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Rigveda 3:16-30

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited by Tormod Kinnes.

16 - Agni

THIS Agni is the Lord of great felicity and hero Strength;
Lord of wealth in herds of kine; Lord of the battles with the foe. [1]
      Wait, Maruts, heroes, upon him the Prosperer in whom is bliss-increasing wealth;
Who in fights ever conquer evil-hearted men, who overcome the enemy. [2]
      As such, Agni, deal us wealth and hero might, Bounteous One!
Most lofty, very glorious, rich in progeny, free from disease and full of power. [3]
      He who made all that lives, who passes all in might, who orders service to the gods,
He works among the gods, he works in hero strength, yea, also in the praise of men. [4]
      Give us not up to indigence, Agni, nor want of hero sons,
Nor, Son of Strength, to lack of cattle, nor to blame. Drive. you our enemies away. [5]
      Help us to strength, blest Agni! rich in progeny, abundant, in our sacrifice.
Flood us with riches yet more plenteous, bringing weal, with high renown, most Glorious One!

17 - Agni

DULY enkindled after ancient customs, bringing all treasures, he is balmed with unguents,-
Flame-haired, oil-clad, the purifying Agni, skilled in fair rites, to bring the gods for worship. [1]
      As you, Agni, skilful Jatavedas, have sacrificed as priest of Earth, of Heaven,
So with this offering bring the gods, and prosper this sacrifice today as erst for Manu. [2]
      Three are your times of life, Jatavedas, and the three mornings are your births, Agni.
With these, well-knowing, grant the gods' kind favour, and help in stir aiid stress the man who worships. [3]
      Agni most bright and fair with song we honour, yea, the adorable, Jatavedas.
You, envoy, messenger, oblation-bearer, the gods have made centre of life eternal. [4]
      That priest before you, yet more skilled in worship, stablished of old, healthgiver by his nature,-
After his custom offer, you who know, and lay our sacrifice where gods may taste it.

18 - Agni

AGNI, be kind to us when we approach you good as a friend to friend, as sire and mother.
The races of mankind are great oppressors burn up malignity that strives against us. [1]
      Agni, burn up the unfriendly who are near us, burn you the foeman's curse who pays no worship.
Burn, Vasu, you who markest well, the foolish: let your eternal nimble beams surround you. [2]
      With fuel, Agni, and with oil, desirous, mine offering I present for strength and conquest,
With prayer, so far as I have power, adoring-this hymn divine to gain a hundred treasures. [3]
      Give with your glow, you Son of Strength, when lauded, great vital power to those who toil to serve you.
Give richly, Agni, to the Visvamitras in rest and stir. Oft have we decked your body. [4]
      Give us, liberal Lord, great gtore of riches, for, Agni, such are you when duly kindled.
You in the happy singer's home bestowest, amply with arms extended, things of beauty.

19 - Agni

Aow, quick, sage, infallible, all-knowing, I choose to be our priest at this oblation.
In our gods' service he, best skilled, shall worship: may he obtain us boons for strength and riches. [1]
      Agni, to you I lift the oil-fed ladle, bright, with an offering, bearing our oblation.
From the right hand, choosing the gods' attendance, he with rich presents has arranged the worship. [2]
      Of keenest spirit is the man you aidest give us good offspring, you who givest freely.
In power of wealth most rich in men. Agni, of you, the Good, may we sing forth fair praises. [3]
      Men as they worship you the god, Agni, have set on you full many a brilliant, aspect.
So bring Most Youthful One, the gods' asserrigly, the Heavenly Host which you to-day shalt honour. [4]
      When gods anoint you priest at their oblation, and seat you for your task as Sacrificer,
Agni, be you here our kind defender, and to ourselves vouchsafe the gift of glory.

20 - Agni

WITH lauds at break of morn the priest invoketh Agni, Dawn, Dadhikras, and both the Asvins.
With one consent the gods whose light is splendid, longing to taste our sacrifice, shall hear us. [1]
      Three are your powers, Agni, three your stations, three are your tongues, yea, many, Child of Order!
Three bodies have you which the gods delight in: with these protect our hymns with care unceasing. [2]
      Agni, many are the names you bearest, immortal, God, Divine, and Jatavedas.
And many charms of charmers, All-Inspirer! have they laid in you, Lord of true attendants! [3]
      Agni, like Bhaga, leads the godly people, he who is true to Law and guards the seasons.
Ancient, all-knowing, he the Vrtra-slayer shall bear the singer safe through every trouble. [4]
      I call on Savitar the god, on Morning, Brihaspati, and Dadhikras, and Agni,
On Varuna and Mitra, on the Asvins, Bhaga, the Vasus, Rudras and Adityas.

