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Rigveda 3:31-45

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

31 - Indra

WISE, teaching, following the thought of Order, the sonless gained a grandson from his daughter.
Fain, as a sire, to see his child prolific, he sped to meet her with an eager spirit. [1]
      The Son left not his portion to the brother, he made a home to hold him who should gain, it.
What time his Parents gave the priest his being, of the good pair one acted, one promoted. [2]
      Agni was born trembling with tongue that flickered, so that the Red's great children should be honoured.
Great is their germ, that born of them is mighty, great the Bays' Lord's approach through sacrifices. [3]
      Conquering bands upon the Warrior waited: they recognized great light from out the darkness.
The conscious Dawns went forth to meet his coming, and the sole Master of the kine was Indra. [4]
      The sages freed them from their firmbuilt prison: the seven priests drove them forward with their spirit.
All holy Order's pathway they discovered he, full of knowledge, shared these deeds through worship. [5]
      When Sarama had found the mountain's fissure, that vast and ancient place she plundered thoroughly.
In the floods' van she led them forth, light-footed: she who well knew came first to their lowing. [6]
      Longing for friendship came the noblest singer: the hill poured forth its treasure for the pious.
The hero with young followers fought and conquered, and straightway Angiras was singing praises, [7]
      Peer of each noble thing, yea, all excelling, all creatures doth he know, he slayeth Susna.
Our leader, fain for war, singing from heaven, as friend he saved his lovers from dishonour. [8]
      They sate them down with spirit fain for booty, making with hymns a way to life eternal.
And this is still their place of frequent session, by which they sought to gain the months through Order. [9]
      Drawing the milk of ancient seed prolific, they joyed as they beheld their own possession.
Their shout of triumph heated earth and heaven. When the kine showed, they bade the heroes rouse them. [10]
      Indra drove forth the kine, that Vrtra-slayer, while hymns of praise rose up and gifts were offered.
For him the Cow, noble and far-extending, poured pleasant juices, bringing oil and sweetness. [11]
      They made a mansion for their Father, deftly provided him a great and glorious dwelling;
With firm support parted and stayed the Parents, and, sitting, fixed him there erected, mighty. [12]
      What time the ample chalice had impelled him, swift waxing, vast, to pierce the earth and heaven,-
Him in whom blameless songs are all united: all powers invincible belong to Indra. [13]
      I crave your powers, I crave your mighty friendship: full many a team goes to the Vrtra- slayer.
Great is the laud, we seek the Princes' favour. Be you, Maghavan, our guard and keeper. [14]
      He, having found great, splendid, rich dominion, sent life and motion to his friends and lovers.
Indra who shone together with the heroes begot the song, the fire, and Sun and Morning. [15]
      Vast, the House-Friend, he set the waters flowing, all-lucid, widely spread, that move together.
By the wise cleansings of the meath made holy, through days, and nights they speed the swift streams onward. [16]
      To you proceed the dark, the treasure-holders, both of them sanctified by Surya's bounty.
The while your ovely storming friends, Indra, fail to attain the measure of your greatness. [17]
      Be Lord of joyous songs, Vrtra-slayer, Bull dear to all, who gives the power of living.
Come to us with your auspicious friendship, hastening, Mighty One, with mighty succours. [18]
      Like Angiras I honour him with worship, and renovate old song for him the Ancient.
Chase you the many godless evil creatures, and give us, Maghavan, heaven's light to help m. [19]
      Far forth are spread the purifying waters convey you us across them to safety.
Save us, our Charioteer, from harm, Indra, soon, very soon, make us win spoil of cattle. [20]
      His kine their Lord has shown, even Vrtra's slayer, through the black hosts he passed with red attendants.
Teaching us pleasant things by holy Order, to, us has he thrown open all his portals. [21]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in this fight where spoil is gathered.
The Strong who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

