accented  nouns

                          strong declensions =   nom.    acc.

                          weak  declensions =    inst.     dat.     abl.    gen.   loc.

                if   noun has  ‘ underlying ‘  accent,    it  keeps  the   stress

                if    no   ‘ underlying ‘  accent

                           strong ending  -  syllable immediately preceding it      takes stress

                           weak  ending  -   stress  is in   ending


                      marut                                         vac

          marut           marutas                       k          ca:

          marutam      maruta:                       cam      ca:

          maru         marudbhi:                            vāgbhi:

          marute         marudbhya:                 ce        vāgbhya:

          maruta:        marudbhya:                 ca:       vāgbhya:

          maruta:        marutām                      ca:       cam

          maruti          marutsu                        ci         vākṣu


            vocative   is unstressed - except   sentence-initial,    first  syllable    stressed

            if   no  ‘ underlying ‘   accent -   first syllable   receives   stress


     strong   and   weak        with  nouns   ending   in    consonant


            some  stems  like ‘ marut ‘   don’t   change   in  declension

            some  stems     show   a     strong – weak         declension

            masculine        strong   =       nom.     and    acc.    sing.            nom.  plural

            neuter                  “        =       nom.     and    acc.     plural   only      =     anti


            vant      mant      ant          are  strong – weak


                vant                                mant                              ant


            bhagavān                         dhīmān                          madan

            bhagavantam                   dhīmantam                    madantam

            bhagavatā                        dhīmatā                         madatā

            bhagavate                        dhīmate                         madate

            bhagavata:                       bhīmata:                        madata:

                  “                                        “                                   ”

            bhagavati                         dhīmati                           madati


                                              plural    nom.

           bhagavanta:                     dhīmanta:                       madanta:

                                                feminine   -   weak                                                                 feminine  -  strong - participles

                bhagavatī                         dhīmatī                           madan