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Rigveda 4:31-45

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

31 - Indra

WITH what help will he come to us, wonderful, ever-waxing friend;
With what most mighty company? [1]
      What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit you with juice to burst
Open even strongly-guarded wealth? [2]
      Do you who are protector of us your friends who praise you
With hundred aids approach us. [3]
      Like as a courser's circling wheel, so turn you hereward to us,
Attracted by the hymns of men. [4]
      You seek as it were your own stations with swift descent of powers:
I share you even with the Sun. [5]
      What time your courage and his wheels together, Indra, run their course
With you and with the Sun alike, [6]
      So even, Lord of Power and Might, the people call you Maghavan,
Giver, who pauses not to think. [7]
      And verily to him who toils and presses soma juice for you
You quickly give ample wealth. [8]
      No, not a hundred hinderers can check your gracious bounty's flow,
Nor your great deeds when you will act. [9]
      May your assistance keep us safe, your hundred and your thousand aids:
May all your favours strengthen us. [10]
      Do you elect us this place for friendship and prosperity,
And great celestial opulence. [11]
      Favour us, Indra, evermore with overflowing store of wealth:
With all your succours aid you us. [12]
      With new protections, Indra, like an archer, open you forus
The stables that are filled with kine. [13]
      Our chariot, Indra, boldly moves endued with splendour, never repulsed,
Winning for us both kine and steeds. [14]
      Surya, make our fame to be most excellent among the gods,
Most lofty as the heaven on high.

32 - Indra

YOU who slew Vritra, come, Indra, here to our side,
Mighty One with your mighty aids. [1]
      Swift and impetuous are you, wondrous amid the well-dressed folk:
You do marvels for our help. [2]
      Even with the weak you smite down him
who is stronger, with your strength
The mighty, with the friends you have. [3]
      Indra, we are close to you; to you we sing aloud our songs:
Help hnd defend us, even us. [4]
      As such, Caster of the Stone, come with your succours wonderful,
Blameless, and irresistible. [5]
      May we be friends of one like you, Indra, with the wealth of kine,
Comrades for lively energy. [6]
      For you, Indra, art alone the Lord of strength that comes from kine
So grant you us abundant food. [7]
      They turn you not another way, when, lauded, Lover of the Song,
You will give wealth to those who praise. [8]
      The Gotamas have sung their song of praise to you that you may give,
Indra, for lively energy. [9]
      We will declare your hero deeds, what Disa forts you brakest down,
Attacking them in rapturous joy. [10]
      The sages sing those manly deeds which, Indra, Lover of the Song,
You wrought when the soma flowed. [11]
      Indra, the Gotamas who bring you praises have grown strong by you.
Give them renown with hero sons. [12]
      For, Indra, verily you are the general treasure even of all.
You, therefore, do we invocate. [13]
      Excellent Indra, turn to us: glad you among us with the juice
Of Somas, Soma-drinker you. [14]
      May praise from us who think Qn you, Indra, bring you near to us.
Turn your two bay steeds hereward. [15]
      Eat of our sacrificial cake: rejoice you in the songs we sing.
Even as a lover in his bride. [16]
      To India for a thousand steeds well-trained and fleet of foot we pray,
And hundred jars of soma juice. [17]
      We make a hundred of your kine, yea, and a thousand, hasten nigh:
So let your bounty come to us. [18]
      We have obtained, a gift from you, ten water-ewers wrought of gold:
You, Vritra-slayer, give much. [19]
      A bounteous Giver, give us much, bring much and not a trifling gift:
Much, Indra, will you fain bestow. [20]
      Vritra-slayer, you are famed in many a place as bountiful
Hero, your bounty let us share. [21]
      I praise your pair of Tawny steeds, wise Son of him who giveth kine
Terrify not the cows with these. [22]
      Like two slight images of girls, unrobed, upon a new-wrought post,
So shine the bay steeds in their course. [23]
      For me the Bays are ready when I start, or start not, with the dawn, Innocuous in the ways they take.