32 - Indra

DRINK you this Soma, Indra, Lord of soma; drink you the draught of noonday which you Iovest.
Puffing your cheeks, impetuous, liberal Giver, here loose your two bay horses and rejoice you. [1]
      Quaff it pure, meal-blent, mixt with milk, Indra; we have poured forth the soma for your rapture.
Knit with the prayer-fulfilling band of Maruts, yea, with the Rudras, drink till you are sated; [2]
      Those who gave increase to your strength and vigour; the Maruts singing forth your might, Indra.
Drink you, fair of cheek, whose hand wields thunder, with Rudras banded, at our noon libation. [3]
      They, even the Maruts who were there, excited with song the meath-created strength of Indra.
By them impelled to act he reached the vitals Of Vrtra, though he deemed that none might wound him. [4]
      Pleased, like a man, with our libation, Indra, drink, for enduring hero might, the soma.
Lord of Bays, moved by sacrifice come here: you with the Swift Ones stirrest floods and waters. [5]
      When you didst loose the streams to run like racers in the swift contest, having smitten Vrtra
With flying weapon where he lay, Indra, and, godless, kept the goddesses encompassed. [6]
      With reverence let us worship mighty Indra, great and sublime, eternal, everyouthful,
Whose greatness the dear world-halves have not measured, no, nor conceived the might of him the Holy. [7]
      Many are Indra's nobly wrought achievements, and none of all the gods transgress his statutes.
He beareth up this earth and heaven, and, doer of marvels, he begot the Sun and Morning. [8]
      Herein, Guileless One, is your true greatness, that soon as born you drank up the soma.
Days may not check the power of you the Mighty, nor the nights, Indra, nor the months, nor autumns. [9]
      As soon as you were born in highest heaven you drank Soma to delight you, Indra;
And when you hadst pervaded earth and heaven you were the first supporter of the singer. [10]
      You, puissant God, more mighty, slewest. Ahi showing his strength when couched around the waters.
The heaven itself attained not to your greatness when with one hip of yours the earth was shadowed. [11]
      Sacrifice, Indra, made you wax so mighty, the dear oblation with the flowing Soma.
Worshipful, with worship help our worship, for worship helped your bolt when slaying Ahi. [12]
      With sacrifice and wish have I brought Indra; still for new blessings may I turn him hither,
Him magnified by ancient songs and praises, by lauds of later time and days yet recent. [13]
      I have brought forth a song when longing seized me: ere the decisive day will I laud Indra;
Then may lie safely bear us over trouble, as in a ship, when both sides invocate him. [14]
      Full is his chalice: Glory! Like a pourer I have filled up the vessel for his drinking.
Presented on the right, dear soma juices have brought us Indra, to rejoice him, hither. [15]
      Not the deep-flowing flood, Much-invoked One! not hills that compass you about restrain you,
Since here incited, for your friends, Indra, you breakest even the firm built stall of cattle. [16]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

33 - Indra

FORTH from the bosom of the mountains, eager as two swift mares with loosened rein contending,
Like two bright mother cows who lick their youngling, Vipas and Sutudri speed down their waters. [1]
      Impelled by Indra whom you pray to urge you, you move as it were on chariots to the ocean.
Flowing together, swelling with your billows, lucid Streams, each of you seeks the other. [2]
      I have attained the most maternal River, we have approached Vipas, the broad, the blessed.
Licking as it were their calf the pair of Mothers flow onward to their common home together. [3]
      We two who rise and swell with billowy waters move forward to the home which gods have made us.
Our flood may not be stayed when urged to motion. What would the singer, calling to the Rivers? [4]
      Linger a little at my friendly bidding rest, Holy Ones, a moment in your journey.
With hymn sublime soliciting your favour Kusika's son has called to the River. [5]
      Indra who wields the thunder dug our channels: he smote down Vrtra, him who stayed our currents.
Savitar, God, the lovely-handed, led us, and at his sending forth we flow expanded. [6]
      That hero deed of Indra must be lauded for ever that he rent Ahi in pieces.
He smote away the obstructors with his thunder, and eager for their course forth flowed the waters. [7]
      Never forget this word of yours, singer, which future generations shall reecho.
In hymns, bard, show us your loving kindness. Humble us not mid men. To you be honour! [8]
      List quickly, Sisters, to the bard who cometh to you from far away with car and wagon.
Bow lowly down; be easy to be traversed stay, Rivers, with your floods below our axles. [9]
      Yea, we will listen to your words, singer. With wain and car from far away you comest.
Low, like a nursing mother, will I bend me, and yield me as a maiden to her lover. [10]
      Soon as the Bharatas have fared across you, the warrior band, urged on and sped by Indra,
Then let your streams flow on in rapid motion. I crave your favour who deserve our worship. [11]
      The warrior host, the Bharatas, fared over the singer won the favour of the Rivers.
Swell with your billows, hasting, pouring riches. Fill full your channels, and roll swiftly onward. [12]
      So let your wave bear up the pins, and you, Waters, spare the thongs;
And never may the pair of Bulls, harmless and sinless, waste away.

