,
To whom the chargers swift of foot, to whom our well-born princes come. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [2]
      Agni the god of all mankind, gives, verily, a steed to man.
Agni gives precious gear for wealth, treasure he gives when he is pleased. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [3]
      God, Agni, we will kindle you, rich in your splendour, fading not,
So that this glorious fuel may send forth by day its light for you. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [4]
      To you the splendid, Lord of flame, bright, wondrous, Prince of men, is brought.
Oblation with the holy verse, Agni, bearer of our gifts.
Bring food to those who sing your praise. [5]
      These Agnis in the seats of the fire nourish each thing most excellent.
They give delight, they spread abroad, they move themselves continually. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [6]
      Agni, these brilliant flames of yours wax like strong chargers mightily,
Who with the treadings of their hoofs go swiftly to the stalls of kine. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [7]
      To us who laud you, Agni, bring fresh food and safe and happy homes.
May we who have sung hymns to you have you for envoy in each house. Bring food to those who sing your praise. [8]
      You, brilliant God, within your mouth warmest both ladies of the oil.
So fill us also, in our hymns, abundantly, Lord of Strength,Bring food to those who sing your praise. [9]
      Thus Agni have we duly served with sacrifices and with hymns.
So may he give us what we crave, store of brave sons and fleet-foot steeds. Bring food to those who sing your praise.

7 - Agni

OFFER to Agni, my friends, your seemly food, your seemly praise;
To him supremest over the folk, the Son of Strength, the mighty Lord: [1]
      Him in whose presence, when they meet in full assembly, men rejoice;
Even him whom worthy ones inflame, and living creatures bring to life. [2]
      When we present to him the food and sacrificial gifts of men,
He by the might of splendour grasps the holy Ordinance's rein. [3]
      He gives a signal in the night even to him who is afar,
When he, the Bright, unchanged by eld, consumes the sovrans of the wood. [4]
      He in whose service on the ways they offer up their drops of sweat,
On him is their high kin have they mounted, as ridges on the earth. [5]
      Whom, sought of many, mortal man has found to be the Stay of all;
He who gives flavour to our food, the home of every man that lives. [6]
      Even as a herd that crops the grass he shears the field and wilderness,
With flashing tes and beard of gold, deft with his unabated might. [7]
      For him, to whom, bright as an axe he, as to Atri, has flashed forth,
Has the well-bearing Mother borne, producing when her time is come. [8]
      Agni to whom the oil is shed by him you love to support,
Bestow upon these mortals fame and splendour and intelligence. [9]
      Such zeal has he, resistless one: he gained the cattle given by you.
Agni, may Atri overcome the Dasyus who bestow no gifts, subdue the men who give no food.

8 - Agni

AGNI urged to strength, the men of old who loved the Law enkindled you,
the Ancient, for their aid,
You very bright, and holy, nourisher of all, most excellent, the friend and Master of the home. [1]
      You, Agni, men have stablished as their guest of old, as Master of the household, you, with hair of flame;
High-bannered, multiform, distributor of wealth, kind helper, good protector, drier of the floods. [2]
      The tribes of men praise you, Agni, who know well burnt offerings, the Discerner, lavishest of wealth,
Dwelling in secret, Blest One! visible to all, loud-roaring, skilled in worship, glorified with oil. [3]
      Ever to you, Agni, as exceeding strong have we drawn nigh with songs and reverence singing hymns.
So be you pleased with us, Angiras! as a God enkindled by the noble with man's goodly light. [4]
      You, Agni! multiform, God who are lauded much! give in every house subsistence as of old.
You rulest by your might over food of many a sort: that light of yours when blazing may not be opposed. [5]
      The gods, Most Youthful Agni, have made you, inflamed, the bearer of oblations and the messenger.
You, widely-reaching, homed in sacred oil, invoked, effulgent, have they made the Eye that stirs the thought. [6]
      Men seeking joy have lit you worshipped from of old, Agni, with good fuel and with sacred oil.
So you, bedewed and waxing mighty by the plants, spreadest yourself abroad over the realms of earth.

9 - Agni

BEARING; oblations mortal men, Agni, worship you the god.
I deem you Jatavedas: bear our offerings, you, unceasingly. [1]
      In the man's home who offers gifts, where grass is trimmed, Agni is priest,
To whom all sacrifices come and strengthenings that win renown. [2]
      Whom, as an infant newly-born, the kindling-sticks have brought to life,
Sustainer of the tribes of men, skilled in well-ordered sacrifice. [3]
      Yea, very hard are you to grasp, like offspring of the wriggling snakes,
When you consumest many woods like an ox, Agni, in the mead. [4]
      Whose flames, when you are sending forth the smoke, completely reach the mark,
When Trta in the height of heaven, like as a smelter fanns you, even as a smelter sharpens you. [5]
      Agni, by your succour and by Mitra's friendly furtherance,
May we, averting hate, subbue the wickedness of mortal men. [6]
      Agni, to our heroes bring such riches, you victorious God.
May he protect and nourish us, and help in aining strength: be you near us in 6rht for our success.

