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Rigveda 4:1-15

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

Book 4 contains 58 hymns

1 - Agni

YOU Agni, have the gods, ever of one accord, sent hither down, a God, appointed messenger, yea, with their wisdom sent you down.
The immortal, you Holy One, mid mortal men, the god-devoted God, the wise, have they brought forth, brought forth the omnipresent God-devoted Sage. [1]
      As such, Agni, bring with favour to the gods your Brother Varuna who loveth sacrifice,
True to the Law, the Aditya who supporteth men, the King, supporter of mankind. [2]
      Do you, friend, turn hither him who is our friend, swift as a wheel, like two car-steeds in rapid course, Wondrous! to us in rapid course.
Agni, find you grace for us with Varuna, with Maruts who illumine all.
Bless us, you Radiant one, for seed and progeny, yea, bless us, you Wondrous God. [3]
      Do you who know Varuna, Agni, put far away from us the god's displeasure.
Best Sacrificer, brightest One, refulgent remove you far from us all those who hate us. [4]
      Be you, Agni, nearest us with succour, our closest friend while now this Morn is breaking.
Reconcile to us Varuna, be bounteous enjoy the gracious juice; be swift to hear us. [5]
      Excellent is the glance, of brightest splendour, which the auspicious God bestows on mortals-
The god's glance, longed-for even as the butter, pure, heated, of the cow, the milch-cow's bounty. [6]
      Three are those births, the true, the most exalted, eagerly longed-for, of the god, of Agni.
He came invested in the boundless region, pure, radiant, friendly, mightily resplendent. [7]
      This envoy joyeth in all seats of worship, borne on his golden car, sweet-tongued Invoker:
Lovely to look on, with red steeds, effulgent, like a feast rich in food, joyous for ever. [8]
      Allied by worship, let him give man knowledge: by an extended cord they lead him onward.
He stays, effectual in this mortal's dwelling, and the god wins a share in his possessions. [9]
      Let Agni -for he knows the way- conduct us to all that he enjoys of God-sent riches,
What all the immortals have prepared with wisdom, Dyaus, Sire, Begetter, raining down true blessings. [10]
      In houses first he sprang into existence, at great heaven's base, and in this region's bosom;
Footless and headless, both his ends concealing, in his Bull's lair drawing himself together. [11]
      Wondrously first he rose aloft, defiant, in the Bull's lair, the homeof holy Order,
Longed-for, young, beautiful, and far-resplendent: and sevendear frieuds sprang up to the Mighty. [12]
      Here did our human fathers take their places, fain to fulfil the sacred Law of worship.
Forth drave they, with loud call, Dawn's teeming Milch-kine bid in the mountainstable, in the cavern. [13]
      Splendid were they when they had rent the mountain: others, around, shall tell forth this their exploit.
They sang their song, prepared to free the cattle: they found the light; with holy hymns they worshipped. [14]
      Eager, with thought intent upon the booty, the men with their celestial speech threw open,
The solid mountain firm, compact, enclosing, confining Cows, the stable full of cattle. [15]
      The Milch-cow's earliest name they comprehended: they found the Mother's thrice-seven noblest titles.
This the bands knew, and sent forth acclamation:with the Bull's sheen the Red One was apparent. [16]
      The turbid darkness fled, the heaven was sp, endid! up rose the bright beam of celestial Morning.
Surya ascended to the wide expanses, beholding deeds of men both good and evil. [17]
      Then, afterwards they looked around, awakened, when first they held that Heaven allotted treasure.
Now all the gods abide in all their dwellings. Varuna, Mitra, be the prayer effective. [18]
      I will call hither brightly-beaming Agni, the Herald, all-supporting, best at worship.
He has disclosed, like the milch cows' pure udder, the Sorria's juice when cleansed and poured from beakers. [19]
      The freest god of all who should be worshipped, the guest who is received in all men's houses,
Agni who has secured the gods' high favour,-may he be gracious, to us Jatavedas.