21 - Agni

SET this our sacrifice among the immortals: be pleased with these our presents, Jatavedas.
priest, Agni, sit you down before us, and first enjoy the drops of oil and fatness. [1]
      For you, Purifier, flow the drops of fatness rich in oil.
After your wont vouchsafe to us the choicest boon that gods may feast. [2]
      Agni, Most Excellent! for you the Sage are drops that drip with oil.
You are enkindled as the best of Seers. Help you the sacrifice. [3]
      To you, Agni, mighty and resistless, to you stream forth the drops of oil and fatness.
With great light are you come, praised by poets! Accept our offering, you Sage. [4]
      Fatness exceeding rich, extracted from the midst,-this as our gift we offer you.
Excellent God, the drops run down upon your skin. Deal them to each among the gods.

22 - Agni

THIS is that Agni whence the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
Winner of spoils in thousands, like a courser, with praise are you exalted, Jatavedas. [1]
      That light of yours in heaven and earth, Agni, in plants, Holy One, and in the waters,
Wherewith you have spread wide the air's mid-region-bright is that splendour, wavy, man- beholding. [2]
      Agni, to the sea of heaven you go: you have called hither gods beheld in spirit.
The waters, too, come here, those up yonder in the Sun's realm of light, and those beneath it. [3]
      Let fires that dwell in mist, combined with those that have their home in floods,
Guileless accept our sacrifice, great viands free from all disease. [4]
      Agni, as holy food to your invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels.
To us be born a son and spreading offspring. Agni, be this your gracious will to us- ward.

23 - Agni

RUBBED into life, well stablished in the dwelling, Leader of sacrifice, the Sage, the youthful,
Here in the wasting fuel Jatavedas, eternal, has assumed immortal being. [1]
      Both Bharatas, Devasravas, Devavata, have strongly rubbed to life effectual Agni.
Agni, look you forth with ample riches: be, every day, bearer of food to feed us. [2]
      Him nobly born of old the fingers ten produced, him whom his Mothers counted dear.
Praise Devavata's Agni, you Devasravas, him who shall be the people's Lord. [3]
      He set you in the earth's most lovely station, in Ila's place, in days of fair bright weather.
On man, on Apaya, Agni! on the rivers Drsadvati, Sarasvati, shine richly. [4]
      Agni, as holy food to your invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels.
To us be born a son and spreading offspring Agni, be this your gracious will to us-ward

24 - Agni

AGNI, subdue opposing bands, and drive our enemies away.
Invincible, slay godless foes: give splendour to the worshipper. [1]
      Lit with libation, Agni, you, deathless, who callest gods to feast,
Accept our sacrifice with joy. [2]
      With splendour, Agni, Son of Strength, you who are worshipped, wakeful One.
Seat you on this my sacred grass. [3]
      With all your fires, with all the gods, Agni, exalt the songs we sing.
And living men in holy rites. [4]
      Grant, Agni, to the worshipper wealth rich in heroes, plenteous store,
Make you us rich with many sons.

25 - Agni

You are the sapient Son of Dyaus, Agni, yes and the Child of Earth, who know all things.
Bring the gods specially, you Sage, for worship.
2. Agni the wise bestows the might of heroes grants strengthening food, preparing it for nectar.
You who are rich in food bring the gods hither. [2]
      Agni, infallible, lights Earth and Heaven, immortal Goddesses gracious to all men,-
Lord through his strength, splendid through adorations. [3]
      Come to the sacrifice, Agni and Indra come to the offerer's house who has the soma.
Come, friendly-minded, gods, to drink the soma. [4]
      In the floods' home are you enkindled, Agni, Jatavedas, Son of Strength, eternal,
Exalting with your help the gatheringplaces.

26 - Agni

REVERING in our heart Agni Vaisvanara, the finder of the light, whose promises are true,
The liberal, gladsome, car-borne God we Kusikas invoke him with oblation, seeking wealth with songs. [1]
      That Agni, bright, Vaisvanara, we invoke for help, and Matarisvan worthy of the song of praise;
Brihaspati for man's observance of the gods, the Singer prompt to hear, the swiftly-moving guest. [2]
      Age after age Vaisvanara, neighing like a horse, is kindled with the women by the Kusikas.
May Agni, he who wakes among immortal gods, grant us heroic strength and wealth in noble steeds. [3]
      Let them go forth, the strong, as flames of fire with might. Gathered for victory they have yoked their spotted deer.
Pourers of floods, the Maruts, Masters of all wealth, they who can never be conquered, make the mountains shake. [4]
      The Maruts, friends of men, are glorious as the fire: their mighty and resplendent succour we implore.
Those storming Sons of Rudra clothed in robes of rain, boon-givers of good gifts, roar as the lions roar. [5]
      We, band on band and troop following troop, entreat with fair lauds Agni's splendour and the Maruts' might,
With spotted deer for steeds, with wealth that never fails, they, wise Ones, come to sacrifice at our gatherings. [6]
      Agni am I who know, by birth, all creatures. Mine eye is butter, in my mouth is nectar.
I am light threefold, measurer of the region exhaustless heat am I, named burnt-oblation. [7]
      Bearing in mind a thought with light accordant, he purified the Sun with three refinings;
By his own nature gained the highest treasure, and looked abroad over the earth and heaven. [8]
      The Spring that fails not with a hundred streamlets, Father inspired of' prayers that men should utter,
The Sparkler, joyous in his Parents' bosorn, -him, the Truth-speaker, sate you, Earth and Heaven.