10 - Agni

BRING us most mighty splendour you, Agni, resistless on your way.
With overflowing store of wealth mark out for us a path to strength. [1]
      Ours are you, wondrous Agni, bywisdom and bounteousness of power.
The might of Asuras rests on you, like Mitra worshipful in act. [2]
      Agni, increase our means of life, increase the house and home of these,
The men, the princes who have won great riches through our hymns of praise. [3]
      Bright Agni, they who deck their songs for you have horses as their meed.
The men are mighty in their might, they whose high laud, as that of heaven, awakes you of its own accord. [4]
      Agni, those resplendent flames of yours go valorously forth,
Like lightnings flashing round us, like a rattling car that seeks the spoil. [5]
      Now, Agni, come to succour us; let priests draw nigh to offer gifts;
And let the patrons of our rites subdue all regions of the earth. [6]
      Bring to us, Agni, Angiras, lauded of old and lauded now,
Invoker! wealth to quell the strong, that singers may extol you. Be near us in fight for our success.

11 - Agni

THE watchful Guardian of the people has been born, Agni, the very strong, for fresh prosperity.
With oil upon his face, with high heaventouching flame, he shineth splendidly, pure, for the Bharatas. [1]
      Ensign of sacrifice, the earliest Household-priest, the. men have kindled Agni in his threefold seat,
With Indra and the gods together on the grass let the wise priest sit to complete the sacrifice. [2]
      Pure , unadorned, from your two Mothers are you born: you camest fromVivasvan as a charming Sage.
With oil they strengthened you, Agni, worshipped God: your banner was the smoke that mounted to the sky. [3]
      May Agni graciously come to our sacrifice. The men bear Agni here and there in every house.
He has become an envoy, bearer of our gifts: electing Agni, men choose one exceeding wise. [4]
      For you, Agni, is this sweetest prayer of mine: dear to your spirit be this product of my thought.
As great streams fill the river so our song of praise fill you, and make you yet more mighty in your strength. [5]
      Agni, the Angirases discovered you what time you lay hidden, fleeing back from wood to wood.
You by attrition are produced as conquering might, and men, Angiras, call the Son of Strength.

12 - Agni

To Agni, lofty Asura, meet for worship, Steer of eternal Law, my prayer I offer;
I bring my song directed to the Mighty like pure oil for his mouth at sacrifices. [1]
      Mark the Law, you who know, yea, observe it: send forth the full streams of eternal Order.
I use no sorcery with might or falsehood the sacred Law of the Red Steer I follow. [2]
      How have you, follower of the Law eternal, become the knower of a new song, Agni?
The god, the Guardian of the seasons, knows me: the Lord of him who won this wealth I know not. [3]
      Who, Agni, in alliance with your foeman, what splendid helpers won for them their riches?
Agni, who guard the dwelling-place of falsehood? Who are protectors of the speech of liars? [4]
      Agni, those friends of yours have turned them from you: gracious of old, they have become ungracious.
They have deceived themselves by their own speeches, uttering wicked words against the righteous. [5]
      He who pays sacrifice to you with homage, Agni, keeps the Red Steer's Law eternal;
Wide is his dwelling. May the noble offipring of Nahusa who wandered forth come here.

13 - Agni

WITH songs of praise we call on you, we kindle you with songs of praise,
Agni, -with songs of praise, for help. [1]
      Eager for wealth, we meditate Agni's effectual praise to-day,
Praise of the god who touches heaven. [2]
      May Agni, priest among mankind, take pleasure in our songs of praise,
And worship the Celestial Folk. [3]
      You, Agni, art spread widely forth, priest dear and excellent; through you
Men make the sacrifice complete. [4]
      Singers exalt you, Agni, well lauded, best giver of our strength:
So grant you us heroic might. [5]
      You Agni, as the felly rings the spokes, encompassest the gods.
1 yearn for bounty manifold.

14 - Agni

ENKINDLING the immortal, wake Agni with song of praise: may he bear our oblations to the gods. [1]
      At high solemnities mortal men glorify him the immortal, best
At sacrifice among mankind. [2]
      That he may bear their gifts to heaven, all glorify him Agni, God,
With ladle that distills oil. [3]
      Agni shone bright when born, with light killing the Dasyus and the dark:
He found the Kine, the Floods, the Sun. [4]
      Serve Agni, God adorable, the Sage whose back is balmed with oil:
Let him approach, and hear my call. [5]
      They have exalted Agni, god of all mankind, with oil and hymns
Of praise, devout and eloquent.