2 - Agni

THE, Faithful One, immortal among mortals, a God among the gods, appointed envoy,
priest, best at worship, must shine forth in glory . Agni shall be raised high with man's oblations. [1]
      Born for us here this day, Son of Vigour, between both races of born beings, Agni,
You farest as an envoy, having harnessed, Sublime One! your strong-muscled radiant stallions. [2]
      I laud the ruddy steeds who pour down blessing, dropping oil, flectest through the thoualit of Order.
Yoking red horses to and fro you go between you deities and mortal races. [3]
      Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, and Indra with Visnu, of the gods, Maruts and Asvins-
These, Agni, with good car and steeds, bring hither, most bountiful, to folk with fair oblations. [4]
      Agni, be this our sacrifice eternal, with brave friends, rich in kine and sheep and horses,
Rich, Asura! in sacred food and children, in full assembly, wealth broad-based and during. [5]
      The man who, sweating, brings for you the fuel, and makes his head to ache, your faithful servant,-
Agni, to him be a self-strong Protector guard him from all who seek to do him mischief. [6]
      Who brings you food, though you have food in plenty, welcomes his cheerful guest and speeds him onward,
Who kindles you devoutly in his dwelling,to him be wealth secure and freely giving. [7]
      Whoso sings praise to you at eve or morning, and, with oblation, doth the thing you love,-
In his own home, even as a goId-girt courser, rescue him from distress, the bounteous giver. [8]
      Whoso brings gifts to you immortal, Agni, and doth you service with uplifted ladle,-
Let him not, sorely toiling, lose his riches; let not the sinner's wickedness enclose him. [9]
      Whose well-wrought worship you acceptest, Agni, you God a mortal's gift, you liberal Giver,-
Dear be his sacrifice to you, Most Youthful! and may we strengthen him when he adores you. [10]
      May he who knows distinguish sense and folly of men, like straight and crooked backs of horses.
Lead us, God, to wealth and noble offspring: keep penury afar and grant us plenty. [11]
      This Sage the Sages, never deceived, commanded, setting him down in dwellings of the living.
Hence mayst you, friendly God, with rapid footsteps behold the gods, wonderful, fair to look on. [12]
      Good guidance have you for the priest, Agni, who, Youngest God! with outpoured Soma serves you.
Ruler of men, you joyous God, bring treasure splendid and plentiful to aid the toiler. [13]
      Now all that we, your faithful servants, Agni, have done with feet, with hands, and with our bodies,
The wise, with toil, the holy rite have guided, as those who frame a car with manual cunning. [14]
      May we, seven sages first in rank, engender, from Dawn the Mother, men to be ordainers.
May we, Angirases, be sons of Heaven, and, radiant, burst the wealth-containing mountain. [15]
      As in the days of old our ancient Fathers, speeding the work of holy worship, Agni,
Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises; they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent. [16]
      gods, doing holy acts, devout, resplendent, smelting like ore their human generations.
Enkindling Agni and exalting Indra, they came encompassing the stall of cattle. [17]
      Strong One! he marked them-and the gods before them-like herds of cattle in a foodful pasture.
There they moaned forth their strong desire for mortals, to aid the True, the nearest One, the Living. [18]
      We have worked for you, we have laboured nobly-bright Dawns have shed their light upon our worship-
Adding a beauty to the perfect Agni, and the god's beauteous eye that shines for ever. [19]
      Agni, Disposer, we have sung these praises to you the Wise: do you accept them gladly.
Blaze up on high and ever make us richer. Give us great wealth, you whose boons are many.

3 - Agni

WIN, to assist you, Rudra, Lord of worship, priest of both worlds, effectual
Agni, invested with his golden colours, before the thunder strike and lay you senseless. [1]
      This shrine have we made ready for your coming, as the fond dame attires her for her husband.
Performer of good work, sit down before us, invested while these flames incline to meet you. [2]
      A hymn, priest, to him who hears, the gentle, to him who looks on men, exceeding gracious,
A song of praise sing to the god immortal, whom the stone, presser of the sweet juice, worships. [3]
      Even as true knower of the Law, Agni, to this our solemn rite he you attentive.
When shall your songs of festival be sung you? When is your friendship shown within our dwelling? [4]
      Why this complaint to Varuna, Agni? And why to Heaven? for what is our transgression?
How will you speak to Earth and bounteous Mitra? What will you say to Aryaman and Bhaga? [5]
      What, when you blazest on the lesser altars, what to the mighty Wind who comes tobless us,
True, circumambient? what to Earth, Agni, what will you say to man-destroying Rudra? [6]
      How to great Pusan who promotes our welfare,- to honoured Rudra what, who gives oblations?
What sin of ours to the far-striding Visnu, what, Agni, will you tell the Lofty Arrow. [7]
      What will you tell the truthful band of Maruts, how answer the great Sun when you are questioned?
Before the Free, before the Swift, defend us: fulfil heaven's work, all-knowing Jatavedas. [8]
      I crave the cow's true gift arranged by Order: though raw, she has the sweet ripe juice, Agni.
Though she is black of hue with milk she teemeth, nutritious, brightly shining, all- sustaining. [9]
      Agni the Bull, the manly, has been sprinkled with oil upon his back, by Law eternal.
He who gives vital power goes on unswerving. Prsni the Bull has milked the pure wiiite udder. [10]
      By Law the Angirases cleft the rock asunder, and sang their hymns together with the cattle.
Bringing great bliss the men encompassed Morning: light was apparent at the birth of Agni. [11]
      By Law the immortal Goddesses the Waters, with meath-rich waves, Agni, and uninjured,
Like a strong courser lauded in his running, sped to flow onward swiftly and for ever. [12]
      Go never to the feast of one who harms us, the treacherous neighbour or. unworthy kinsman.
Punish us not for a false brother's trespass. Let us riot feel the might of friend or foeman. [13]
      Agni, keep us safe with your protection, loving us, honoured God! and ever guarding.
Beat you away, destory severe affliction slay even the demon when he waxes mighty. [14]
      Through these our songs of praise be gracious, Agni; moved by ourprayers, hero, touch our viands.
Accept, Angiras, these our devotions, and let the praise which gods desire address you. [15]
      To you who know, Agni, you Disposer, all these wise secret speeches have I uttered,
Sung to you, Sage, the charming words of wisdom, to you, Singer, with. my thoughts and Praises.

