aorist  ind.


4.16.21             ṣṭuta:  indra     gṛṇāna:  

                            now  have-been-praised    O Indra      now  celebrating, 

                                                                     ppp                                                                                        pap

                       iṣam  jaritre  nadya:  na  pīpe: /

                          libation  for-singer   rivers  like  you-have-made-swell

                                                            nom.                                                                                               Ao. inj.  

                        akāri  te  hariva:  brahma  navyam  //

                        has-been-made  for-you    O-having-bay-horse   hymn  new



 3.61.6             varī  diva:  arkai:  abodhi

                         faithful      of-heaven   by-songs-of-praise   has-awoken                

                                           uas                                                                                                                               Ao.

                          ā  reva  rodasī  citram          asthāt

                                onto brilliant  2worlds   brightly    she-has-mounted



 6.44.7             avidad  dakam  mitra:  navīyān

                               found    power      the-new-friend 


                            papāna:  devebhya:  vasya:  acait /

                                 having-drunk,  for-Gods  better    he-perceived

                                                                                                                    that which was better                 Ao.

                       sasn  staubhi:  dhautarībhi:

                              having-won   by-frightening-chants


                          uru  yur  abhavat  sakhibhya:  //

                                    to-protect     a-guard    he-became     for-friends

                                                          inst.                                                            impef.


 4.17.6           sat  so  abhavan   asya  viśve 

                            altogether  Somas  became   his       all


                           sat     madāsa:  bṛhata:  madiṭhā:  /

                              altogether     potions  of-the-great-one  the-most-intoxicating 

                                                                                                       belonged to the great on  

                     sat  abhava:  vasupatir  vasūnām

                               altogether  you-became   wealth-lord  of-riches


                        datre  viśvā  adhithā   indra  kṛṭī:  //

                           in-gift     all     you-helped        Indra       races-of-men



 8.93.4          yad  adya  ka:  ca  vṛtrahan  uda  abhi  surya  /

                  and whatever  today    O Vṛtra-slayer  you-have-risen   over  O Surya


                        sarvam  tad  indra  te  vaśe  //

                             all   that    O Indra    in-your-power


 8.99.1          tm  i  hya:  nara:  apīpyan  vajrin  brṇaya:  /

                   you   at-this-time  yesterday  men  made-you-swell

                          O mace-holder    active                               Ao.



 7.98.5         ya  id  adevī:  asahiṭa  :

                         when  indeed   Godless  he-had-defeated  sorceries


                        athā   abhavat  kevala:  soma:  asya

                                                  then    became    exclusively    Soma    his



 4.34.1       ṛbhu:  vibhvā  ja:  indra:  na:  accha

                       ṛbhu   Vibhvan   Vāja   Indra     of-our     towards


                      imam  yajñam  ratnadhe  upa  yāta /

                         to-this-sacrifice   to-the-distribution-of-gifts   to    drive


             i  hi  va:  dhiaṇā  devi  ahnām 

                    now for  you  Dhianā  Goddess  at-this-time-of-day


                  adhāt  tim  sam  ma  agmatā  va:  //

                            has-set-up  draught  together  intoxication’drinks


                                     has-been-gathered  for-you



 1.11.4-5        pum  bhindu:  hu  kavir  amitaujā  ajāyata   /

                      of-strongholds   destroyer,  youthful seer  unbounded-energy   was-born


                        indra:  viśvasya  karmaṇa: dhar  vaj  puruṭuta:  //

                                 Indra      of-all    acomplishment    holder    mace     much-praised


                   tvam   valasya   gomata:  apāvar   adriva:   bilam  /

                    you   of-Vala-rich-in-cows   opened    O lord-of-rock      cave


                   tm   de   abibhyua:   tujyamānāsa   āviu:   //

                           you     Gods       from-the-fearless-one     vexing      assisted



 2.11.7         ha   nu   ta   indra   jayantā

                           2bay-horses    now     your     O Indra     contending


                        ghṛtaścutam   svāram   asvārṭām  /

                          ghee-dripping      the-sound      they2-have-sounded  


               vi   sama   bmi:   aprathiṭa

                      apart-out     evenly      earth     has-spread


                        aramsta   parvata:   cit   sariyan  //                        

                             has-become-calm   mountain   even   was-about-to-move

                                                                           Ao.                                                                                                           future part.


7.57.1         madhva:  va:  ma   rutam   yajatrā:

                     of-mead     your      name       Maruts       O deserving-worship


                        pra   yajñeu   śavasā   madanti  /

                          forth      in-sacrifices      forcefully      drink


              ye   rejayanti   rodasī   cit   urvī    

                  who   cause-to-shake     heaven-earth       wide    


                   pinvanti     utsam   yad   ayāsur   ug:   //

                        cause-to-flow   spring   when   have-set-out   strong-ones

                                                           pres.                                                                                       Ao.


 1.122.1             diva:   astoi   asurasya   rai: 

                            of-heaven    i-praise   of-devine   with-heros


                                iudh   iva   maruta:   rodasyo: 

                           with-request   like   Maruts    in-both-worlds


 9.110.4         ajījana:   amṛta   martyeu   ām 

                          you-have-caused      O immortal      in-mortals    to


                           tasya   dharman   amṛtasya   ruṇa:   /

                             of-the-order     dharma     of-ambrosia-esteemed


                     sa   asara:   jam   acchā   saniyadat  //

                                       always   you-have-run-off   prize   towards    rushing-intensely                            

                                                                                   Ao.                                                                                 pap



 8.13.16          indram   vardhantu   na:      gira  

                          Indra       shall-strenghten       our      songs


                           indram   susa   indava:  /

                              Indra      extracted      dropsshall strenghten


                     indre   havimatīr   viśa:   arāṇiu:   //

                                                 in-Indra      offering     clans     have-become-pleased



 4.22.1          yat   na:   indra:   jujue   yat   ca   vaṭi 

                               what   of-ours   Indra   enjoys   and  what   wants  

                                                                                            perf.                                  pres.

                           tat   na:   man   karati   śumi   ā   cit  /

                               that  for-us    the-great-strong-one   will-make as well

                                                                                                                                                                                  Ao.  subj.