33 - Ribhus

I SEND my voice as herald to the Ribhus; I crave the white cow for the overspreading.
Wind-sped, the Skillful Ones in rapid motion have in an instant compassed round the heaven. [1]
      What time the Rbus had with care and marvels done proper service to assist their Parents,
They won the friendship of the gods; the Sages carried away the fruit of their devotion. [2]
      May they who made their Parents, who were lying like posts that moulder, young again for ever.
May Vaja, Vibhvan, Ribhu, joined with Indra , protect our sacrifice, the soma-lovers. [3]
      As for a year the Ribhus kept the Milch-cow, throughout a year fashioned and formed her body,
And through a year's space still sustained her brightness, through these their labours they were made immortal. [4]
      Two beakers let us make - thus said the eldest. Lct us make three,- this was the younger's sentence.
Four beakers let us make - thus spoke the youngest. Tvastar approved this rede of yours, Ribhus. [5]
      The men spake truth and even so they acted: this godlike way of theirs the Ribhus followed.
And Tvastar, when he looked on the four beakers resplendent as the day, was moved with envy. [6]
      When for twelve days the Ribhus joyed reposing as guests of him who never may be hidden,
lley made fair fertile fields, they brought the rivers. Plants spread over deserts, waters filled the hollows. [7]
      May they who formed the swift car, bearing heroes, and the Cow omniform and all-impelling,
Even may they form wealth for us,-the Ribhus, dexterous-handed, deft in work and gracious. [8]
      So in their work the gods had satisfaction, pondering it with thought and mental insight.
The gods' expert artificer was Vaja, Indra's Ribhuksan, Varuna's was Vibhvan. [9]
      They whol made glad with sacrifice and praises, wrought the two Bays, his docile steeds, for Indra,
Ribhus, as those who wish a friend to prosper, bestow upon us gear and growth of riches. [10]
      This day have they set gladdening drink before you. Not without toil are gods inclined to friendship.
Therefore do you who are so great, Ribhus, vouchsafe us treasures at this third libation.

34 - Ribhus

To this our sacrifice come Ribhu, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Indra with the gift of riches,
Because this day has Dhisana the goddess set drink for you: the gladdening draughts have reached you. [1]
      Knowing your birth and rich in gathered treasure, Ribhus, rejoice together with the Rtus.
The gladdening draughts and wisdom have approached you: send you us riches with good store of heroes. [2]
      For you was made this sacrifice, Ribhus, which you, like men, won for yourselves aforetime.
To you come all who find in you their pleasure: you all were-even the two elder-Vajas. [3]
      Now for the mortal worshipper, heroes, for him who served you, was the gift of riches.
Drink, Vajas, Ribhus! to you is offered, to gladden you, the third and great libation. [4]
      Come to us, heroes, Vajas and Ribhuksans, glorified for the sake of mighty treasure.
These draughts approach you as the day is closing, as cows, whose calves are newly-born, their stable. [5]
      Come to this sacrifice of ours, you Children of Strength, invoked with humble adoration.
Drink of this meath, Wealth-givers, joined with Indra with whom you are in full accord, you Princes. [6]
      Close knit with Varuna drink the soma, Indra; close-knit, ilymn-lover! with the Maruts drink it:
Close-knit with drinkers first, who drink in season; close-knit with heavenly Dames who give us treasures. [7]
      Rejoice in full accord with the Adityas, in concord with the Parvatas, Ribhus;
In full accord with Savitar, Divine One; in full accord with floods that pour forth riches. [8]
      Ribhus, who helped their Parents and the Asvins, who formed the Milch-cow and the pair of horses,
Made armour, set the heaven and earth asunder,-far-reaching heroes, they have made good offspring. [9]
      You who have wealth in cattle and in booty, in heroes, in rich sustenance and treasure,
Such, you Ribhus, first to drink, rejoicing, give to us and those who laud our present. [10]
      You were not far: we have not left you thirsting, blameless in this our sacrifice, Ribhus.
Rejoice you with the Maruts and with Indra, with the Kings, gods! that you may give us riches.