4 - Agni

PUT forth like a wide-spreading net your vigour; go like a mighty King with his attendants.
You, following your swift net, shootest arrows: transfix the fiends with darts that burn most fiercely. [1]
      Forth go in rapid flight your whirling weapons: follow them closely, glowing in your fury.
Spread with your tongue the winged flames, Agni; unfettered, cast your firebrands all around you. [2]
      Send your spies forward, flectest in your motion; be, never deceived, the guardian of this people
From him who, near or far, is bent on evil, and let no trouble sent from you overcome us. [3]
      Rise up, Agni, spread you out before us: burn down our foes, you who have sharpened arrows.
Him, blazing Agni! who has worked us mischief, consume you utterly like dried-up stubble. [4]
      Rise, Agni, drive off those who fight against us: make manifest your own celestial vigour.
Slacken the strong bows of the demondriven: destroy our foemen whether kin or stranger. [5]
      Most Youthful God, he knoweth well your favour who gave an impulse to this high devotion.
All fair days and magnificence of riches have you beamed forth upon the good man's portals. [6]
      Blest, Agni, be the man, the liberal giver, who with his lauds and regular oblation
Is fain to please you for his life and dwelling. May all his days be bright: be this his longing. [7]
      I praise your gracious favour: sing in answer. May this my song sing like a loved one with you.
lords of good steeds and cars may we adorn you, and day by day vouchsafe you us dominion. [8]
      Here of free choice let each one serve you richly, resplendent day by day at eve and morning.
So may we honour you, content and joyous, passing beyond the glories of the people. [9]
      Whoso with good steeds and fine gold, Agni, comes nigh you on a car laden with trcasure,
His friend are you, yea, you are his Protector whose joy it is to entertain you duly. [10]
      Through words and kinship I destroy the miglity: this power I have from Gotama my father.
Mark you this speech of ours, you Most Youthful, friend of the House, exceeding wise, Invoker. [11]
      Knowing no slumber, speedy and propitious, alert and ever friendly, most unwearied,
May your protecting powers, unerring Agni, taking their places here, combined, preserve us. [12]
      Your guardian rays, Agni, when they saw him, preserved blind Mamateya from affliction.
Lord of all riches, he preserved the pious: the fees who fain would harm them did no mischief [13]
      Aided by you with you may we be wealthy, may we gain strength with you to guide us onward.
Fulfil the words of both, Ever Truthful: straightway do this, you God whom power emboldens. [14]
      Agni, with this fuel will we serve you; accept the laud we sing to you with favour
Destroy the cursing Raksasas: preserve us, rich in friends, from guile and scorn and slander.