27 - Agni

IN ladle dropping oil your food goes in oblation up to heaven,
Goes to the gods in search of bliss. [1]
      Agni I laud, the Sage inspired, crowner of sacrifice through song,
Who listens and gives bounteous gifts. [2]
      Agni, if we might obtain control of you the potent God,
Then should we overcome our foes. [3]
      Kindled at sacrifices he is Agni, hallower, meet for praise,
With flame for hair: to him we seek. [4]
      immortal Agni, shining far, enrobed with oil, well worshipped, bears
The gifts of sacrifice away. [5]
      The priests with ladles lifted up, worshipping here with holy thought,
Have brought this Agni for our aid. [6]
      immortal, Sacrificer, God, with wondrous power he leads the way,
Urging the great assembly on. [7]
      Strong, he is set on deeds ofstrength. In sacrifices led in front,
As Singer he completes the rite. [8]
      Excellent, he was made by thought. The Germ of beings have I gained,
Yea, and die Sire of active strength. [9]
      You have I stablished, Excellent, strengthened by the sage's prayer,
You, Agni, longing, nobly bright. [10]
      Agni, the swift and active One, singers, at time of sacrifice,
Eagerly kindle with their food. [11]
      Agni the Son of Strength who shines up to the heaven in solemn rites,
The wise of heart, I glorify. [12]
      Meet to be lauded and adored, showing in beauty through the dark,
Agni, the Strong, is kindled well. [13]
      Agni is kindled as a bull, like a horsebearer of the gods:
Men with oblations worship him. [14]
      You will we kindle as a bull, we who are Bulls ourselves, Bull.
You, Agni, shining mightily.

28 - Agni

AGNI who know all, accept our offering and the cake of meal,
At dawn's libation, rich in prayer! [1]
      Agni, the sacrificial cake has been prepared and dressed for you:
Accept it, Most Youthful God. [2]
      Agni, enjoy the cake of meal and our oblation three days old:
You, Son of Strength, art stablished at our sacrifice. [3]
      Here at the midday sacrifice enjoy you the sacrificial cake, wise, Jatavedas!
Agni, the sages in assemblies never minish the portion due to you the Mighty. [4]
      Agni, at the third libation takewith joy the offered cake of sacrifice, you, Son of Strength.
Through skill in song bear to the gods our sacrifice, watchful and fraught with riches, to immortal God. [5]
      waxing Agni, knower, you, of all, accept our gifts, the cake,
And that prepared ere yesterday.

29 - Agni

HERE is the gear for friction, here tinder made ready for the spark.
Bring you the Matron: we will rub Agni in ancient fashion forth. [1]
      1n the two fire-sticks Jatavedas lieth, even as the well-set germ in pregnant women,
Agni who day by day must be exalted by men who watch and worship with oblations. [2]
      Lay this with care on that which lies extended: straight has she borne the Steerwhen made prolific.
With his red pillar-radiant is his splendour -in our skilled task is born the Son of Ila. [3]
      In Ila's place we set you down, upon the central point of earth,
That, Agni Jatavedas, you mayst bear our offerings to the gods. [4]
      Rub into life, you men, the Sage, the guileless, immortal, very wise and fair to look on.
men, bring forth the most propitious Agni, first ensign of the sacrifice to eastward. [5]
      When with their arms they rub him straight he shineth forth like a strong courser, red in colour, in the wood.
Bright, checkless, as it were upon the Atvins' path, lie passeth by the stones and burneth up the grass. [6]
      Agni shines forth when born, observant, mighty, the bountiful, the Singar praised by sages;
Whom, as adorable and knowing all things, gods set at solemn rites as offeringbearer. [7]
      Set you, priest, in, your own place, observant: lay down the sacrifice in the home of worship.
You, dear to gods, shalt serve them with oblation: Agni, give long life to the sacrificer. [8]
      Raise you a mighty smoke, my fellow-workers! You shall attain to wealth without obstruction.
This Agni is the battle-winning hero by whom the gods have overcome the Dasyus. [9]
      This is your ordered place of birth whence sprung to life you shonest forth.
Knowing this, Agni, sit you down, and prosper you the songs we sing. [10]
      As Germ Celestial he is called Tanunapat, and Narasamsa born diffused in varied shape.
Formed in his Mother he is Matarisvan; he has, in his course, become the rapid flight of wind. [11]
      With strong attrition rubbed to life, laid down with careful hand, a Sage,
Agni, make sacrifices good, and for the pious bring the gods. [12]
      Mortals have brought to life the god immortal, the Conqueror with mighty jaws, unfailing.
The sisters ten, unwedded and united, together grasp the Babe, the new-born Infant. [13]
      Served by the seven priests, he shone forth from ancient time, when in his Mother's bosom, in her lap, he glowed.
Giving delight each day he closeth not his eye, since from the Asura's body hewas brought to life. [14]
      Even as the Maruts, onslaughts who attack the foe, those born the first of all knew the full power of prayer.
The Kusikas have made the glorious hymn ascend, and, each one singly in his home, have kindled fire. [15]
      As we, priest observant, have elected you this day, what time the solemn sacrifice began,
So surely have you worshipped, surely have you toiled: come to the soma, wise and knowing all.