35 - Ribhus

Come here, you Sons of Strength, you Ribhus; stay not afar, you Children of Sudhanvan.
At this libation is your gift of treasure. Let gladdening draughts approach you after Indra's. [1]
      Here is come the Ribhus' gift of riches; here was the drinking of the well-pressed Soma,
Since by dexterity and skill as craftsmen you made the single chalice to be fourfold [2]
      You made fourfold the chalice that wag single: you spake these words and said, friend, assist us;
Then, Vajas! gained the path of life eternal, deft-handed Ribhus, to the gods' assembly. [3]
      Out of what substance was that chalice fashioned which you made fourfold by your art and wisdom?
Now for the gladdening draught press out the liquor, and drink, Ribhus, of die meath of soma. [4]
      You with your cunning made your Parents youthful; the cup, for gods to drink, you formed with cunning;
With cunning, Ribhus, rich in treasure, fashioned the two swift Tawny steeds who carry Indra. [5]
      Whoso pours out for you, when days are closing, the sharp libation for your joy, Vajas,
For him, mighty Ribhus, you, rejoicing, have fashioned wealth with plenteous store of heroes. [6]
      Lord of bay steeds, at dawn thejuice you drank: your, only your, is the noonday libation.
Now drink you with the wealth-bestowing Ribhus, whom for their skill you madest friends, Indra. [7]
      You, whom your artist skill has raised to Godhead have set you down above in heaven like falcons.
So give us riches, Children of Sudhanvan, Sons of Strength; you have become immortal. [8]
      The third libation, that bestows treasure, which you have won by skill, you dexterous-handed.
This drink has been effused for you, Ribhus, drink it with high delight, with joy like Indra's.

36 - Ribhus

THia car that was not made for horses or for reins, three-wheeled, worthy of lauds, rolls round the firmament.
That is the great announcement of your deity, that, you Ribhus, you sustain the earth and heaven. [1]
      You Sapient Ones who made the lightly-rolling car out of your mind, by thought, the car that never errs,
You, being such, to drink of this drinkoffering, you, you Vajas, and you Ribhus, we invoke. [2]
      Vajas, Ribhus, reaching far, among the gods this was your exaltation gloriously declared,
In that your aged Parents, worn with length of days, you wrought again to youth so that they moved at will. [3]
      The chalice that wag single you have made fourfold, and by your wisdom brought the Cow forth from the hide.
So quickly, mid the gods, you gained immortal life. Vajas and Ribhus, your great work must be extolled. [4]
      Wealth from the Ribhus is most glorious in renown, that which the heroes, famed for vigour, have produced.
In synods must be sung the car which Vibhvan wrought: that which you favour, gods! is famed among mankind. [5]
      Strong is the steed, the man a sage in eloquence, the bowman is a hero hard to beat in fight,
Great store of wealth and manly power has he obtained whom Vaja, Vibhvan, Ribhus have looked kindly on. [6]
      To you has been assigned the fairest ornament, the hymn of praise: Vajas and Ribhus, joy therein;
For you have lore and wisdom and poetic skill: as such, with this our prayer we call on you to come. [7]
      According to the wishes of our hearts may you, who have full knowledge of all the delights of men,
Fashion for us, Ribhus, power and splendid wealth, rich in high courage, excellent, and vital strength. [8]
      Bestowing on us here riches and offspring, here fashion fame for us befitting heroes.
Vouchsafe us wealth of splendid sort, Ribhus, that we may make us more renowned than others.

