8.9.7            ā   nam   vino:  i  stomam  ciketa  ma  /

                            to   now   of-2Ashvins   i   praise   has-invented   with-lovely

                                                                                                                                            perf.                          words


 6.50.5          mimyakṣa  yeṣu  roda  nu    de

                        is-situated   amoung-whom   Rodasī   now   Goddess

                                                  perf.                            maruts                                 Goddess

                           siakti    abhyardhayajvā  /

                               follows you   an   receiving-separate-sacrifices


                    śrut  havam  maruta:  yad  dha  yātha

                          having-heard  call  O Maruts  when   indeed    you-all-go-out  


                            b  rejante  adhvani  pravikte  //

                           regions  tremble  on-road  entered-into by you



3.14.5                         vayam  te  adya  rari  hi  mam 

                                 we   for-you  today  have-granted         wish


                             uttānahastā  namasā  upasadya

                          with-extended-hands   with-homage   having-sat-down


 4.25.1           ka:   adya    narya:   devakāma:    uśan

                          which   today     god-loving-man     wishing


                               indrasya    sakhyam    jujoa  //

                                       Indra’s friendship    enjoys



 6.34.1          sam  ca  tve  jagmu:  gira  indra 

                       and       together    in-you    have-come    songs    O Indra


                          pūr:  vi  ca  tvad  yanti  vibhva:  manīā:  /

                              many   out   and    from-you    go    mighty    thoughts


                    pu  nam  ca  stutaya:  īṇām

                        previously   and   now      praises     of-sages


                          paspṛdhra  indre  adhi  ukthār  //

                          have-competed   in-Indra   foryou   songs-praises



 8.21.9         ya:  na  idam-idam  pu  pra  vasya   āniya

                      who    to-us    this-and-that   previously    forth   wealth   has-brought  


                             tam  u  va  stue  /

                              him   now  of-you   praise


                       sakhāya  indram  ūtaye  //

                     O friends       Indra      for-help


 7.88.5            kva  tni  nau  sakh:  babhūvu:

                            where  those  our  friendships  has-become


                               sacāvahe  yad avṛkam  pu  cit /

                                   we2-associate   when   without-enmity  formerly  even



 7.56.23         bri  cakra  maruta:  pitryāṇi  ukṇi

                        many   you-all-have-given-rise    O Maruts  of-the-fathers  praises


                               :  va:  śasyante  pu  cit  /

                                     which   for-you   were-recited  formerly   even



 6.65.4            i  hi  va:  vidhate  ratnam  asti

                                now  for    you   for-worshiping   wealth  is

                                                                                                              pap                                pres.                    

                             i  ya  śua  uāsa:  /

                                 now     for-liberal-hero      O Dawns


                       i  viprāya  jarate  yad  uk

                             now   for-poet    sings   when   songs-of-praise


                               ni  ma  vate  vahathā  pu  cit  //

                            to  always  to one like-me   you-all-bringwealth  formerly



 9.23.7       asya   pīt   madānām   indra:   vṛtni   aprati  /

                   of-its-intoxicating-drinks     having-drunk,    Indra      enemies   irresistibly


                        jagna   jaghanat   ca   nu  //

                            smitten     and     will-have-smitten   now-as-well

                                                      perf.                                                     perf.  subj.


 8.4.11        adhvarya:   drāva   tvam     somam   indra:   pipāsati  /

                       O Adhvarya    you-make-flow    you    Soma,   Indra   is-thirsty

                                                                                               imp.                                                                                           pres.

                   upa   nam   yuyuje   vṛaṇā     ha   ā   ca   jagaāma   vṛtra  //

                     unto    now    has-yoked    2-bay-horses    and    has-come,   Vṛtra-killer 

                                                                                   perf.                                                                                        perf.


 9.67.30          ayyasya   paraśu:   nanāśa

                                Alāyiya’s   axe    has-disappeared


                              tam   ā   pavasva   deva   soma  /

                                  bring-it-hither          O Devine  Soma


                         ākhum   cid   eva   deva   soma  //

                           mole   like hidden like mole         O Devine  Soma


 4.3.2           ayam   yoni:   cakṛ   yam   vayam      te

                           this   seat    we-have-made   which    we   your


                      jāyā   iva   patya   uśa   susā:  /

                       wife   like     for-husband    waiting   well-dressed


                  arvācīna:   parivīta:   ni   īda   //

                      being-favorable,  surrounding    down    sit




 4.6.7           adhā   mitra:   na   sudhita:   pāvaka: 

                           now    friend  like    benevolent    bright 


                         agni:   dīdāya   nuīu   viku  //

                          Agni   begin-to-shine   amoung-human-clans



 5.44.15      agni:   jāgāra   tam   ca:   kāmayante 

                        Agni    is-wakeful     him     riks      love

                                                                     perf.                                                                pres.

                        agni:   jāgāra   tam  u  māni   yanti   /

                         Agni   is-wakeful   to-him   Sāman-verses   go

                                                                      perf.                                            pres.

                 agni:   jāgāra   tam   ayam   soma   āha

                    Agni    is-wakeful     to-him     this     Soma     says

                                                          perf.                                                                                                  perf.

                       tava   aham   asmi   sakhye   nyokā:  //

                          of-your   I      am      in-friendship    domestic-home

                                                                               pres.                                                                nom.


 8.15.10        tvam   vṛā   janānām   mamhiṭha   indra   jajñie  /

                     you    bull    of-people     most-liberal    O Indra     were-born


                      sat   viśvā   svapatni   dadhie   //

                        allways     all    ensuring-good-offspring       have-possessed



 7.26.2          uktha-ukthe   soma   indram   mamāda 

                        in-recitation-after-recitation     Soma    Indra   has-inebreated


                       nīthe-nīthe   maghavānam   susa:  /

                         in-one-way-after-another      generous-one      juices


 8.12.28         ya   te   harya   ha   vāvṛdte   dive-dive  /

                       while    your    2bay-horses     have-grown-stronger     day-by-day 


                           ād   it  te  viśvā   bhuvanāni   yemire  //

                            and-right-then     of-you      all beings     have-obeyed



 8.86.1         ub   hi   das   bhia   mayobhu 

                      for  both      marvelous-giving      refreshing-healers


                        ub   dakasya   vacasa:   babhūvathu:  /

                          both     of-skilful-speech      have-appeared



 6.22.4          tat   na:   vi   voca:   yadi   te   pu 

                          that    us    apart     tell    if     your     previous-of-old

                                                                                                 Ao.  inj.

                        cit   jarira    ānaśu:   sumnam   indra

                            even    singers     have-obtained      benevolence      O Indra



 8.6.14       ni    śuṇa   indra   dharṇasim   vahram   jaghantha   dasyavi   /

                     into-Shuṇa   O Indra     powerful mace      have-hurled      into-Dasyu


                       vṛā   hi   ugra   śṛṇvie  //

                            for  bull     O Strong     are-famous