30 - Indra

THE friends who offer Soma long to find you: they pour forth Soma and present their viands.
They bear unmoved the cursing of the people, for all our wisdom comes from you, Indra. [1]
      Not far for you are mid-air's loftiest regions: start hither, Lord of Bays, with your bay horses.
Made for the Firm and Strong are these libations. The pressing-stones are set and fire is kindled. [2]
      Fair cheeks has Indra, Maghavan, the Victor, Lord of a great host, Stormer, strong in action.
What once you didst in might when mortals vexed you,-where now, Bull, are those your hero exploits? [3]
      For, overthrowing what has never been shaken, you go forth alone destroying Vrtras.
For him who followeth your Law the mountains and heaven and earth stand as if firmly stablished. [4]
      Yea, Much-invoked! in safety through your glories alone you speakest truth as Vrtra's slayer.
Even these two boundless worlds to you, Indra, what time you graspest them, are but a handful. [5]
      Forthwith your bay steeds down the steep, Indra, forth, crushing foemen, go your bolt of thunder!
Slay those who meet you, those who flee, who follow: make all your promise true; be all completed. [6]
      The man to whom you givest as Provider enjoys domestic plenty undivided.
Blest, Indra, is your favour dropping fatness: your worship, Much-invoked! brings gifts in thousands. [7]
      You, Indra, Much-invoked! didst crush to pieces Kunaru handless fiend who dwelt with Danu.
You with might, Indra, smotest dead the scorner, the footless Vrtra as he waxed in vigour. [8]
      You have established in her seat, Indra, the level earth, vast, vigorous, unbounded.
The Bull has propped the heaven and air's mid-region. By you sent onward let the floods flow hither. [9]
      He who withheld the kine, in silence I yielded in fear before your blow, Indra.
He made paths easy to drive forth the cattle. Loud-breathing praises helped the Much- invoked One. [10]
      Indra alone filled full the earth and heaven, the Pair who meet together, rich in treasures.
Yea, bring you near us from the air's mid-region strength, on your car, and wholesome food, hero. [11]
      Surya transgresses not the ordered limits set daily by the Lord of Tawny coursers.
When to the goal he comes, his journey ended, his steeds he looses: this is Indra's doing. [12]
      Men gladly in the course of night would look on the broad bright front of the refulgent Morning;
And all acknowledge, when she comes in glory, the manifold and goodly works of Indra. [13]
      A mighty splendour rests upon her bosom: bearing ripe milk the Cow, unripe, advances.
All sweetness is collected in the Heifer, sweetness which Indra made for our enjoyment. [14]
      Barring the way they come. Be firm, Indra; aid friends to sacrifice and him who singeth.
These must be slain by you, malignant mortals, armed with ill arts, our quiverbearing foemen. [15]
      A cry is beard from enemies most near us: against them send your fiercest-flaming weapon.
Rend them from under, crush them and subdue them. Slay, Maghavan, and make the fiends our booty. [16]
      Root up the race of Raksasas, Indra rend it in front and crush it in the middle.
How long have you bebaved as one who wavers? Cast your hot dart at him who hates devotion: [17]
      When borne by strong steeds for our weal, Leader, you seatest you at many noble viands.
May we be winners of abundant riches. May Indra be our wealth with store of children. [18]
      Bestow on us resplendent wealth. Indra let us enjoy your overflow of bounty.
Wide as a sea our longing has expanded, fulfil it, you Treasure-Lord of treasures. [19]
      With kine and horses satisfy this longing with very splendid bounty skill extend it.
Seeking the light, with hymns to you, Indra, Kusikas have brought their gift, the singers. [20]
      Lord of the kine, burst the kine's stable open: cows shall be ours, and strength that wins the booty.
Hero, whose might is true, your home is heaven: to us, Maghavan, grant gifts of cattle. [21]
      Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
The Strong who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers riches.




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