37 - Ribhus

COME to our sacrifice, Vajas, Ribhuksans, gods, by the paths which gods are wont to travel,
As you, gay gods, accept in splendid weather the sacrifice among these folk of Manus. [1]
      May these rites please you in your heart and spirit; may the drops clothed in oil this day approach you.
May the abundant juices bear you onward to power and strength, and, when imbibed, delight you. [2]
      Your threefold going near is God-appointed, so praise is given you, Vajas and Ribhuksans.
So, Manus-like, mid younger folk I offer, to you who are aloft in heaven, the soma. [3]
      Strong, with fair chains of gold and jaws of iron, you have a splendid car and well-fed horses.
You Sons of Strength, you progeny of Indra, to you the best is offered to delight you. [4]
      Ribhuksans! him, for handy wealth, the mightiest comrade in the fight,
Him, Indra's equal, we invoke, most bounteous ever, rich in steeds. [5]
      The mortal man whom, Ribhus, you and Indra favour with your help,
Must be successful, by his thoughts, at sacrifice and with the steed. [6]
      Vajas and Ribhuksans, free for us the paths to sacrifice,
You Princes, lauded, that we may press forward to each point of heaven. [7]
      Vajas and Ribhuksans, you Nasatyas, Indra, bless this wealth,
And, before other men's, the steed, that ample riches may be won.

38 - Dadhikris

FROM you two came the gifts in days aforetime which Trasadasyu granted to the Purus.
You gave the winner of our fields and plough-lands, and the strong smiter who subdued the Dasytis. [1]
      And you gave mighty Dadhikras, the giver of many gifts, who visiteth all people,
Impetuous hawk, swift and of varied colour, like a brave King whom each true man must honour. [2]
      Whom, as it were down a precipice, swift rushing, each Puru praises and his heart rejoices,-
Springing forth like a hero fain for battle, whirling the car and flying like the tempest. [3]
      Who gains precious booty in the combats and moveth, winning spoil, among the cattle;
Shown in bright colour, looking on the assemblies, beyond the churl, to worship of the living. [4]
      Loudly the folk cry after him in battles, as it were a thief who steals away a garment;
Speeding to glory, or a herd of cattle, even as a hungry falcon swooping downward. [5]
      And, fain to come forth first amid these armies, this way and that with rows of cars he rushes,
Gay like a bridesman, making him a garland, tossing the dust, champing the rein that holds him. [6]
      And that strong steed, victorious and faithful, obedient with his body in the combat,
Speeding straight on amid the swiftly ressing, casts over his brows the dust he tosses upward. [7]
      And at his thunder, like the roar of heaven, those who attack tremble and are affrighted;
For when he fights against embattled thousands, dread is he in his striving; none may stay him. [8]
      The people praise the overpowering swiftness of this fleet steed who givs men abundance.
Of him they say when drawing back from battle. Dadhikras has sped forward with his thousands. [9]
      Dadhikras has overspread the Fivefold People with vigour, as the Sun lightens the waters.
May the strong steed who winns bundreds, thousands, requite with sweetness these my words and praises.

39 - Dadhikras

Now give we praise to Dadhikras the rapid, and mention in our laud the Earth and Heaven.
May the Dawns flushing move me to exertion, and bear me safely over every trouble. [1]
      I praise the mighty steed who fills my spirit, the stallion Dadhikravan rich in bounties,
Whom, swift of foot aind shining bright as Agni, you, Varuna and Mitra, gave to Purus. [2]
      Him who has honoured, when the flame is kindled at break of dawn, the courser Dadhikrivan,
Him, of one mind with Varuna and Mitra may Aditi make free from all transgression. [3]
      When we remember mighty Dadhikravan our food and strength, then the blest name of Maruts,
Varuna, Mitra, we invoke for welfare, and Agni, and the thunder-wielding Indra. [4]
      Both sides invoke him as they call on Indra when they stir forth and turn to sacrificing.
To us have Varuna and Mitra granted the courser Dadhikris, a guide for mortals. [5]
      So have I glorified with praise strong Dadhikravan, conquering steed.
Sweet may he make our mouths; may he prolong the days we have to live.