34 - Indra

FORT-RENDER, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, Indra with lightnings has overcome the Dasa.
Impelled by prayer and waxen great in body, he has filled earth and heaven, the Bounteous Giver. [1]
      I stimulate your zeal, the Strong, the hero decking my song of praise forth; immortal.
Indra, you are equally the Leader of heavenly hosts and human generations. [2]
      Leading, his band Indra encompassed Vrtra; weak grew the wily leader of enchanters.
He who burns fierce in forests slaughtered Vyamsa, and made the Milch-kine of the nights apparent. [3]
      Indra, light-winner, days' Creator, conquered, victorious, hostile bands with those who loved him.
For man the days' bright ensign he illumined, and found the light for his joy and gladness. [4]
      Forward to fiercely falling blows pressed Indra, herolike doing many hero exploits.
These holy songs he taught the bard who gaised him, and widely spread these Dawns' resplendent colour. [5]
      They laud the mighty acts of him the Mighty, the many glorious deeds performed by Indra.
He in his strength, with all-surpassing prowess, through wondrous arts crushed the malignant Dasyus. [6]
      Lord of the brave, Indra who rules the people gave freedom to the gods by might and battle.
Wise singers glorify with chanted praises these his achievements in Vivasvan's dwelling. [7]
      Excellent, Conqueror, the victory-giver, the winner of the light and Godlike Waters,
He who has won this broad earth and this heaven, -in Indra they rejoice who love devotions. [8]
      He gained possession of the Sun and horses, Indra obtained the Cow who feedeth many.
Treasure of gold he won; he smote the Dasyus, and gave protection to the Aryan colour. [9]
      He took the plants and days for his possession; he gained the forest trees and air's mid- region.
Vala he cleft, and chased away opponents: thus was he tamer of the overweening. [10]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers treasures.

35 - Indra

MOUNT the bay horses to your chariot harnessed, and come to us like Vayu with his coursers.
You, hastening to us, shalt drink the soma. Hail, Indra. We have poured it for your rapture. [1]
      For him, the god who is invoked by many, the two swift bay steeds to the pole I harness,
That they in fleet course may bring Indra hither, even to this sacrifice arranged completely. [2]
      Bring the strong steeds who drink the warm libation, and, Bull of Godlike nature, be you gracious.
Let your steeds eat; set free your Tawny horses, and roasted grain like this consume you daily. [3]
      Those who are yoked by prayer I harness, fleet friendly Bays who take their joy together.
Mounting your firm and easy car, Indra, wise and all-knowing come to the soma. [4]
      No other worshippers must stay beside them your Bays, your vigorous and smooth-backed coursers.
Pass by them all and hasten onward hither: with Soma pressed we will prepare to feast you. [5]
      Your is this Sorna: hasten to approach it. Drink you thereof, benevolent, and cease not.
Sit on the sacred grass at this our worship, and take these drops into your belly, Indra. [6]
      The grass is strewn for you, pressed is the soma; the grain is ready for your Bays to feed on.
To you who love them, the very mighty, strong, girt by Maruts, are these gifts presented. [7]
      This the sweet draught, with cows, the men, the mountains, the waters, Indra, have for you made ready.
Come, drink thereof, Sublime One, friendly-minded, foreseeing, knowing well the ways you go. [8]
      The Maruts, they with whom you sharedst Soma, Indra, who made you strong and were your army,-
With these accordant, eagerly desirous drink you this Soma with the tongue of Agni. [9]
      Drink, Indra, of the juice by your own nature, or by the tongue of Agni, you Holy.
Accept the sacrificial gift, Sakra, from the Adhvaryu's hand or from the Hotar's. [10]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