15 - Agni

To him, the far-renowned, the wise Ordainer, ancient and glorious, a song I offer.
Enthroned in oil, the Asura, bliss-giver, is Agni, firm support of noble, riches. [1]
      By holy Law they kept supporting Order, by help of sacrifice, in loftiest heaven.
They who attained with born men to the unborn, men seated on that stay, heaven's firm sustainer. [2]
      Averting woe, they labour hard to bring him, the ancient, plenteous food as power resistless.
May he, born newly, conquer his assailants: round him they stand as round an angry lion. [3]
      When, like a mother, spreading forth to nourish, to cherish and regard each man that liveth.
Consuming all the strength that you have gotten, you wanderest round, yourself,
in varied fashion. [4]
      May strength preserve the compass of your vigour, God! that broad stream of yours that bears riches.
You, like a thief who keeps his refuge secret, have holpen Atri to great wealth, by teaching.

16 - Agni

GREAT power is in the beam of light, sing praise to, Agni, to the god
Whom men have set in foremost place like Mitra with their eulogies. [1]
      He by the splendour of his arms is priest of every able man.
Agni conveys oblation straight, and deals, as Bhaga deals, his boons. [2]
      All rests upon the laud and love of him the rich, high-flaming God,
On whom, loud-roaring, men have laid great strength as on a faithful friend. [3]
      So, Agni, be the friend of these with liberal gift of hero strength.
Yea, Heaven and Earth have not surpassed this Youthful One in glorious fame. [4]
      Agni, quickly come to us, and, glorified, bring precious wealth.
So we and these our princes will assemble for the good of all. Be near in fight to prosper us.

17 - Agni

GOD, may a mortal call the Strong here, with solemn rites, to aid,
A man call Agni to protect when sacrifice is well prepared. [1]
      Near him you seemest mightier still in native glory, set to hold
Apart yon flame-hued vault of heaven, lovely beyond the thought of man. [2]
      Yea, this is by the light of him whom powerful siong has bound to act,
Whose bearns of splendour flash on high as though they sprang from heavenly seed. [3]
      Wealth loads the Wonder-Worker's car through his, the very wise One's power.
Then, meet to be invoked among all tribes, is Agni ghorified. [4]
      Now, too, the princes shall obtain excellent riches by our lips.
Protect us for our welfare: lend your succour, you Son of Strength. Be near in fight to prosper us.

18 - Agni

AT dawn let: Agni, much-beloved guest of the house, be glorified;
immortal who delights in all oblations brought by mortal men. [1]
      For Dvita who receives through wealth of native strength maimed offerings,
Your praiser even gains at once the soma-drops, immortal gods! [2]
      Nobles, with song I call that car of yours that shines with lengthened life,
For, God who give steeds! that car here and there goes unharmed. [3]
      They who have varied ways of thought, who guard, the lauds within their lips,
And strew the grass before the light, have decked themselves with high renown. [4]
      immortal Agni, give the chiefs, heroes who institute the rite,
Heroes' illustrious, lofty fame, who at the synod met for praise presented me with fifty steeds.

19 - Agni

ONE state begets another state: husk is made visible from husk:
Within his Mother's side he speaks. [1]
      Discerning, have they offered gifts: they guard the strength that never wastes.
To a strong fort have they pressed in. [2]
      Svaitreya's people, all his men, have gloriously increased in might.
A gold chain Brhaduktha wears, as, through this Soma, seeking spoil. [3]
      I bring, as it were, the longed-for milk, the dear milk of the Sister-Pair.
Like to a caldron filled with food is he, unconquered, conquering all. [4]
      Beam of light, come to us in sportive fashion, finding yourself close to the wind that fans you.
These flames of his are wasting flames, like arrows keen-pointed, sharpened, on his breast.

20 - Agni

AGNI, best winner of the spoil, cause us to praise before the gods
As our associate meet for lauds, wealth which you verily deemest wealth. [1]
      Agni, the great who ward not off the anger of your power and might
Stir up the wrath and hatred due to one who holds an alien creed. [2]
      You, Agni, would we choose as priest, the perfecter of strength and skill;
We who bring sacred food invoke with song you Chief at holy rites. [3]
      Here as is needful for your aid we toil, Conqueror, day by day,
For wealth, for Law. May we rejoice, Most Wise One! at the feast, with kine, rejoice, with heroes, at the feast.




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