40 - Dadhikravan

LET us recite the praise of Dadhikravan: may all the Mornings move me to exertion;
Praise of the Lord of Waters, Dawn, and Agni, Brihaspati Son of Angiras, and Surya. [1]
      Brave, seeking war and booty, dwelling with the good and with the swift, may he hasten the food of Dawn.
May he the true, the fleet, the lover of the course, the bird-like Dadhikravan, bring food, strength, and light. [2]
      His pinion, rapid runner, fans him m his way, as of a bird that hastens onward to its aim,
And, as it were a falcon's gliding through the air, strikes Dadhikravan's side as he speeds on with might. [3]
      Bound by the neck and by the flanks and by the mouth, the vigorous courser lends new swiftness to his speed.
Drawing himself together, as his strength allows, Dadhikras springs along the windings of the paths. [4]
      The Hamsa homed in light, the Vasu in mid-air, the priest beside the altar, in the house the guest,
Dweller in noblest place, mid men, in truth, in sky, born of flood, kine, truth, mountain, he is holy Law.

41 - Indra-Varuna

WHAT laud, Indra-Varuna, with oblation, has like the immortal priest obtained your favour?
Has our effectual laud, addressed with homage, touched you, Indra-Varuna, in spirit? [1]
      He who with dainty food has won you, Indra and Varuna, gods, as his allies to friendship,
Jays the Vritras and his foes in battles, and through your mighty favours is made famous. [2]
      Indra and Varuna are most liberal givers of treasure to the men who toil to serve them,
When they, as friends inclined to friendship, honoured with dainty food, delight in flowing Soma. [3]
      Indra and Varuna, you hurl, Mighty, on him your strongest flashing bolt of thunder
Who treats us ill, the robber and oppressor: measure on him your overwhelming vigour. [4]
      Indra-Varuna, be you the lovers of this my song, as steers who love the milch-Cow.
Milk may it yield us as, gone forth to pasture, the great Cow pouring out her thousand rivers. [5]
      For fertile fields, for worthy sons and grandsons, for the Sun's beauty and for steer-like vigour,
May Indra-Varuna with gracious favours work marvels for us in the stress of battle. [6]
      For you, as Princes, for your ancient kindness, good comrades of the man who seeks for booty,
We choose to us for the dear bond of friendship, most liberal heroes bringing bliss like parents. [7]
      Showing their strength, these hymns for grace, Free-givers I have gone to you, devoted, as to battle.
For glory have they gone, as milk to Soma, to Indra-Varuna my thoughts and praises. [8]
      To Indra and to Varuna, desirous of gaining wealth have these my thoughts proceeded.
They have come nigh to you as treasurelovers, like mares, fleet-footed, eager for the glory. [9]
      May we ourselves be lords of during riches, of ample sustenance for car and hones.
So may the two who work with newest succours bring yoked teams hereward to us and riches. [10]
      Come with your mighty succours, you Mighty; come, Indra-Varuna, to us in battle.
What time the flashing arrows play in combat, may we through you be winners in the contest.

42 - Indra-Varuna

I AM the royal Ruler, mine is empire, as mine who sway all life are all immortals.
Varuna's will the gods obey and follow. I am the King of men's most lofty cover. [1]
      I am King Varuna. To me were given these first existinghigh celestial powers.
Varuna's will the gods obey and follow. I am the King of men's most lofty cover. [2]
      I Varuna am Indra: in their greatness, these the two wide deep fairly-fashioned regions,
These the two world-halves have I, even as Tvastar knowing all beings, joined and held together. [3]
      I made to flow the moisture-shedding waters, and set the heaven firm in the scat of Order.
By Law the Son of Aditi, Law Observer, has spread abroad the world in threefold measure. [4]
      Heroes with noble horses, fain for battle, selected warriors, call on me in combat.
I Indra Maghavan, excite the conflict; I stir the dust, Lord of surpassing vigour. [5]
      All this I did. The gods' own conquering power never impeds me whom none opposeth.
When lauds and soma juice have made me joyful, both the unbounded regions are affrighted. [6]
      All beings know these deeds of yours you tellest this to Varuna, you great Disposer!
You are renowned as having slain the Vritras. You madest flow the floods that were obstructed. [7]
      Our fathers then were these, the Seven his, what time the son of Durgaha was captive.
For her they gained by sacrifice Trasadasyu, a demi-god, like Indra, conquering foemen. [8]
      The spouse of Purukutsa gave oblations to you, Indra-Varuna, with homage.
Then to her you gave King Trasadasyu, the demi-god, the slayer of the foeman. [9]
      May we, possessing much, delight in riches, gods in oblations and the kine in pasture;
And that Milch-cow who ahrinks not from the milking, Indra-Varuna, give to us daily.