5 - Agni

How shall we give with one accord oblation to Agni, to Vaisvanara the Bounteous?
Great light, with full high growth has he uplifted, and, as a pillar bears the roof, sustains it. [1]
      Reproach not him who, God and selfreliant, vouchsafed this bounty to me a mortal,-
Deathless, discerner, wise, to me the simple, Vaisvanara most manly, youthful Aini. [2]
      Sharp-pointed, powerful, strong, of boundless vigour, Agni who knows the lofty hymn, kept secret
As the lost milch-cow's track, the doubly Mighty,-he has declared to me this hidden knowledge. [3]
      May he with sharpened teeth, the Bounteous Giver, Agni, consume with flame most fiercely glowing.
Those who regard not Varuna's commandments and the dear stedfast laws of sapient Mitra. [4]
      Like youthful women without brothers, straying, like dames who hate their lords, of evil conduct,
They who are full of sin, untrue, unfaithful, they have engendered this abysmal station. [5]
      To me, weak, innocent, you, luminous Agni, bast boldly given as it were a heavy burthen,
This Prstha hymn, profound and strong and mighty, of seven elements, and with offered dainties. [6]
      So may our song that purifies, through wisdom reach in a moment him the Universal,
Established on the height, on earth's best .station, above the beauteous grassy skin of Prsni. [7]
      Of this my speech what shall I utter further? They indicate the milk stored up in secret
When they have thrown as it were the cows' stalls open. The Bird protects earths' best and well- loved station. [8]
      This is the Great Ones' mighty apparition which from of old the radiant Cow has followed.
This, shining brightly in the place of Order, swift, hasting on in secret, she discovered. [9]
      He then who shone together with his Parents remembered Prsni's fair and secret treasure,
Which, in the Mother Cow's most lofty station, the Bull's tongue, of the flame bent forward, tasted. [10]
      With reverence I declare the Law, Agni; what is, comes by your order, Jatavedas.
Of this, whatever it be, you are the Sovran, yea, all the wealth that is in earth or heaven. [11]
      What is our wealth therefrom, and what our treasure? Tell us Jatavedas, for you know,
What is our best course in this secret passage: we, unreproached, have reached a t)lace far distant. [12]
      What is the limit, what the rules, the guerdon? Like fleet-foot coursers speed we to the contest.
When will the goddesses, the immortal's Spouses, the Dawns, spread over us the Sun-God's splendour? [13]
      Unsatisfied, with speech devoid of vigour, scanty and frivolous and inconclusive,
Wherefore do they address you here, Agni? Let these who have no weapons suffer sorrow. [14]
      The majesty of him the Good, the Mighty, aflame, has shone for glory in the dwelling.
He, clothed in light, has shone most fair to look on, wealthy in boons, as a home shines with riches.

6 - Agni

PRIEST of our rite, stand up erect, Agni, in the gods' service best of sacrificers,
For over evei y thought you are the Ruler: you furtherest even the wisdom of the pious. [1]
      He was set down mid men as priest unerring, Agni, wise, welcome in our holy synods.
Like Savitar he has lifted up his splendour, and like a builder raised his smoke to heaven. [2]
      The glowing ladle, filled with oil, is lifted; choosing gods' service to the right he circles.
Eager he rises like the new-wrought pillar which, firmly set and fixed, anoints the victims. [3]
      When sacred grass is strewn and Agni kindled, the Adhvaryu rises to, his task rej o cing.
Agni the priest, like one who tends the cattle, goes three times round, as from of old he wills it. [4]
      Agni himself, the priest, with measured motion, goes round, with sweet speech, cheerful, true to Order.
His fulgent flames run forth like vigorous horses; all creatures are affrighted when he blazes. [5]
      Beautiful and auspicious is your aspect, lovely Agni, terrible when spreading.
Your splendours are not covered by the darkness: detraction leaves no stain upon your body. [6]
      Naught hindered his production, Bounteous Giver: his Mother and his Sire were free to send him.
Then as friend benevolent, refulgent, Agni shone forth in human habitations. [7]
      He, Agni, whom the twice-five sisters, dwelling together, in the homes of men engendered,
Bright like a spear's tooth, wakened in the morning, with powerful mouth and like an axe well- sharpened. [8]
      These your bay coursers, Agni, dropping fatness, ruddy vigorous, speeding straightly forward,
And red steeds, wonderful, of mighty muscle, are to this service of the gods invited: [9]
      These brightly-shining games of yours, Agni, that move for ever restless, allsubduing,
Like falcons hasting eagerly to the quarry, roar loudly like the army of the Maruts. [10]
      To you, flaming God, has prayer been offered. Let the priest laud you: give to him who worships.
Men have established Agni as Invoker, fain to adore the glory of the living.

