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Rigveda 4:46-58

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

46 - Vayu. Indra-Vayu

DRINK the best draught of soma-juice, Vayu, at our holy rites:
For you are he who drinks first. [1]
      Come, team-drawn, with your hundred helps, with Indra, seated in the car,
Vaya, and drink your fill of juice. [2]
      May steeds a thousand bring you both, Indra. and Vayu, hereward
To drink the soma, to the feagt. [3]
      For you, Indra-Vayu, mount the goldenseated car that aids
The sacrifice, that reaches heaven. [4]
      On far-refulgent chariot come to the man who offers gifts:
Come, Indra-Vayu, hereward. [5]
      Here, Indra-Vayu, is the juice: drink it, accordant with the gods,
Within the giver's dwelling-place. [6]
      Here, Indra-Vayu, be your journey here unyoke your steeds,
Here for your draught of soma juice.

47 - Vayu. Indra-Vayu

Vayu, the bright is offered you, best of the meath at holy rites.
Come to drink the soma juice, God, longed-for, on your team-drawn car. [1]
      Vayu, you and Indra are meet drinkers of these Soma-draughts,
For to you the drops proceed as waters gather to the vale. [2]
      Indra-Vayu, mighty two, speeding together, lords of Strength,
Come to our succour with your team, that you may drink the soma juice. [3]
      The longed-for teams which you possess, heroes, for the worshipper,
Turn to us, Indra-Vayu, you to whom the sacrifice is paid.

48 - Vayu

TASTE offerings never tasted yet, as bards enjoy the foeman's wealth.
Vayu, on refulgent car come to the drinking of the juice. [1]
      Removing curses, drawn by teams, with Indra, seated by your side,
Vayu, on refulgent car come to the drinking of the juice. [2]
      The two dark treasuries of wealth that wear
all beauties wait on you.
Vayu, on refulgent car come to the drinking of the juice. [3]
      May nine-and-ninety harnessed steeds who yoke them at your will bring you.
Vayu, on refulgent car come to the drinking of the juice. [4]
      Harness, Vayu, to your car a hundred well-fed tawny steeds,
Yea, or a thousand steeds, and let your chariot come to us with might.

49 - Indra-Brihaspati

DEAR is this offering in your mouth, Indra and Brihaspati:
Famed is the laud, the gladdening draught. [1]
      This lovely Soma is effused, Indra and Brihaspati,
For you, to drink it and rejoice. [2]
      As Soma-drinkers to our house come, Indra and Brihaspati-and Indra-to drink soma juice. [3]
      Vouchsafe us riches hundredfold, Indra, and Brihaspati,
With store of horses, thousandfold. [4]
      Indra. and Brihaspati, we call you when the meath is shed,
With songs, to drink the soma juice. [5]
      Drink, Indra and Brihaspati, the soma in the giver's house:
Delight yourselves abiding there.

50 - Brihaspati

Him who with might has propped earth's ends, who sitts in threefold seat, Brihaspati, with thunder,
Him of the pleasant tongue have ancient sages, deep-thinking, holy singers, set before them. [1]
      Wild in their course, in well-marked wise rejoicing were they, Brihaspati, who pressed around us.
Preserve Brihaspati, the stall uninjured, this company's raining, ever-moving birthplace. [2]
      Brihaspati, from your remotest distance have they sat down who love the law eternal.
For you were dug wells springing from the mountain, which murmuring round about pour streams of sweetness. [3]
      Brihaspati, when first he had his being from mighty splendour in supremest heaven,
Strong, with his sevenfold mouth, with noise of thunder, with his seven rays, blew and dispersed the darkness. [4]
      With the loud-shouting band who sang his praises, with thunder, he destroyed obstructive Vala.
Brihaspati thundering drave forth the cattle, the lowing cows who make oblations ready. [5]
      Serve we with sacrifices, gifts, and homage even thus the Steer of all the gods, the Father.
Brihaspati, may we be lords of riches, with noble progeny and store of heroes. [6]
      Surely that King by power and might heroic has made him lord of all his foes' possessions,
Who cherishes Brihaspati well-tended, adorns and worships him as foremost sharer. [7]
      In his own house he dwells in peace and comfort: to him for ever holy food flows richly.
To him the people with free will pay homage-the King with whom the Brahman hatb precedence. [8]
      He, unopposed, is master of the riches.of his own subjects and of hostile people.
The gods uphold that King with their protection who helps the Brahman when he seeks his favour. [9]
      Indra, Brihaspati, rainers of treasure, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink the soma.
Let the abundant drops sink deep within you: vouchsafe us riches with full store of heroes. [10]
      Brihaspati and Indra, make us prosper may this be your benevolence to usward.
Assist our holy thoughts, wake up our spirit: weaken the hatred of our foe and rivals.