43 - Asvins

WHwill hear, who of those who merit worship, which of all gods take pleasure in our homage?
On whose heart shall we lay this laud celestial, rich with fair offerings, dearest to immortals? [1]
      Who will be gracious? Who will come most uickly of all the gods? Who will
bring liss most largely?
What car do they call swift with rapid coursers? That which the Daughter of the Sun elected. [2]
      So many days do you come swiftly here, as Indra to give help in stress of battle.
Descended from the sky, divine, strong-pinioned, by which of all your powers are you most mighty? [3]
      What is the prayer that we should bring you, Asvins, by which you come to us when invocated?
Whether of you confronts even great betrayal? Lovers of sweetness, Dasras, help and save us. [4]
      In the wide space your chariot reachs heaven, what time it turneth here from the ocean.
Sweets from your sweet shall drop, lovers of sweetness! These have they dressed for you as dainty viands. [5]
      Let Sindhu with his wave bedew your horses: in fiery glow have the red birds come here.
Observed of all was that your rapid going, by which you were the lords of Siirya's Daughter. [6]
      Whenever I gratified you here together, your grace was given us, you rich in booty.
Protect, you two, the singer of your praises: to you, Nasatyas, is my wish directed.

44 - Asvins

WE will invoke this day your car, farspreading, Asvins, even the gathering, of the sunlight.
Car praised in hymns, most ample, rich in treasure, fitted with seats, the car that bears Surya. [1]
      Asvins, you gained that glory by your Godhead, you Sons of Heaven, by your own might and power.
Food follows close upon your bright appearing when stately horses in your chariot draw you. [2]
      Who brings you to-day for help with offered oblation, or with hymns to drink the juices?
Who, for the sacrifice's ancient lover, turns you here, Asvins, offering homage? [3]
      Borne on your golden car, you omnipresent! come to this sacrifice of ours, Nasatyas.
Drink of the pleasant liquor of the soma give riches to the people who adore you. [4]
      Come over here to us from earth, from heaven, borne on your golden chariot rolling lightly.
Suffer not other worshippers to stay you here are you bound by earlier bonds of friendship. [5]
      Now for us both, mete out, WonderWorkers, riches exceeding great with store of heroes,
Because the men have sent you praise, Asvins, and Ajamilhas come to the laudation. [6]
      Whenever I gratified you here together, your grace was given us, you rich in booty.
Protect, you two, the singer of your praises: to you, Nasatyas, is my wish directed.

45 - Asvins

YONDER goes up that light: your chariot is yoked that travels round upon the summit of this heaven.
Within this car are stored three kindred shares of food, and a skin filled with meath is rustling as the fourth. [1]
      Forth come your viands rich with store of pleasant meath, and cars and horses at the flushing of the dawn,
Stripping the covering from the surrounded gloom, and spreading through mid-air bright radiance like the Sun. [2]
      Drink of the meath with lips accustomed to the draught; harness for the meath's sake the chariot that you love.
Refresh the way you go, refresh the paths with meath: here, Asvins, bring the skin that holds the meath. [3]
      The swans you have are friendly, rich in store of mcath, gold-pinioned, strong to draw, awake at early morn,
Swimming the flood, exultant, fain for draughts that cheer: you come like flies to our libations of-the meath. [4]
      Well knowing solemn rites and rich in meath, the fires sing to the morning Asvins at the break of day,
When with pure hands the prudent energetic priest has with the stones pressed out the soma rich in meath.
6 The rays advancing nigh, chasing with day the gloom, spread through the firmament bright radiance like the Sun;
And the Sun harnessing his horses goes forth: you through your godlike nature let his paths be known. [6]
      Devout in thought I have declared, Asvins, your chariot with good steeds, which lasts for ever,
Wherewith you travel swiftly through the regions to the prompt worshipper who brings oblation.




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