36 - Indra

WITH constant succours, fain thyself to share it, make this oblation which we bring effective.
Grown great through strengthening gifts at each libation, he has become renowned by mighty exploits. [1]
      For Indra were the somas erst- discovered, by which he grew strong-jointed, vast, and skilful.
Indra , take quickly these presented juices: drink of the strong, that which the strong have shaken. [2]
      Drink and wax great. Your are the juices, Indra, both Somas of old time and these we bring you.
Even as you drank, Indra, earlier Somas, so drink to-day, a new guest, meet for praises. [3]
      Great and impetuous, mighty-voiced in battle, surpassing power is his, and strength resistless.
Him the broad earth has never comprehended when Somas cheered the Lord of Tawny coursers. [4]
      Mighty and strong he waxed for hero exploit: the Bull was furnished a Sage's wisdom.
Indra is our kind Lord; his steers have vigour; his cows are many with abundant offspring. [5]
      As floods according to their stream flow onward, so to the sea, as borne on cars, the waters.
Vaster is Indra even than his dwelling, what time the stalk milked out, the soma, fills him. [6]
      Eager to mingle with the sea, the rivers carry the well-pressed soma juice to Indra.
They drain the stalk out with their arms, quick-banded, and cleanse it with a stream of mead and filters. [7]
      Like lakes appear his flanks filled full with Soma: yea, he contains libations in abundance.
When Indra had consumed the first sweet viands, he, after slaying Vrtra, claimed the soma. [8]
      Then bring you hither, and let none prevent it: we know you well, the Lord of wealth and treasure.
That splendid gift which is your own, Indra, vouchsafe to us, Lord of the Tawny coursers. [9]
      Indra, Maghavan, impetuous mover, grant us abundant wealth that brings all blessings.
Give us a hundred autumns for our lifetime: give us, fair-checked Indra, store of heroes. [10]
      Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

37 - Indra

INDRA, for the strength that slays Vrtra and conquers in the fight,
We turn you hitherward to us. [1]
      Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who praise you hitherward.
Direct your spirit and your eye. [2]
      Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our songs we invocate
Your names for triumph over foes. [3]
      We strive for glory through the powers immense of him whom many praise,
Of Indra who supports mankind. [4]
      For Vrtra's slaughter I address Indra whom many invocate,
To win us booty in the wars. [5]
      In battles be victorious. We seek you, Lord of Hundred Powers,
Indra, that Vrtra may be slain. [6]
      In splendid combats of the hosts, in glories where the fight is won.
Indra, be victor over foes. [7]
      Drink you the soma for our help, bright, vigilant, exceeding strong,
Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers. [8]
      Satakratu, powers which you mid the Five Races have displayed-
These, Indra, do I claim of you. [9]
      Indra, great glory have you gained. Win splendid fame which none may mar
We make your might perpetual. [10]
      Come to us either from anear, Or, Sakra, come from far away.
Indra, wherever be your home, come to us thence, Thunder-armed.

38 - Indra

HASTING like some strong courser good at drawing, a thought have I imagined like a workman.
Pondering what is dearest and most noble, I long to see the sages full of wisdom. [1]
      Ask of the sages' mighty generations firm-minded and devout they framed the heaven.
These are your heart-sought strengthening directions, and they have come to be sky's upholders. [2]
      Assuming in this world mysterious natures, they decked the heaven and earth for high dominion,
Measured with measures, fixed their broad expanses, set the great worlds apart held firm for safety. [3]
      Even as he mounted up they all adorned him: self-luminous he travels clothed in splendour.
That is the Bull's, the Asura's mighty figure: he, omniform, has reached the eternal waters. [4]
      First the more ancient Bull engendered offspring; these are his many draughts that lent him vigour.
From days of old you Kings, two Sons of Heaven, by hymns of sacrifice have won dominion. [5]
      Three seats you Sovrans, in the Holy synod, many, yea, all, you honour with your presence.
There saw I, going thither in the spirit, Gandharvas in their course with wind-blown tresses. [6]
      That same companionship of her, the Milch-cow, here with the strong Bull's divers forms they stablished.
Enduing still some new celestial figure, the skilful workers shaped a form around him. [7]
      Let no one here debar me from enjoying the golden light which Savitar diffuses.
He covers both all-fostering worlds with praises even as a woman cherishes her children. [8]
      Fulfil, you twain, his work, the Great, the Ancient: as heavenly blessing keep your guard around us.
All the wise gods behold his varied actions who stands erect, whose voice is like a herdsman's. [9]
      Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