51 - Dawn

FORTH from the darkness in the region eastward this most abundant splendid light hatb mounted.
Now verily the far-refulgent Mornings, Daughters of Heaven, bring welfare to the people. [1]
      The richly-coloured Dawns have mounted eastward, like pillars planted at our sacrifices,
And, flushing far, splendid and purifying, unbarred the portals of the fold of darkness. [2]
      Dispelling gloom this day the wealthy Mornings urge liberal givers to present their treasures.
In the unlightened depth of darkness round them let niggard traffickers sleep unawakened. [3]
      Goddesses, is this your car, I ask you, ancient this day, or is it new, you Mornings,
Wherewith, rich Dawns, you seek with wealth Navagva, Dasagva Angira, the seven-toned singer? [4]
      With horses harnessed by eternal Order, Goddesses, swiftly round the worlds you travel,
Arousing from their rest, Dawns, the sleeping, and all that lives, man, bird, and beast, to motion. [5]
      Which among these is eldest, and where is she through whom they fixed the Rbhus' regulations?
What time the splendid Dawns go forth for splendour, they are not known aparto alike, unwasting. [6]
      Blest were these Dawns of old, shining with succour, true with the truth that springs from holy Order;
With whom the toiling worshipper, by praises, hymning and lauding, soon attained to riches. [7]
      Here from eastward all at once they travel, from one place spreading in the selfsame manner.
Awaking, from the seat of holy Order the godlike Dawns come nigh like troops of cattle. [8]
      Thus they go forth with undiminished colours, these Mornings similar, in self-same fashion,
Concealing the gigantic might of darkness with radiant bodies bright and pure and shining. [9]
      Goddesses, Heaven's refulgent Daughters, bestow upon us wealth with store of children.
As from our pleasant place of rest you rouse us may we be masters of heroic vigour. [10]
      Well-skilled in lore of sacrifice, you Daughters of Heaven, refulgent Dawns, I thus address you.
May we be glorious among the people. May Heaven vouchsafe us this, and Earth the goddess,

52 - Dawm

THIS Lady, giver of delight, after her Sister shining forth, Daughter of Heaven, has shown herself.- [1]
      Unfailing, Mother of the Kine, in colour like a bright red mare,
The Dawn became the Asvins' friend. [2]
      Yea, and you are the Asvins' friend, the Mother of the Kine are you:
Dawn you rulest over wealth. [3]
      Thinking of you, joyous One, as her who drivs hate away,
We woke to meet you with our lauds. [4]
      Our eyes behold your blessed rays like troops of cattle loosed to feed.
Dawn has filled full the wide expanse. [5]
      When you have filled it, Fulgent One! you layest bare the gloom with light.
After your nature aid us, Dawn. [6]
      You overspreadest heaven with rays, the dear wide region of mid-air.
With your bright shining lustre, Dawn.