7 - Agni

HERE by ordainers was this God appointed first Invoker, best at worship, to be praised at rites:
Whom Apnavana, and the Bhrgus caused to shine bright-coloured in the wood, spreading from home to home. [1]
      When shall your glory as a God, Agni, be suddenly shown forth.
For mortal men have held you fast, adorable in all their homes, [2]
      Seeing you faithful to the Law, most sapient, like the starry heaven,
Illumining with cheerful ray each solemn rite in every house. [3]
      Vivasvan's envoy living men have taken as their ensign, swift,
The ruler over all mankind, moving like Bhrgu in each home. [4]
      Him the intelligent have they placed duly as Invoking priest,
Welcome, with sanctifying flame, best worshipper, with sevenfold might; [5]
      In his Eternal Mothers, in the wood, concealed and unapproached,
Kept secret though his flames are bright seekingon all sides, quickly found. [6]
      That as food spreads forth in this earthly udder, gods may rejoice them in the home of Order,
Great Agni, served with reverence and oblation, flies ever to the sacrifice, the Faithful. [7]
      Bird of each rite, skilled in an envoy's duties, knowing both worlds and that which lies between them,
You go from of old a willing Herald, knowing full well heaven's innermost recesses. [8]
      Bright God, your path is black: light is before you: your moving splendour is the chief of wonders.
When she, yet unimpregnate, has conceived you, even when newly born you are an envoy. [9]
      Yet newly born, his vigour is apparent when the wind blows upon his fiery splendour,
His sharpened tongue he layeth on the brushwood, and with his teeth even solid food consumeth. [10]
      When he has borne off food with swift flame swiftly, strong Agni makes himself a speedy envoy,
Follows the rustling of the wind, consuming, and courser-like, speeds, drives the swift horse onward.

8 - Agni

YOUR envoy who possesses all, immortal, bearer of your gifts,
Best worshipper, I woo with song. [1]
      He, Mighty, knows the gift of wealth, he knows the deep recess of heaven:
He shall bring hitherward the gods. [2]
      He knows, a God himself, to guide gods to the righteous in his home:
He gives even treasures that we love. [3]
      He is the Herald: well-informed, he doth his errand to and fro,
Knowing the deep recess of heaven. [4]
      May we be they who gratify Agni with sacrificial gifts,
Whocherish and enkindle him. [5]
      Illustrious for wealth are they, and hero deeds, victorious,
Who have served Agni reverently. [6]
      So to us, day after day, may riches craved by many come,
And power and might spring up for us. [7]
      That holy Singer in his strength shoots forth his arrows swifter than
The swift shafts of the tribes of men.

9 - Agni

AGNI, show favour: great are you who to this pious man art come,
To seat you on the sacred grass. [1]
      May he the immortal, helper, bard to be deceived among mankind,
Become the messenger of all. [2]
      Around the altar is he led, welcome Chief priest at solemn rites,
Or as the Potar sits him down. [3]
      Agni in fire at sacrifice, and in the house as Lord thereof,
And as a Brahman takes his seat. [4]
      You comest as the guide of folk who celebrate a sacrifice,
And to oblations brought by men. [5]
      You servest as his messenger whose sacrifice you love well,
To bear the mortal's gifts to heaven. [6]
      Accept our solemn rite; be pleased, Angiras, with our sacrifice:
Give ear and listen to our call. [7]
      May your inviolable car, wherewith you guardest those who give,
Come near to us from every side.

10 - Agni

This day with praises, Agni, we bring you that which you love.
Right judgment, like a horse, with our devotions. [1]
      For you have ever been the Car-driver, Agni, of noble
Strength, lofty sacrifice, and rightful judgment. [2]
      Through these our praises come to meet us, bright as the sunlight,
Agni, well disposed, with all your aspects. [3]
      Now may we serve you singing these lauds this day to you, Agni.
Loud as the voice of Heaven your blasts are roaring. [4]
      just at this time of the day and the night your look is the sweetest .
It shineth near us even as gold for glory. [5]
      Spotless your body, brilliant as gold, like clarified butter:
This gleams like gold on you, Self. dependent. [6]
      All hate and mischief, yea, if committed, Agni, you turnest,
Holy One, from the man who rightly worships. [7]
      Agni, with you gods, prosperous be our friendships and kinships.
Be this our bond here by this place, your al tar.