39 - Indra

To Indra from the heart the hymn proceedeth, to him the Lord, recited, built with praises;
The wakening song sung forth in holy synod: that which is born for you, Indra, notice. [1]
      Born from the heaven even in the days aforetime, wakening, sting aloud in holy synod,
Auspicious, clad in white and shining raiment, this is the ancient hymn of our forefathers. [2]
      The Mother of the Twins has borne Twin Children: my tongue's tip raised itself and rested silent.
Killing the darkness at the light's foundation, the Couple newly born attain their beauty. [3]
      Not one is found among them, none of mortals, to blame our sires who fought to win the cattle.
Their strengthener was Indra the Majestic he spread their stalls of kine the Wonder-Worker. [4]
      Where as a friend with friendly men, Navagvas, with heroes, on his knees he sought the cattle.
There, verily with ten Dasagvas Indra found the Sun lying hidden in the darkness. [5]
      Indra found meath collected in the milch-cow, by foot and hoof, in the cow's place of pasture.
That which lay secret, hidden in the waters, he held in his right hand, the rich rewarder. [6]
      He took the light, discerning it from darkness: may we be far removed from all misfortune.
These songs, Soma-drinker, cheered by Soma, Indra, accept from your most zealous poet. [7]
      Let there be light through both the worlds for worship: may we be far from most overwhelming evil.
Great woe comes even from the hostile mortal, piled up; but good at rescue are the Vasus. [8]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

40 - Indra

YOU, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the soma is expressed.
So drink you of the savoury juice. [1]
      Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength-conferring soma juice:
Quaff, pour down drink that satisfies. [2]
      Indra, with all the gods promote our wealth-bestowing sacrifice,
You highly-lauded Lord of men. [3]
      Lord of the brave, to you proceed these drops of soma juice expressed,
The bright drops to your dwelling-place. [4]
      Within your belly, Indra, take juice, Soma the most excellent: Your are the drops celestial. [5]
      Drink our libation, Lord of hymns: with streams of meath you are bedewed
Our glory, Indra, is your gift. [6]
      To Indra go the treasures of the worshipper, which never fail:
He drinks the soma and is strong [7]
      From far away, from near at hand, Vrtra-slayer, come to us:
Accept the songs we sing to you. [8]
      When from the space between the near and far you are invoked by us,
Thence, Indra. come over here.

41 - Indra

INVOKED to drink the soma juice, come with your bay steeds, Thunder-armed
Come, Indra, hitherward to me. [1]
      Our priest is seated, true to time; the grass is regularly strewn;
The pressing-stones were set at morn. [2]
      These prayers, you who hearest prayer are offered: seat you on the grass.
Hero, enjoy the offered cake. [3]
      Vrtra-slayer, be you pleased with these libations, with these hymns,
Song-loving Indra, with our lauds. [4]
      Our hymns caress the Lord of Strength, vast, drinker of the soma's juice,
Indra, as mother-cows their calf. [5]
      Delight you with the juice we pour for your own great munificence:
Yield not your singer to reproach. [6]
      We, Indra, dearly loving you, bearing oblation, sing you hymns
You, Vasu, dearly love us. [7]
      you to whom your Bays are dear, loose not your horses far from us:
Here glad you, Indra, Lord divine. [8]
      May long-maned coursers, dropping oil, bring you on swift car hitherward,
Indra, to seat you on the grass.