53 - Savitar

OF Savitar the god, the sapient Asura, we crave this great gift which is worthy of our choice,
Wherewith he freely grants his worshiper defence. This with his rays the Great God has vouchsafed to us. [1]
      Sustainer of the heaven, Lord of the whole world's life, the Sage, he putts on his golden-coloured mail.
Clear-sighted, spreading far, filling the spacious realm, Savitar has brought forth bliss that deservs laud. [2]
      He has filled full the regions of the heaven and earth: the god for his own strengthening waks up the hymn.
Savitar has stretched out his arms to cherish life, producing with his rays and lulling all that moves. [3]
      Lighting all living creatures, neer to be deceived, Savitar, God, protects each holy ordinance.
He has stretched out his arms to all the folk of earth, and, with his laws observed, rules his own mighty course. [4]
      Savitar thrice surrounding with his mightiness mid-air, three regions, and the triple sphere of light,
Sets the three heavens in motion and the threefold earth, and willingly protects us with his triple law. [5]
      Most gracious God, who brings to life and lulls to rest, he who controls the world, what moves not and what moves,
May he vouchsafe us shelter, Savitar the god, for tranquil life, with triple bar against distress. [6]
      With the year's seasons has Savitar, God, come nigh: may he prosper our home, give food and noble sons.
May he invigorate us through the days and nights, and may he send us opulence with progeny.

54 - Savitar

Now must we praise and honour Savitar the god: at this time of the day the men must call to him,
Him who distributes wealth to Manu's progeny, that he may grant us here riches most excellent. [1]
      For you at first producest for the holy gods the noblest of all portions, immor-tality:
Thereafter as a gift to men, Savitar, you openest existence, life succeeding life. [2]
      If we, men as we are, have sinned against the gods through want of thought, in weakness, or through insolence,
Absolve us from the guilt and make us free from sin, Savitar, alike among both gods and men. [3]
      None may impede that power of Savitar the god by which he will maintain the universal world.
What the fair-fingered God brings forth on earth's expanse or in the heightof heaven, that work of his stands sure. [4]
      To lofty hills you sendest those whom Indra leads, and give fixed abodes with houses to these.
However they may fly and draw themselves apart, still, Savitar, they stand obeying your behest. [5]
      May the libations poured to you thrice daily, day after day, Savitar, bring us blessing.
May Indra, Heaven, Earth, Sindhu with the Waters, Aditi with Adityas, give us shelter.

55 - Visvedevas

WHof you, Vasus, saveth? who protecteth? Heaven and Earth and Aditi, preserve us,
Varuna., Mitra, from the stronger mortal. gods, which of you at sacrifice givs comfort? [1]
      They who with laud extol the ancient statutes, when they shine forth infallible dividers,
Have ordered as perpetual Ordainers, and beamed as holy-thoughted WonderWorkers. [2]
      The Housewife Goddess, Aditi, and Sindhu, the goddess Svasti I implore for friendship:
And may the unobstructed Night and Morning both, day and night, provide for our protection. [3]
      Aryaman, Varuna have disclosed the pathway, Agni as Lord of Strength the road to welfare.
Lauded in manly mode may Indra-Visnu grant us their powerful defence and shelter. [4]
      I have besought the favourof the Maruts, of Parvata, of Bhaga God who rescues.
From trouble caused by man the Lord preserve us; from woe sent by his friend let Mitra save us. [5]
      Agree, through these our watery oblations, Goddesses, Heaven and Earth, with Ahibudhnya.
As if to win the sea, the Gharma-heaters have opened, as they come anear, the rivers. [6]
      May Goddess Aditi with gods defend us, save us the saviour God with care unceasing.
We dare not stint the sacred food of Mitra and Varuna upon the back of Agni. [7]
      Agni is Sovran Lord of wealth, Agni of great prosperity:
May he bestow these gifts on us. [8]
      Here to us, rich pleasant Dawn, bring many things to be desired,
You who have ample store of wealth. [9]
      So then may Bhaga, Savitar, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Indra, with bounty come to us.