11 - Agni

YOUR blessed majesty, victorious Agni, shines brightly in the neighbourhood of Surya.
Splendid to see, it shows even at nighttime, and food is fair to look on in your beauty. [1]
      Agni, disclose his thought for him who singeth, the well, Strong God! while you are praised with fervour.
Vouchsafe to us that powerful hymn, Mighty, which, Radiant one! with all the gods you love. [2]
      From you, Agni, springs poetic wisdom, from you come thoughts and hymns of praise that prosper;
From you flows wealth, with heroes to adorn it, to the true-hearted man who gives oblation. [3]
      From you the hero springs who wins the booty, bringer of help, mighty, of real courage.
From you comes wealth, sent by the gods, bliss-giving; Agni, from you the fleet impetuous charger. [4]
      immortal Agni, you whose voice is pleasant, as first in rank, as God, religious mortals
Invite with hyrnns; you who removest hatred, friend of the Home, the household's Lord, unerring. [5]
      Far from us you removest want and sorrow, far from us all ill-will when you protectest.
Son of Strength, Agni, blest is he at evening, whom you as God attendest for his welfare.

12 - Agni

WHOSenkindles you, with lifted ladle, and thrice this day offiers you food, Agni,
May he excel, triumphant through your splendours, wise through your mental power, Jatavedas. [1]
      Whoso with toil and trouble brings you fuel, serving the majesty of mighty Agni,
He, kindling you at evening and at morning, prospers, and comes to wealth, and slays his foemen. [2]
      Agni is Master of sublime dominion, Agni is Lord of strength and lofty riches.
Straightway the self-reliant God, Most Youthful, gives treasures to the mortal who adores him. [3]
      Most Youthful God, whatever sin, through folly, we here, as human beings, have committed,
In sight of Aditi make you us sinless remit, entirely, Agni, our offences. [4]
      Even in the presence of great sin, Agni, free us from prison of the gods or mortals.
Never may we who are your friends be injured: grant health and strength to our seed and offspring. [5]
      Even as you here, gods Excellent and Holy, have loosed the cow that by the foot was tethered,
So also set us free from this affliction long let our life, Agni, be extended.

13 - Agni

AGNI has looked, benevolently-minded, on the wealth-giving spring of radiant Mornings.
Come, Asvins, to the dwelling of the pious: Surya the god is rising with his splendour. [1]
      Savitar, God, has spread on high his lustre, waving his flag like a spoil-seeking hero.
Their stablished way go Varuna and Mitra, what time they make the Sun ascend the heaven. [2]
      Him whom they made to drive away the darkness, lords of sure mansions, constant to their object,
Him who beholds the universe, the Sun-God, seven strong and youthful coursers carry onward. [3]
      Spreading your web with mightiest steeds you comest, rending apart, you God, the black- hued mantle.
The rays of Surya tremulously shining sink, like a hide, the darkness in the waters. [4]
      How is it that, unbound and not supported, he falleth not although directed downward?
By what self power moves he? Who liath seen it? He guards the vault of heaven, a close-set pillar.

14 - Agni

THE God has looked, even Agni Jatavedas, to meet the Dawns refulgent in their glories.
Come on your chariot, you who travel widely, come to this sacrifice of ours, Nasatyas. [1]
      Producing light for all the world of creatures, God Savitar has raised aloft his banner.
Making his presence known by sunbeams, Surya has filled the firmament and earth and heaven. [2]
      Red come, riding with brightness onward, distinguished by her beams, gay-hued and mighty.
Dawn on her nobly-harnessed car, the goddess, awaking men to happiness, approacheth. [3]
      May those most powerful steeds and chariot bring you, Asvins, hither at the break of morning.
Here for your drauglit of meath are soma juices: at this our sacrifice rejoice, you Mighty. [4]
      How is it that, unbound and unsupported, he falleth not although directed downward?
By what self-power moves he? Who has seen it? He guards the vault of heaven, a close-set pillar?

15 - Agni

AGNI the Herald, like a horse, is led forth at our solemn rite,
God among gods adorable. [1]
      Three times to our solemn rite comes Agni like a charioteer,
Bearing the viands to the gods. [2]
      Round the oblations has he paced, Agni the Wise, the Lord of Strength,
Giving the offerer precious boons. [3]
      He who is kindled eastward for Srnjaya, Devavata's son,
Resplendent, tamer of the foe. [4]
      So mighty be the Agni whom the mortal hero shall command,
With sharpened teeth and bountiful. [5]
      Day after day they dress him, as they clean a horse who wins the prize.
Dress the red Scion of the Sky. [6]
      When Sahadeva's princely son with two bay horses thought of me,
Summoned by him I drew not back. [7]
      And truly those two noble bays I straightway took when offered me,
From Sahadeva's princely son. [8]
      Long, you Asvins, may he live, your care, you gods, the princely son.
Of Sahadeva, Somaka. [9]
      Cause him the youthful prince, the son of Sahadeva, to enjoy
Long life, Asvins, you gods.




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