42 - Indra

COME to the juice that we have pressed, to Sorna, Indra, bleat with milk:
Come, favouring us, your bay-drawn car! [1]
      Come, Indra, to this gladdening drink, placed on the grass, pressed out with stones:
Wilt you not drink your fill thereof? [2]
      To Indra have my songs of praise gone forth, thus rapidly sent hence,
To turn him to the soma-draught. [3]
      Hither with songs of praise we call Indra to drink the soma juice:
Will he not come to us by lauds? [4]
      Indra, these Somas are expressed. Take them within your belly, Lord
Of Hundred Powers, you Prince of Wealth. [5]
      We know you winner of the spoil, and resolute in battles, Sage!
Therefore your blessing we implore. [6]
      Borne hither by your stallions, drink, Indra, this juice which we have pressed,
Mingled with barley and with milk. [7]
      Indra, for you, in your own place, I urge the soma for your draught:
Deep in your heart let it remain, [8]
      We call on you, the Ancient One, Indra, to drink the soma juice,
We Kusikas who seek your aid.

43 - Indra

MOUNTED upon your chariot-seat approach us: your is the Sorna-draught from days aforetime.
Loose for the sacred grass your dear companions. These men who bring oblation call you hither. [1]
      Come our true friend, passing by many people; come with your two bay steeds to our devotions;
For these our hymns are calling you, Indra, hymns formed for praise, soliciting your friendship. [2]
      Pleased, with your bay steeds, Indra, God, come quickly to this our sacrifice that heightens worship;
For with my thoughts, presenting oil to feed you, I call you to the feast of sweet libations. [3]
      Yea, let your two bay stallions bear you hither, well limbed and good to draw, your dear companions.
Pleased with the corn-blent offering which we bring you, may Indra, friend, hear his friend's adoration. [4]
      Wilt you not make me guardian of the people, make me, impetuous Maghavan, their ruler?
Make me a Rsi having drunk of soma? Wilt you not give me wealth that lasts for ever? [5]
      Yoked to your chariot, led your tall Bays, Indra, companions of your banquet, bear you hither,
Who from of old press to heaven's farthest limits, the Bull's impetuous and well-groomed horses. [6]
      Drink of the strong pressed out by strong ones, Indra, that which the Falcon brought you when you longedst;
In whose wild joy you stirrest up the people, in whose wild joy you didst unbar the cow- stalls. [7]
      Call we on Indra, Makhavan, auspicious, best hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.

44 - Indra

May this delightsome Soma be expressed for you by tawny stones.
Joying thereat, Indra, with your bay steeds come:. ascend your golden-coloured car. [1]
      In love you madest Usas glow, in love you madest Surya shine.
You, Indra, knowing, thinking, Lord of Tawny steeds, above all glories waxest great. [2]
      The heaven with streams of golden hue, earth with her tints of green and gold-
The golden Pair yield Indra plenteous nourishment: between them moves the golden One. [3]
      When born to life the golden Bull illumines all the realm of light.
He takes his golden weapon, Lord of Tawny steeds, the golden thunder in his arms. [4]
      The bright, the well-loved thunderbolt, girt with the bright, Indra disclosed,
Disclosed the soma juice pressed out by tawny stones, with tawny steeds drave forth the kine.

45 - Indra

Come here, Indra, with bay steeds, joyous, with tails like peacocks' plumes.
Let no men cheek your course as fowlers stay the bird: pass over them as over desert lands. [1]
      He who slew Vrtra, burst the cloud, brake the strongholds and drave the floods,
Indra who mounts his chariot at his bay steeds' cry, shatters even things that stand most firm. [2]
      Like pools of water deep and full, like kine you cherishest your might;
Like the milch-cows that go well-guarded to the mead, like water-brooks that reach the lake. [3]
      Bring you us wealth with power to strike, our share, 'gainst him who calls it his.
Shake, Indra, as with hooks, the tree for ripened fruit, for wealth to satisfy our wish. [4]
      Indra, self-ruling Lord are you, good Leader, of most glorious fame.
So, waxen in your strength, you whom many praise, be you most swift to hear our call.




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