56 - Heaven and Earth

MAY mighty Heaven and Earth, most meet for honour, be present here with light and gleaming splendours;
When, fixing them apart, vast, most extensive, the Steer roars loudly in far-reaching courses. [1]
      The goddesses with gods, holy with holy, the Two stand pouring out their rain, exhaustless:
Faithful and guileless, having gods for children, leaders of sacrifice with shining splendours. [2]
      Sure in the worlds he was a skilful Craftsman, he who produced these two the Earth and Heaven.
Wise, with his power he brought both realms, together spacious and deep, wellfashioned, unsupported. [3]
      Heaven and Earth, with one accord promoting, with high protection as of Queens, our welfare,
Far-reaching, universal, holy, guard us. May we, car-borne, through song be victors ever. [4]
      To both of you, Heaven and Earth, we bring our lofty song of praise,
Pure Ones! to glorify you both. [5]
      You sanctify each other's form, by your own proper might you rule,
And from of old observe the Law. [6]
      Furthering and fulfilling, you, Mighty, perfect Mitra's Law.
You sit around our sacrifice.

57 - Ksetrapati, etc

WE through the Master of the Field, even as through a friend, obtain
What nourishs our kine and steeds. In such may he be good to us. [1]
      As the cow yields milk, pour for us freely, Lord of the Field, the wave that bears sweetness,
Distilling meath, well-purified like butter, and let the. lords of holy Law be gracious. [2]
      Sweet be the plants for us. the heavens, the waters, and full of sweets for us be air's mid-region.
May the Field's Lord for us be full of sweetness, and may we follow after him uninjured. [3]
      Happily work our steers and men, may the plough furrow happily.
Happily be the traces bound; happily may he ply the goad. [4]
      Suna and Sira, welcome this laud, and with the milk which you have made in heaven
Bedew you both this earth of ours. [5]
      Auspicious Sita, come near: we venerate and worship you
That you may bless and prosper us and bring us fruits abundantly. [6]
      May Indra press the furrow down, may Pusan guide its course aright.
May she, as rich in milk, be drained for us through each succeeding year. [7]
      Happily let the shares turn up the ploughland, happily go the ploughers with the oxen.
With meath and milk Parjanya make us happy. Grant us prosperity, Suna and Sira.

58 - Ghrta

FORTH from the ocean sprang the wave of sweetness: together with the stalk it turned to Amrta,
That which is holy oil's mysterious title: but the gods' tongue is truly Amrta's centre. [1]
      Let us declare aloud the name of Ghrta, and at this sacrifice hold it up with homage.
So let the Brahman hear the praise we utter. This has the four-horned Buffalo emitted. [2]
      Four are his horns, three are the feet that bear him; his heads are two, his hands are seven in number.
Bound with a triple bond the Steer roars loudly: the mighty God has entered in to mortals. [3]
      That oil in triple shape the gods discovered laid down within the Cow, concealed by Panis.
Indra produced one shape, Surya another: by their own power they formed the third from Vena. [4]
      From inmost reservoir in countless channels flow down these rivers which the foe beholds not.
I look upon the streams of oil descending, and lo! the Golden Reed is there among them. [5]
      Like rivers our libations flow together, cleansing themselves in inmost heart and spirit.
The streams of holy oil pour swiftly downward like the wild beasts that fly before the bowman. [6]
      As rushing down the rapids of a river, flow swifter than the wind the vigorous currents,
The streams of oil in swelling fluctuation like a red courser bursting through the fences. [7]
      Like women at a gathering fair to look on and gently smiling, they incline to Agni.
The streams of holy oil attain the fuel, and Jatavedas joyfully receives them. [8]
      As maidens dock themselves with gay adornment to join the bridal feast, I now behold them.
Where Soma flows and sacrifice is ready, there the streams of holy oil are running. [9]
      Send to our eulogy a herd of cattle bestow upon us excellent possessions.
Bear to the gods the sacrifice we offer the streams of oil flow pure and full of sweetness. [10]
      The universe depends upon your power and might within the sea, within the heart, within all life.
May we attain that sweetly-flavoured wave of yours, brought, at its gathering, over the surfaceof the floods.




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